Are Car Keys Waterproof And How To Fix Wet Keys?

Let’s say you accidentally took your vehicle keys out of your swimwear pocket before diving in, or they got caught in water on a rainy day.

You might be concerned about whether the keys are still functional or need to be changed. So, are car keys waterproof?

This article will cover what to do when your keys become wet, how to repair them if necessary, and other topics.

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Are Car Keys Waterproof?

Are Car Keys Waterproof

Are electronic car keys waterproof? No. Car keys, like many modern items, are not waterproof.

While traditional, machine-cut keys used on vintage automobiles may withstand water exposure unscathed, modern electronic keys such as smart, transponder, or remote keys can be heavily affected by the water damage.

Do Car Keys Work When Wet?

When wet, the keychain does not function. You must wipe the fob immediately after discovering it has been damp.

If you postpone, the fob will likely be damaged, and you will be unable to unlock the car.

Are Car Remotes Waterproof – What Happens With A Wet Key Fob?

If your keychain falls into water or you discover you left the keys on your purse before washing your clothes, you must immediately take it out and remove the water inside it.

The longer the key is immersed in water, the more likely it will stop working. You will certainly need to acquire a possibly costly replacement.

Your fob might be destroyed in various ways:

  • The issues began when the circuit board within the fob became damp.
  • The circuit board components can be prone to corrosion, rust, or short circuit.
  • The battery may leak, expire, or explode in more extreme circumstances.

How To Fix Your Soaked Key Fob?

So, the answer to “Are remote car keys waterproof?” is no. Now, let’s move to the next part on how to fix your wet key.

As previously explained, leaving your smart key wet always presents a risk. It’s preferable to be careful and avoid this situation in the first place.

If your fob becomes wet, you may be able to rescue it with some steps:

Step 1: Make The Outside FOB Dry

dry Outside FOB

Press the key button at the bottom after removing it from the water. Shake it gently to extract the liquid from the inside.

Place your keychain on a dry, clean cloth or towel for some time. Then, use another cloth or towel to remove the water from the crevices as much as possible.

Step 2: Clean And Dry Interior Parts With Cloth

Clean And Dry Interior Parts

Then, open the FOB since water may have gotten inside. Use the procedure we previously outlined.

Remove and dry the battery, the inside of the keychain, and the circuit board with a clean and dry cloth.

If the battery has spilled or is damaged, dispose of it and replace it with the new one.

Even if there is no obvious damage, you should change the battery since prolonged exposure to water might destroy it.

Step 3: Remove Contaminants or Acid Residue

alcohol-soaked cotton

Use an isopropyl alcohol-soaked cotton swab to clean the electronic circuit and the interior of the fob of any battery acid residue or other contaminants.

Step 4: Re-assemble The FOB and Test Function Again

Re-assemble The FOB

Allow all pieces to dry thoroughly before handling them. After that, change the battery and re-insert the fob.

Test every button on the key. If everything operates well, your fob is fine! Otherwise, when only some buttons function, you should repeat the cleaning procedure and test the fob after you finish.

The fob must be reprogrammed or replaced should none of the buttons work.

The program is not the same among brands, like the Toyota vs Chevy HHR key fob program, so you must take it to a mechanic.

Tips To Dry The Wet Key Fob

Water and other liquids are dangerous when they come into contact with electronics, so if your keychains or fob become wet, act promptly to try and limit the damage.

  • Find something clean and absorbent to dry the cover and buttons of the keychains.

Before drying, try to eliminate as much extra water from the interior as possible by facing the button down, shaking gently to allow the water to run through the button, and thoroughly drying the case and the area surrounding the buttons.

  • Remove the battery. This is normally accomplished by opening the casing with a tiny screwdriver or equivalent tool.

Car key batteries are often flat, silver discs that resemble buttons and are of the same sort as most quartz timepieces, and they are normally quite straightforward to remove.

If you do not feel confident doing this, you may still try it, which could work. However, when you remove it, wait until the fob is dry before replacing it.

  • We must now properly dry the key fob. If you have silica gel packets on hand, you may place them in a ziplock bag with the keys to absorb a lot of water.

Suppose you employ this approach; you should keep drying since the gel packets may not draw out all the moisture.

  • Do not attempt to dry the keys with a microwave or a hair dryer. The first choice will harm the key’s circuitry and ensure it will never function again, while the second option may result in a fire.

You should also be aware that even when you use this approach perfectly, there is a chance that your key may no longer function, and you will have to buy a replacement key.

  • We do not propose dry, uncooked rice as a substitute since the starch granules in rice might contaminate delicate electrical gadgets.

Generally, the most secure and efficient approach to cleaning a key fob is to put it in a warm, dry area for a few days.

Alternative Choices To Deal With Your Damaged Fob

Alternative Choices To Deal With Your Damaged Fob

If you want to set up a smart replacement key, you can visit the local auto dealer or experts or try it yourself.

Car Dealer

Let’s say your vehicle is less than five years old or was manufactured in Europe; you should purchase a new fob from the dealer.

These automobiles will necessitate the use of a fob encryption programming agent.

You may save money by purchasing an aftermarket fob instead of bringing it to the manufacturer for programming, but certain hazards are involved.

Some places refuse to work with replacement fobs, whereas others will attempt to program but cannot ensure that they will function when finished.

Local Auto Mechanic

If your automobile is ten years old or older, you can buy an aftermarket key fob and have it programmed by a local garage or auto locksmith.

Call them beforehand to see whether they have the necessary equipment to configure the key fob for the car you drive. Some shops are more well-equipped than others.

For example, if your vehicle has keyless entry, ask the technician whether the fobs can be programmed.

In case you own an old vehicle and a local technician can code the fob for you, you can save money over purchasing a new fob.

To save time, you can ask the locksmiths, who may even travel to your residence or wherever your car is parked and complete the work there.


You may also avoid paying a locksmith by purchasing and programming an aftermarket fob yourself.

Just be sure to verify whether your product comes with easy-to-follow directions. The owner’s manual for your car may provide directions for fobs’ programming.

Besides, you’ll need two active fobs to accomplish this, which won’t be feasible if you run out of fobs.

How Much Does A New Fob Cost?

Nowadays, a new (or additional) key average cost is around $150 and $500.

This pricing range is based on your car’s make and model, excluding taxes. Repair or associated upkeep, may also be required.

How To Protect Fob While Swimming

Here are a few easy and effective options.

Hide Your Keys Beneath Or Near The Car

This is a terrific classic, but how you use it depends on your location.

There’s a lot of room buried beneath or near the automobile, from the fenders to the insides of the wheels, on the tires, and in the chassis rails.

It’s a simple solution, but while hiding and disguising your keys, be quick and discrete.

Waterproof Bag

You may safely protect your keys thanks to the waterproof bag. Make sure it is closed nicely; you can carry it everywhere.


How To Open My Car Keys?

A decent screwdriver is required to unlock most fobs. Every fob has a specific spot for prying the lid open.

How To Keep The Key Fobs From Getting Wet?

If you have a waterproof cover, you may carry your electronic keys in your swimming suit strap while keeping it secure.

Regardless of their splash and buoyant capabilities, these containers should not be submerged or exposed to water for extended periods. This can bring the keychains significant water damage.

In Closing

To sum up, are car keys waterproof? After reading the post, we hope you have understood why you should avoid getting your keys wet and how to resolve the issues.

Most cars now come with electric keys, so remember to keep them from water or have protection methods when you have to swim with the key fob.

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