2011 BMW 328i Xdrive Problems: 6 Common Signs!

No need for much introduction, the BMW 328i is one of the most renowned 3 Series models worldwide with a fantastic price.

This is because it successfully marries the power of a BMW 3 Series with the fuel economy of a top-10 compact saloon.

Still, 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive problems can hold you back before purchasing one.

With tons of discussions surrounding this topic on social platforms and gossip columns, what more can we say about the dependability of the 2011 BMW 328i?

What Are 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive Problems?

2011 BMW 328i Xdrive Problems

Former drivers and experts have detected some problems with 2011 BMW 328i, including oil leaks, heating system or overheating AC, speed control hassles, fuel failure system, and electrical and valve timing chain issues.

Scroll down to dig deeper into each:

Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks

The oil leak is one of the common problems with 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive.

As of late, several drivers have noticed burning smells in their cars. Some tried swapping out the cabin air filter, but the odor persisted.

A leaky valve cover engine gasket could be the most common culprit. Some people figured out that the engine’s head bolts were broken, which was the biggest issue.

Your car may also show other symptoms of difficulty as the miles go up. Granted, rest assured.

If you are prepared for these issues and stick to the standard maintenance plan, you will extend your BMW’s life and mitigate the need for pricey major repairs.

Overheating AC And Heating System

Other 2011 BMW 328i common problems: heating system and overheating AC. The carmaker recalled 2006-2011 BMW 328i cars owing to overheated wiring and connections.

Due to the installation of the wrong wire, the blower regulator’s wiring harness might fail over time.

High corrosion and current may damage the wire and produce a short circuit. Also, the connection between the blower regulator and its wire harness had worn out significantly.

The carmaker got a similar report 10 years ago about a 2006 BMW 3 Series. Engineers couldn’t pinpoint the major issue at the time.

Unfortunately, the same errors continue emerging as other 2011 BMW 328xi problems.

Vehicle Speed Control Problems

Experts also found other 2011 BMW 328i problems with the car’s speed control.

Under strong braking, multiple drivers have noticed that their anti-swerve and anti-lock braking systems (ABS) unexpectedly failed.

Several drivers have also reported that their car is slow to pick up the pace at low speeds. A defective wheel speed sensor was the most common culprit.

While braking rapidly, the anti-swerve and ABS systems on some 2011 BMW 328is failed unexpectedly.

Using the brakes would only make the BMW leap ahead for some drivers.

Also, others have reported that their car at modest speeds accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly, with vibration at idle.

Electrical Problems

As quoted by its owners, the electrical issues and engine power are also the 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive common problems. Due to an electrical malfunction, at least one vehicle caught fire in the garage.

Even after installing the latest software update, the vehicle’s driver faced problems with the iDrive system and engine damage.

There have been reports of other drivers suffering issues, such as a broken passenger seat, a flashing check engine light or dashboard warning lights, a non-functioning “iDrive” system, and even a suddenly shut-off electrical system while driving.

Do not put off getting your BMW warning lights and car body examined once you spot electrical issues. It may require expensive repairs, yet you will be safe from getting a fire.

Fuel Engine Failure

Fuel Engine Failure

The 2011 328i does not have many BMW transmission issues, yet the fuel system has been the subject of some complaints.

While traveling at 55 mph, one driver claims his car abruptly lost speed. Many times he was able to pull over to safety and restart the automatic engine but in vain.

The technician said the fuel pump had failed, impacting engine performance.

In other instances, the VMW’s power steering or brakes might fail at speeds up to 45 mph.

Most of the time, this stems from a malfunctioning fuel pump. The car could not start as metal fragments from the exploding pump had polluted the engine.

Valve Timing Chain Issues

2011 BMW 328i Xdrive issues include valve timing chain concerns.

Many customers claimed their valve timing chains skipped on the sprockets, hindering the crankshaft and camshaft functions—engine stalls when pistons and valves collide.

Many BMW owners faced expensive repairs and launched a class-action lawsuit.

The carmaker denied liability but paid in court, paying dealerships and independent service centers.

BMW also offered an 8-year/100,000-mile extended warranty. Owners, nevertheless, still have to pay a part of the repair fees.

How Reliable Is A 2011 328i?

Despite controversies, the 2011 BMW 328i Driving sport wagon’s dependability reviews are ok.

Notably, the BMW 328i convertible and coupe were reliable in 2011. Also, the 2006-2011 328i models’ fort is easy to maintain.

A clear common issue: the 2011 328i will be tough to buy since regular maintenance will be pricey, even at a non-BMW mechanic’s shop. Not to mention, the 328i series’ price range is not a low figure.

According to the site, repairs cost roughly $900 every year. They’ve given it a half score as far as the rating is concerned.

Because of several 2011 BMW 3 series 328i problems, users only rated the driving sport wagon’s dependability 3 out of 5 (as seen on the US news).

The result comes with adverse reports for the electrical system, engine mounts, engine braces, coolant bottle break, PCV valve, and powertrain.

A trivial number of forums online also reveal other issues for a cup holder engine block, oil pump, coolant hose, transmission oil, current plugs, drive belt, bad spark plugs, cylinder head, electric water pump, oil pan gasket, and error message engine.

Still, the vehicle has good Edmunds ratings. 29 people rated it 4.3 out of 5, and most liked the performance engine.

Users have commended the car’s quality and recently gained trivial problems.


What 328i Year Is Most Reliable?

Reliability is a hallmark of the BMW 328i, and the years 2006-2011 provide some of the most dependable examples in the model’s long service history.

These variants include E90, E92, E93, and the final model of 2011. Soon after, BMW released the F30 328i.

How Long Will A 2011 BMW 328i Last?

Under good condition, your 2011 BMW 328i or 2011 BMW 3-Series 4dr Sedan should be able to drive it for well over 200k miles.

In some cases, before bringing it in for a mechanic, the figure can reach up to 250k miles per hour.

Under excellent care, users even exceed 100,000 miles in the vehicle with minor automatic engine issues.

Final Thoughts

Even though the decent price 328i hasn’t been manufactured for quite some time, it’s still a top pick among car buyers.

Still, it’s not perfect. As we just argued about the 2011 BMW 328i Xdrive problems, you’d better think it through before getting one.

Beyond that, these data also make sense in the run-downs of the 328i 2011 with other BMW variants.

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