2007 Toyota Camry Fuel Pump Relay Location – Where Is It?

Knowing the 2007 Toyota Camry fuel pump relay location is important as it helps you take immediate action when there’s something wrong with the detail instead of finding where it is.

My article will provide useful information about what it does, its location, and what indicates it does not perform properly.

Let’s dig into the topic right now!

Where Is The 2007 Toyota Camry Fuel Pump Relay Location?

2007 toyota camry fuel pump relay location

The 2007 fuel pump relay location of your Toyota Camry is behind your car’s glove compartment. You will need to take it out totally to find the detail.

There will be a set of 3 relays right over the box’s opening, and the middle one is the part you are looking for.

What Is A Fuel Pump Relay?

It’s an electrical device working as an automotive fuse. This fuel pump fuse sends the current to the electric fuel pumps.

Therefore, the pumps can perform correctly with the proper amount of current flow.

If the power is not enough, the engine can not start; vice versa, if the flow is too much, it can cause damage to the system.

Once the fuel ignition system experiences issues, it can cause intermittent flashing check engine lights.

If you want to look for the Toyota Camry fuel pump relay location, you should try to find a small black plastic box with a wiring harness attached to its bottom.

Since the fuel pumps need a lot of power to operate, it’s understandable why overheating can happen to the pumps, the wiring system, or the relay.

A wiring problem is also why the check charging system Toyota Camry appears.

What Does It Do?

The component delivers power to the pumps when you turn the ignition on and turns the pumps off when the car is not working.

Usually, you will hear the humming sound when you first turn the ignition switch.

In turn, the fuel is provided to start the car.

Once the vehicle is operating, the automobile’s computer will signal the relay to turn off, and the oil pressure-sending unit will now power the system.

What Are Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump Relay?

2012 toyota camry fuel pump relay location

Check Engine Light Is On

When your check engine light flashes, it indicates many problems, including malfunctioning the 2007 Toyota Camry fuel pump relay.

The engine control module, or the ECU, is in charge of examining the proper continuous performance of the sensors.

If there’s any misreading from any sensor, the engine management light will be bright.

The ECU also controls the pressure through the fuel pressure sensors. When something is wrong with the wiring system, the check engine light appears.

The error code related to fuel pressure will be recorded.

The illumination is also a sign of faulty fuel pumps. You can look for your car’s MOT history online to know if the MOT test failure ever happened before due to this reason.

Engine Stalling

Engine stalling can result from an unexpectedly damaged fuel pump relay. In this case, the wiring connection is broken, preventing the fuel pumps from getting power.

Insufficient pressure or gasoline in the combustion chamber may shut down the engine.

That’s why we need the proper working fuel pumps to ensure nothing like this happens. If the pump has any issues, it will not perform well as intended.

Therefore, it’s better to know the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Toyota Camry fuel pump relay location so at least you can check its status yourself without help.

Difficult Acceleration

Another sign of a damaged wiring system is difficulty while accelerating. It’s because the faulty detail decreases the power of the fuel pumps, and less gasoline comes into the engine.

Since the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber is negatively affected, you will have problems with starting your vehicle.

This issue has various reasons, such as a clogged fuel filter. You’d better not guess but bring your car for examination in a repair shop to know the exact problem and solution.

And you also should not linger on as your car may not start at all, and you can be stuck in the middle of the road.

No Sound From The Fuel Pump

In general, you should hear the whirring sound when turning on the ignition. However, if there’s no sound, it may be a sign of electrical failure.

It means the pumps have raised the pressure of the fuel rail.

Thus, I suggest you pay close attention to the fuel tank for any noise after switching on the ignition.

Totally Dead Engine

A dead engine is a terrible situation resulting from different reasons. One of the causes that makes your car unable to start is the malfunctioning fuel pump relay.

In this case, the component can’t provide pressure, leading to no power.


toyota camry fuel pump relay location

How To Ensure The Proper Function Of The Fuel Pump Relay?

Not only with this detail but also with all other car components, the best way to ensure their proper function is to conduct frequent inspections.

You can find the recommended maintenance procedures in your owner’s manual to optimize the vehicle’s performance.

Though the problem is fixable, you’d better bring your car to the professional to avoid a chain reaction of damages and failures.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fuel Pump Relay?

The replacement will cost around $90 to $130, depending on your make and model and the location of the repair shop.

It usually includes the price of the component and the labor cost. If your fuse box requires a special tool to open, then you may need to pay a little more.

The Bottom Lines 

Now you know the 2007 Toyota Camry fuel pump relay location is behind the glove box.

Once you can identify where it’s located, it’s easier for you to conduct the next step of diagnosing and preparing.

There are some signs indicating the part is having problems that you should pay attention to.

If you don’t have much experience fixing on your own, I highly recommend you seek help from certified mechanics.

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