Everything You Need To Know About 2010 Prius Oil Type

Toyota is one popular car brand in the world. Currently, one of its most popular models is the 2010 Prius, due to its beautiful design and reasonable price.

When owning this type of car, choosing a suitable grade of oil is crucial to keep your vehicle smooth and reduce the risks of damage. So, what is an ideal 2010 Prius oil type?

If you get stuck in this issue, this post is what you need. Let’s keep reading to get hold of useful information.

What Is Toyota Prius 2010?

Toyota Prius 2010

Now, this car model occupies the position of the best-selling product in Japan because customers prefer green cars and Japan’s tax support policies.

Compared to some previous versions, the manufacturer has improved a lot in quality and design for the 2010 Toyota Prius. Thus, this model is very popular even in a fastidious market like Japan.

In detail, this car line has had significant engine improvements. Toyota has brought the 1.8-liter gasoline engine instead of the 1.5-liter type.  As a result, the motor’s electric power has also increased to 80 hp.

In addition, as the engine has a large capacity, this vehicle can have fuel economy in the long run.

When stopping at a red light, parking for a certain time, or decelerating, the gasoline engine automatically shuts off, and the generator then supplies power to the air conditioner.

This is different from other cars since the engine always has to work to run the air conditioning compressor in a normal car.

Apart from that, this vehicle has an “EV mode” available. EV stands for “Electric Vehicle”. Manufacturers often equip this mode on cars exported to Europe and the Asian market.

It helps the vehicle start completely electric, at low load conditions, with little noise. 

It is suitable when operating the vehicle at night when it needs to be quiet. EV mode will automatically return to normal mode after some time.

Which Is A Suitable 2010 Prius Oil Type?

2010 prius oil type

Of course, a car can only function well when it uses the right fuel. So, besides knowing the proper lubrication, you also need to know the suitable fuel for a vehicle.

For this reason, what will be the best oil for Toyota Prius is the question many people ask.

In fact, Toyota has many different car models, so the types of oil used for each type of vehicle are different. Hence, not all vehicles use the same oil.

According to manufacturers, 0W20 synthetic engine oil has been suitable for Prius models from 2010 to 2017.

Some people think it is very washy and worry that it will negatively affect the car engine. Nonetheless, the manufacturers have recommended using it and claim it is completely safe for the engines.

The makers have intentionally produced it in a dilute form to flow and lubricate the engine even at low temperatures. It is interesting to note that it can still work well at -35 degrees Celsius.

Consequently, it is suitable for users driving in cold weather or extreme conditions because the car engine can still start easily.

Besides, the manufacturers of these cars also require their customers to use the 0W20 synthetic motor oil to maintain the warranty.

How Much Oil Do 2010 Prius Cars Need

The 2010 Toyota Prius needs 4.4 quarts of oil. Moreover, the fuel must be high quality to ensure that the engine operates smoothly. If you use an old or poor-quality type, your engine can be damaged.

In detail, the engine emits an extremely unpleasant sound and a burning oil smell. At that time, you need to check your car carefully to avoid it exploding.

How Often Should The 2010 Toyota Prius’s Oil Be Changed?

oil change

Changing the fuel according to maintenance schedules or after a period of use is extremely necessary. It helps limit engine wear and ensures your vehicle can run smoothly.

It will prolong the life of the vehicle. However, this does not mean that the more fuel changes, the better.

Continuous fuel replacement many times in a short time is unnecessary because it might lead to waste and pollute the environment. It is clearly shown in the current situation of increasing gasoline prices.

So, how often should you change your car’s fuel? Normally, different types of cars will have different change times.

For 2010 Prius vehicles,  manufacturers have recommended that users change the oil and oil filter wrench every 10,000 miles, and the 2010 Prius oil change interval is about one year.

No one wants their car to quickly break down or have any problems, so remember to pay attention to the fuel change issue. For this reason, if you are using this type of vehicle, please keep this number in mind to replace fuel on time.


What Are The Differences Between The 2006 Prius Oil Capacity And The 2010 Version?

The biggest difference between these two oils is the oil capacity. The 2010 Prius engine oil capacity is larger, about 4.2 liters, while the 2006 model only has a capacity of about 3.7 liters.

How Long Can A 2010 Prius Work Well Without Changing Oil?

This Toyota car model is one of the hybrid vehicles (cars with hybrid car engines), so it can run about 5000- 10000 miles before needing oil change intervals.

It means that your Prius 2010 can go at least 5000 miles without a Prius 2010 oil change.

Your car will be severely affected because your engine will not have fuel to lubricate. As a result, the engine wear rate will increase. At the same time, your vehicle will be very hot and noisy when moving.


All in all, this post has shown some information relating to the 2010 Prius oil type and the Toyota Prius engine oil recommendation.

As this fuel is indispensable to your car, you should remember the time to change the fuel to the vehicle run easily and guarantee engine life.

Additionally, you need to consider the type of engine fuel for Toyota models carefully. People who make fake lubricants often blend some other additives for profit to avoid the eyes of buyers.

If you do not know how to test for bad gasoline or oil, you should not use domestic brands or unknown origins to ensure the fuel quality.

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