2012 Dodge Ram Radio Problems: How To Fix Them?

When it comes to the full-size pickup truck segment, the 2012 Dodge Ram has always been a top choice thanks to its combination of powerful performance and spacious cabin.

Unfortunately, aside from common problems like the P0308 Dodge Ram 1500, the 2012 Dodge Ram radio problems are also a pain, especially for those who need quality music to accompany them on their road trips.

If you encounter the same case, read on! This article will list all stereo issues, symptoms, and solutions so you can get your radio up and running.

Common 2012 Dodge Ram Radio Problems & How To Fix

2012 dodge ram radio problems

Some radio problems include the 2012 Ram radio not working, having no sound, shutting off on its own, AM/FM mode not playing, alternator whine, the stock stereo not finding ignition power or accessory wire, or the headlights flashing when you volume up the music.

Let’s go through all six, one by one!

Radio Has No Sound

The root cause of a 2012 Dodge Ram radio no sound is a problematic component. Faulty cables, amplifiers, or rear speakers can be the culprit.

I’d first recommend checking the rear speakers’ cable and wiring harness (located near the rear doors) to see if it’s properly connected.

This cable is prone to damage and corrosion; when it is broken, it won’t connect with the head unit.

If the wiring has no problem, the next potential causes are the rear speakers (especially if you are using aftermarket speakers) and amplifiers.

I usually test each of these components by removing them from the setup. In case the speaker or amp doesn’t make a sound, you might need to repair or replace them.

The Radio Shuts Off On Its Own

Another issue I experienced was the factory stereo shutting off by itself. As reported by other car owners, it is also one of the most common 2013 Dodge Ram radio problems.

Also known as sound cut, the problem occurs in old-fashioned radio when the amp becomes overheated, or a speaker wire gets loose. There are two things you can do to solve this:

  • Check the antenna wire to make sure that it is securely connected.
  • Check the amplifier. If it is overheating, turn off the amp and let it cool off for a while before using it again.

The amplifier on a Dodge Ram may overheat and shut down for many reasons, including low impedance and poor grounding.

A professional mechanic can help you troubleshoot the real issue and replace the amp if necessary.

A faulty repair can worsen the issue and affect other components; in the worst case, it might even lead to a starting problem.

AM/FM Mode Not Playing

2015 dodge ram radio problems

Sometimes, the pickup factory radio works with the CD player but not AM/FM mode. When facing this trouble, the antenna issue is to blame.

Since your Dodge Ram is not a new car model, its metal antenna might suffer from corrosion, which makes it unable to connect with the radio unit properly.

Depending on the antenna’s condition, you can fix or replace it.

The cost of an antenna replacement ranges from $100 to $150. To ensure longevity, you should invest in a high-quality antenna made from top-notch materials.

Alternator Whine

A whining noise from the radio station is among the 2016 Dodge Ram radio problems, but it also happens with the 2012 Dodge Ram.

You can recognize an alternator noise through the changes in pitch or volume, especially when the engine’s revolution per minute changes.

Fortunately, dealing with this problem is quite simple. In most cases, I will fix it by:

  • Installing a noise filter between the battery and the vehicle’s alternator, or
  • Installing an amp inline power noise suppressor near the head unit.

The Stereo Stations Can’t Find Ignition Power/Accessory Wire

When the radio unit can’t find ignition power or accessory wire, there is a high chance your wires have been switched.

Check them and see if you attach the wires wrongly. Remember that the red wire should be connected to the ignition’s ACC, while the yellow wire should be attached to the battery.

If the wiring is not the culprit, you might be dealing with a faulty ignition. Over time, the ignition wears and tears, causing it to malfunction.

The only solution, in this case, is to replace the ignition cylinder.

Headlights Flash When Music Is Volumed Up

Finally, if you wonder why the Dodge Ram’s headlights or dash lights keep flashing when you crank up your music, the answer is simple: Power.

Your amp is draining a lot of power from the vehicle, and the charging system struggles to keep up. This often occurs after you change your old, malfunctioning amplifier for a new, powerful one.

There are two ways to deal with these radio issues:

  • Lower the volume: This is not the best solution, especially if you like listening to loud music while driving. However, it is the easiest and quickest solution.
  • Upgrade your alternator: A bigger one can provide enough power for your new amp. Still, consult a technician to ensure that your 2012 Dodge Ram can handle a more powerful alternator.


dodge ram radio works intermittently

How Do You Reset The 2012 Dodge Ram Radio?

To perform a 2012 Dodge Ram radio reset, press and hold the up button and down button simultaneously for a few seconds, then select the “radio reset” option on the stereo stations.

Keep in mind that resetting doesn’t always solve the radio issues.

If your Dodge Ram radio works intermittently or doesn’t work at all, it is best to investigate the related components like the antenna, wires, or speakers and solve the issue from the root.

Is There Any Recall With The 2012 Dodge Ram?

Yes. Chrysler recalled some 2012 Dodge Ram trucks manufactured between January 5, 2012, and January 6, 2012.

The affected cars had spare tires that didn’t match the specification mentioned on the manufacturer’s placard.

What Is The Best Dodge Cars & Trucks To Purchase?

Some of the best Dodge cars & trucks to purchase are the 2023 Ram Classic, Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon, and Dodge Ram 1500 eTorque.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with the 2012 Dodge Ram radio problems can be a hassle, but with this guide, you are now familiar with the common issues!

Sometimes, all it takes is to fix the wiring, and you are good to go. Other situations might require an alternator replacement, though.

Whether it is a simple fix or a more complex one, I’d recommend taking your vehicle to the auto repair shop if you are unsure what to do.

A professional mechanic can quickly pinpoint the electrical issues for you and get your radio working in no time.

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