2010 Chevy Malibu Power Steering Location – How To Check It?

One day, you notice the power steering warning light, reminding you of the low fluid level, but you don’t know where the pump is.

Where is the 2010 Chevy Malibu power steering location? How to change the power steering fluid? I have received these queries many times recently.

If you are also seeking an answer to the same question, follow me!

What Is The Power Steering System Warning Light? 


An electric power-steering system helps your vehicle run more smoothly and efficiently and supports driving than a car without EPS.

It is linked with a warning light located on the vehicle’s dashboard, which is illuminated and gets your attention when necessary.

Once the power steering alert light is activated, it means the power-steering fluid seems under the recommended level and needs you to fill it as soon as possible.

If you don’t take action promptly, the specific system might be disabled and result in much more difficult driving, posing some safety issues.

When the warning light activates, I once tried to reboot the component, allowing the whole system to reset and see if it could return to normal working.

And, it turned off as I expected, but the thing is: the issue was still lurking in my car’s computer system and came back soon after that.

So my advice is to top off the oil or take it to a reliable garage. It is necessary to have an inspection on your power steering system.

That’s why you should know the power steering location to inspect the system and fill the oil.

By and large, a bad power steering warning light belongs to one of the top reasons for car collisions when the drivers get trouble controlling their wheels.

Where Is The 2010 Chevy Malibu Power Steering Location? 

The 2010 Chevy Malibu electric power steering is assembled in the engine’s left side. The Malibu power steering pump location is essential when you want to change the fluid.

Producers say you should change the power-steering oil whenever your car reaches 75,000 miles.

Besides the illuminated light, it isn’t hard to catch some unpleasant sounds that stem from a defective or loose wheel bearing. Moreover, you can come across other troubles.

In particular, the steering fluid will leak, the steering wheel could get stuck, the strut bearings could become bad, the rack mount might become faulty, and the steering pump can get loose.

All of these issues could trigger some severe damage to your car.

Therefore, having excellent steering fluid is vital for traveling on the highway and changing lanes. If you find any indicator associated with the part, please don’t ignore it to check that properly.

When And How To Check 2010 Chevy Malibu Power Steering? 


Time To Inspect 2010 Chevy Malibu Electric Power Steering

The 2010 Chevy Malibu power steering fluid is used in most cars with V6 engines. But there is no fluid in cars with four-cylinder engines, since they are equipped with an ESP.

So  you don’t need to change the oil.

It is necessary to have a frequent check of the power steering oil if an unusual sound is detected or any leak appears in the system.

A fluid loss or leak in the steering system might also spell a certain problem.

Otherwise, remember the 75,000 benchmark to flush the fluid.

Steps To Test 2010 Malibu Power Steering Fluid

Now you know the Chevy Malibu power steering fluid location. Following are the below basic steps to inspect the oil:

1. Switch the engine off and allow it to cool down.

2. Clean the cap as well as the mouth of its reservoir.

3. Twist off the screw on the cap and use a clean cloth to wipe the dipstick clean.

4. Change the cap and then properly tighten it.

5. Open the cap again and check the oil level on the dipstick.

If your car’s engine is the V6 3.5L engine, the right fluid level should fall between the HOT and ADD marks when the car is cool.

When your engine is hot, the mark should reach the HOT point. In case the fluid gets the ADD mark, it’s time to add more fluid to it.

If your car’s engine is the V6 3.6L engine, the right fluid level should stay within the MAX (Maximum) and MIN (Minimum) marks (with a cool engine). 

The mark should reach the MAX point with a hot engine. If the fluid gets the MAX mark, the reservoir needs more fluid.

The oil level should belong to the crosshatch zone in the dipstick.

In case the fluid is below or at the MIN or ADD mark on this specific stick, simply add enough oil to get the right level within the range.

How To Change Power Steering Fluid 2010 Chevy Malibu?


Necessary Elements:

  • The power steering fluid recommended in your car’s manual
  • A container (where to hold the old fluid)
  • A pipette or syringe to eliminate the old fluid
  • A funnel (to add the fresh fluid easier)
  • A cover/ rubber cap (or anything you can utilize to put it on the reservoir top)
  • A rag or (paper) napkins to wipe any spilled oil
  • A jack

Steps in detail:

1. Use the jack to lift the front wheels so that the gap between them and the ground is around several centimeters.

2. Detach the fluid reservoir, then utilize a prepared syringe to draw most of the used oil out.

3. Extract the remaining oil that still rests there. The tank consists of two hoses: the high-pressure one and the low one (called the return hose).

Find which is thinner, then unplug it and put the hose’s end in the prepared container. The rest of the used oil will discharge into there.

4. Cover the top of the unplugged hose with the rubber cap.

5. Use the funnel to add fresh fluid to the tank till it is full. Never overfill the power steering fluid!

6. Switch the engine on.

7. Turn the wheel several times, which allows the black and old fluid to run out via the unplugged hose. At this point, the fluid level will drop.

8. Add more clean fluid to the tank till you see the new red oil flowing out of that hose; this indicates the process is done.

9. Switch the vehicle off, detach the rubber cap, and put the hose back into its right place.

10. Fill in the correct fluid level, then close the tank.

11. Pull the located jack out.

Bottom Lines 

I have told you the 2010 Chevy Malibu power steering location and how to replace it properly when it gets stuck in trouble.

From now on, I hope you get the basic and necessary steps to take when your power steering warning light is illuminated.

Thanks for reading, and see you in my next posts!

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