What Makes The 2012 Silverado Dash Lights Stay On?

The symbols on the dashboard, including battery warning light, airbag warning light, ABS light, brake light, check engine light, etc., should go out within one to two minutes (maximum five minutes) after the car is turned off, or some only disappear when you open the door.

Yet, sometimes, my 2012 Silverado dash lights stay on. And many drivers reported that their instrument panel lights stay on after the key is removed.

Even the tail light and parking light are also bright together with the dashboard illuminations.

If it’s your case, you definitely should read on!

Why Do 2012 Silverado Dash Lights Stay On?

2012 silverado dash lights stay on
What Causes 2012 Silverado Dash Lights Stay On

The reasons for the lights on the dashboard keep flashing are various, including issues with the battery, engine oil pressure, ECM fuse, ignition switch, ABS, accessory wiring, the LCM, etc.

Consult the auto repair shop to know what you should do before the battery drains.

Faulty Battery

When your Duramax dash lights stay on even if the ignition is switched off, consider a faulty battery as a culprit since the voltage level is important in modern vehicles.

Both low and high voltage allows your car’s digital components to work and interact. You’ll likely be in trouble if something is wrong with the battery.

The code in your digital control will show weird signals, indicating a failure of the battery. In this case, I took a crank test to ensure the voltage is around 12.65.

Loose Battery Connectors

If your battery is healthy, but the battery connections are not, it also will cause negative consequences.

Fluctuating or consistently illuminating dashboard icons may result from damaged, dirty, or loose battery wires.

Once you have battery terminal deterioration, the battery acid can easily seep from its posts. Therefore, you should regularly maintain the cables to eliminate the risk of electric failures.

Low Engine Oil Pressure

Low engine oil pressure triggers the oil pressure warning light to turn on.

When my fluid level was less than suggested, the oil pressure fluctuated, and the electrical components were also affected, leading to the 2010 Silverado dash lights staying on after my car was turned off.

In this situation, you can check the engine and confirm whether you have the proper engine oil level.

ABS System Issues

The ABS or anti-lock brake system is one of the potential reasons that you should pay attention to. When you have an issue with the ABS module, your braking system might not fail.

However, it can change any additional ABS safety features to off mode and flash the ABS warning light.

Malfunctioning Ignition Switch

The ignition system is in charge of controlling the entire vehicular system, determining whether the 2013 Chrysler 300 dash lights stay on or not.

The internal parts can be shattered due to the broken ignition switch, leading to a short circuit in your car’s electrical system. If you want to check the switch, look at the ignition fuse as well.

Blown ECM Fuse

A blown fuse is quite serious as the module is responsible for the electrical performance of the vehicle engine.

Anything happening with the ECM (engine control module) may bring you more trouble, such as electrical errors, fuel pumping, and starting issues.

The issue you are concerned about now might be a symptom of the blown engine control fuse.

Defective Accessories Wirings

Many drivers like to install electrical accessories in their cars, such as additional lights, fans, speakers, etc. Those details need to be wired, and if you make a mistake, it can cause problems.

The most common scenario is incorrectly linking the accessory to the closest hot wire (the dash light wire, for example). As a result, the radio and dash lights stay on.

Problems With The LCM

LCM means lighting control module. The module plays an important role in the light system of your car. A fault or short happens with the ECM can make Ford Fiesta dash lights stay on.

How To Fix This Issue?

ford fiesta dash lights stay on
Way To Repair This Problem

Can Dashboard Warning Lights Drain Your Vehicle’s Battery?

Though the dashboard illuminations consume almost a minuscule amount of power at any moment, your battery will drain if you keep the situation overnight.

Thus, while trying to figure out the underlying issues, detach the connections from your vehicle to prevent your battery from depleting.

What Are The Solutions?

When your problem is temporary, I often fix it by turning off your engine and restarting it. The illuminations then disappear when I start my car again.

If the Silverado radio lights stay on and others are still there as well, try to plug the battery out and then plug it in again. In some cases, this method may help.

Another way I applied to identify the issue is to use the OBD2 scanner and connect it to the universal adaptor on your dash to diagnose.

Read and understand OBD codes to have corresponding solutions.

However, if you can only read some common faults and are not confident of what you are doing, take your car to the repair shop and let qualified professionals address the problem.


2010 silverado dash lights stay on
Question Of Dashboard Lights Stay On

Is It Ok To Drive A Car With Dashboard Lights Stay On?

No. Letting the dash lights stay on when the car is running is not always recommended. But you can still drive it but with caution and should address the issue as soon as possible.

It’s because the possible causes are various, and they can be serious. Plus, your battery will quickly be drained if you ignore the situation.

How Long Can The Dashboard Lights Stay On Before The Battery Is Finished?

It depends on the lights’ type, wattage, and the battery’s quality and capacity. If you have a poor-quality battery, it can not survive until the next morning.

Wrapping Up

2012 Silverado dash lights stay on.

This warning message can be a minor problem that can be fixed by restarting your vehicle or using the OBD2 scanner or code reader to detect the fault codes.

Still, if it doesn’t work or you’re unsure how to perform the scanning, have a certified auto mechanic do it for you.

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