2014 Toyota Highlander Towing Capacity – What You Need To Know?

The 2014 Toyota Highlander is no longer a large-size car like previous models. Instead, it was improved in appearance, longer and wider, providing comfortable space for loads of passengers in the cabin.

Luggage storage, materials, and interior equipment are also more advanced than older versions.

Toyota Highlander is a great consideration in your garage with modern features, but do you know the 2014 Toyota Highlander towing capacity?

This question can be tricky when you are new to the automobile industry.

Don’t worry; we are here to help. This article will provide detailed information about this model’s maximum tow capacity and answers related to this car.

What Is 2014 Toyota Highlander Towing Capacity?

2014 Toyota Highlander Towing Capacity

The 2014 model has a maximum towing capacity from 1500 to 5000 lbs, depending on the engine size and engine options of the car.

This model has two engine choices, including 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines.

The 2.7-liter L4 engine has a cargo capacity of 1500 lbs.

As for the six-cylinder engine, you can reach a maximum cargo capacity of 5000 lbs if you use the 2014 Highlander tow package; otherwise, that number is only 2000 lbs.

These figures are relatively similar to the 2013 – 2009 Highlander towing capacity.

Towing specifications remain unchanged for 2015 and 2016 highlander towing capacity.

Meanwhile, 2017 Toyota Highlander towing capacity varies according to model code and trim level. This capacity is the same until the latest versions.

Toyota Highlanders can tow different camper options, such as a pop-up trailer of 600-4,000 lbs, teardrop trailers, and small travel trailers with its actual capacity range.

This vehicle is ideal for a large family with many kids or those who wish to load it up with camping gear and go on a long road trip.

2014 Toyota Highlander Overview


The 2014 Toyota Highlander size is a huge difference from previous versions. The automobile is 4,854 mm long and 1,925 mm wide, which means 69 mm longer and 15 mm wider than its predecessor.

The car still has a height of 1,730 mm. The wheelbase is 2,790 mm.

This size expansion creates more space for the third-row seat, making the car one of the rare models that can comfortably accommodate eight people.

This row of seats can also be folded like the two front seats, greatly increasing the storage capacity.


The 2014 Toyota Highlander has many changes, especially the front end with a bolder design and a large grille that draws pedestrians’ attention.

The design has stood the test of time and is a little more massive. This car has its moment on the main road but is quite difficult to manage in the narrow street.

The interior design of the Highlander 2014 also has many new points, erasing the faded impression of the old-fashioned bland cabin.

The Japanese car manufacturer claims that the car’s interior is finished with “premium materials to bring the best feeling when sitting in the car.”

The car’s interior is more refined with emotional curves in the table face and dashboard design, reducing the stiffness in the previous version.

The 2014 Toyota Highlander will be equipped with the Toyota Entune multimedia system, a standard 6.1-inch touchscreen, and an optional rear-seat entertainment system.

The air conditioning system is also a plus point for this model, with a 3-zone climate control system, air filtration function, and deep cooling even for people sitting in the 3rd row.

Indeed, this model boasts many luxury upgrades, including leather seats and an adjustable driver seat.

Performance And MPG

Highlander 2014 is distributed in the US market with four versions LE, LE Plus, XLE, and Limited, with 2.7 or 3.5 engines.

The basic type LE uses a 2.7L, four-cylinder engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission and an excellent 4-wheel drive system.

Fuel tank capacity is about 19.2 gallons. Regarding MPG, the city’s fuel consumption is about 20 mpg (12l/100 km) and 25 mpg (9l/100 km) on the highway, according to the manufacturer’s announcement.


Safety features on Toyota Highlander 2014 include a parking assist system, adjustable safety belts, anti-blind spot monitor, early collision warning, ABS brakes, EBD electronic stability, seven standard airbags, and cruise control.

With an average price, this model surprises users with its 5-star safety rating.

How Can I Increase 2014 Highlander Tow Package?

Increase The Radiator Size

During the operation of the vehicle, all its mechanical parts heat up. This number goes up to more than a hundred degrees in some compartments.

A radiator in a car serves as a transmission cooler, regulating engine temperature as well as preventing overheated and not starting cars.

As the vehicle’s weight rises, its components will generate more heat. This necessitates installing a way larger radiator to optimize the cooling system efficiency.

Although Toyota also has a super long life coolant, increasing the radiator size would increase the endurance of your automobile even more.

Upgrading The Suspension

The suspension is the part that bears the weight of the vehicle, as well as is responsible for dispersing the force from under the road surface.

So to improve Highlander 2014 towing capacity, you should equip a satisfactory suspension.

It can be a huge investment for your vehicle, but this improvement is very important. An insufficient suspension can result in serious safety issues.

Meanwhile, an improved one will increase towing capacity by enhancing loading distribution across all axles.

Replace Braking System

The braking system lets the car decrease speed or stop more easily and reliably.

Braking is an important part of ensuring safety; thus, there should be no delays in braking responses from the brake pedal to real braking.

It usually takes longer to come to a complete stop when hauling heavy loads. So an improvement will aid in controlling the additional pressure caused by the weight.


What Is 2014 Toyota Highlander Towing Capacity?

Now you know everything about the 2014 Toyota Highlander towing capacity. After reading this post, we hope that you can know some basic specifications of your Toyota.

We’re confident that this article has provided all the information you need to make a perfect choice.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Will my 2014 Highlander still tow the 5000 lb capacity with a tow system purchased and installe from U-Haul?

    • Hi Vincent,

      It will if your Highlander model you have is equipped with the 3.5L V6 engine or up, which has a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. If under, adding a towing system won’t increase its towing capacity beyond that limit.


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