2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735 – Unravel The Mystery

2009 Ford F 150 fault code P0735 usually pops up when there is a problem related to the 5th gear of 2009 F-150 vehicles.

But many people are still in the dark about this code’s causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and repair measures.

These details will be thoroughly explained in the following article sections, and you will also be provided with helpful tips. Stay tuned!

What Does The 2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735 Mean?

2009 ford f 150 fault code p0735

This code pops up to tell you that you can’t shift to 5th gear. It is usually used in F-150 automobiles equipped with the torque converter between the transaxles or automatic transmission setup and the engine.

In addition, the powertrain control module (PCM) is also an indispensable part of a car.

It is responsible for controlling automatic transmission and assessing the torque’s gear ratios by comparing the engine speed against the transmission velocity with the assistance of a sensor.

The code P0735 usually appears when the transmission process is not shiting into the fifth gear correctly, detected by the transmission control module (TCM).

Other codes, such as P0730, P0731, P0733, P0734, and P0736, are related to the P0735 code.

Therefore, to solve some serious problems caused by the P0735 completely, these codes also need to be addressed.

Causes Behind The 2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735

This list below will present some common causes of the incorrect ratio code P0735, namely contaminated transmission fluid, defective soleroids, corroded wiring, faulty PCM, and other factors.

Dirty Transmission Fluid

To be more specific about the transmission process, the automatic transmission setup/ transaxles will manipulate and use the power from the engine to drive the car wheels.

This series of operations cannot happen without the transmission fluid pressurized by solenoids to flow and engage throughout different parts of the engine.

If this fluid is contaminated, the procedure is likely to be disrupted. The reason is that debris and crud will block its way to some engine parts, and the process can’t complete.

The good news is that you only have to replace the dirty fluid. You should also remember that the insufficient level of fluid can also cause the P0735 code to be activated.

Damaged Shift Solenoids

Solenoids are run by the computer with its main function to control the internal clutches and bands of the transmission through the fluid pressure.

If this mechanism engine is out of order, the disruption of the transmission process may accordingly occur.

Taking the place of broken solenoids is an optimal solution in this case, as they are easily purchased, and the replacement cost is within people’s budget.

Brittle Wiring

The faulty wiring also induces the code P0735 Ford. The powertrain control module will receive and send signals to various sensors and engines via connected wires.

If they get frayed or corrode, the data transmission delivery can be consequently disrupted.

It would be best if you could replace a former set of wires with new ones, as frayed wiring is quite tricky and difficult to repair.

You can also purchase some corrosion-proof sleeves as a protective measure to prolong its life.

Problem With The PCM

Under a few circumstances, the defective PCM is the main culprit behind the code PO735 issue because it can no longer proceed and analyze data properly.

The consequence is the erroneous data output.

If your car computer has an internal blockage, you should have it repaired in the nick of time to prevent further problems from arising, as PCM is a car’s headquarters.

The bad news is that its fixing and replacement cost may be out of reach to some people due to its expensive software.

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Symptoms Of The 2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735

There are some distinct symptoms of the PO735 code that you can easily notice. But usually the symptoms are delayed forward reverse engagement:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Sensor circuit short
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Sluggish pedal acceleration
  • Inconsistent shifting pattern/ Unable to shift into the right gear
  • Gear shift indicator light not working
  • Defective transmission hydraulic control circuit

How To Diagnose The 2009 Ford F150 Fault Code P0735

It is essential to know more about the diagnostic trouble codes to timely repair and maintain their vehicle, averting serious problems in the future.

Here are some practical diagnosis tips for you to consider:

  • Check the level and quality of the transmission fluid. A blocked fluid passage can be the main reason, as dirt and crud disrupt the normal continuous flow.
  • Use the OBD-II scan tools to gain real-time data about the codes. Then clear them all and start your engine for a couple of minutes. If the code recurs, an engine failure is surely an underlying root behind the incorrect gear ratio code.
  • Examine the solenoids because some electrical issues related to the solenoid are conducive to the error code.
  • If the transmission performs as expected, mechanical issues may be responsible, namely the damaged torque converter or hydraulic control circuit. Check them carefully.
  • Another effective diagnosis method is using the torque converter speed test. The engine reading does not match the transmission speed sensor in the car if the stall speed is above the programmed threshold of factory specifications.
  • Finally, if you notice any changes in the vehicle speed, drive your car to the automobile maintenance center at once. The abnormal velocity change can be the first sign of some serious gear problems.

How To Fix The 2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735

We will provide you with a detailed repair guideline. But don’t forget to rely on the cause section and diagnosis result to determine which solution is most feasible:

  • Should the wiring network mainly contribute to the code error, examine all wires and electrical connections. Repair or replace corroded and frayed wires.
  • Change transmission fluid if it is dirty and clogged with crud, which will likely block the flow passage once accumulated.
  • You can resolve mechanical issues at home by following instructions or contacting qualified professionals for help.
  • When your powertrain control module gets damaged, take it to the computer service workshop to have it repaired. You can also replace it with a new one, but the replacement cost is huge, so think twice before making your decision.

It would be best to have this code matter diagnosed and repaired by technicians to avoid errors. They have enough advanced knowledge and expertise to help you resolve this problem in the nick of time.

Should you want to save money, you can follow our website, where all professional advice and necessary information about the automotive field are publicly provided.

Remember that you should check the internal transmission sensor first, as the code PO735 activation is boiled down to this engine’s failure in most cases

It is a common mistake that many people unnecessarily replace the solenoid without paying attention to the transmission system.

The Bottom Line

Causes Behind The 2009 Ford F 150 Fault Code P0735

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