Are K&N Oil Filters Good? Truth Revealed!

Even the highest-quality, most premium car model on Earth cannot give you spectacular performance without good oil filters.

These small devices keep your oil clean and protect the engine, ensuring no pollutant or harmful substance can get in the way.

And among thousands of filter options on the marketplace, K&N high-performance filters have been the most mentioned name, piquing people’s curiosity about whether their prices reflect quality! 

So are K&N oil filters good? Keep scrolling through Bryan’s expert guide to learn the truth.

Are K&N Oil Filters Good?

are k&n oil filters good
K&N Oil Filter

Are K&N oil filter good? 

Yes. They are certainly among the best players in the game! Since as early as their release, these filters have wowed drivers of all styles and preferences with the following offerings: 

High Oil Flow Rates

K&N delivers exceptional flow rates due to its unique, premium synthetic media that provides much more filtration room than other oil filter brands.

The simple structure ensures your oil doesn’t encounter any unwanted restrictions during its processing, allowing greater oil volume to reach the car’s performance engines.

Customers are also pleased with its pleated design, whose elegant and high-functioning curves take lubing filtration to a whole new level.

As a result, there’s barely any pressure change from beginning to end, fostering a smoother and more consistent oil transition from one compartment to another! 

Versatile Compatibility 

Like Microgard oil filters, the K&N filters are meant to work well with every oil type, be it blended, conventional, or synthetic – thanks to the strong steel that can withstand different chemical reactions and its flexible, one-size-fits-all filter top.

Hence, these filters are also a terrific match for various applications and automobiles.

Whether heavy-duty trucks, daily passenger vehicles, or high-speed sports cars, be confident that K&N can meet all your expectations and preferences! 

People owning different car types do not have to switch oil and oil filters often, either.

Easy Removal and Maintenance

A wonderful, charming point of K & N oil filters is the heavy-duty, thick-steel canisters, which can resist all engine damage and deformation even under the most terrifying weather conditions.

With such a smooth and stainless surface, no wonder people find it a breeze to turn and grip them during removal! 

To add further to your comfort, the canisters arrive with a hex/nut end. A simple socket or wrench is more than enough to pull them apart! 

Even better, cleaning your oil filter is a piece of cake due to the anti-drain back valves – designed to keep car oil from flowing back to the pan once your engine has been turned off.

Fewer oil stains and leftovers stick to the filters that way, cutting your cleaning process by half! 

According to customer reports, K&N is compatible with these effective (and extremely cheap!) cleaning solutions: 

  • Compressed air: Drivers can use it to blow dirt or debris pooled inside the filter – one of the quickest and easiest methods.
  • Solvent: Soak K&N in solvent to crack dirt and oil buildup. Either solvent produced specifically for oil filters or all-purpose solvent is fine; just remember to wear protective gloves and choose to carry out your cleaning in well-ventilated areas.
  • Hot water: Put K&N in warm/hot water and leave it there for a few hours. The combined power of water and heat will fight off even the most stubborn grime, allowing easier cleaning later on.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners: These solutions rely on sound waves for filter agitation – terrific for small-sized K&N filters.

Impressive Durability

The product enjoys a robust steel and cotton gauze construction, easily withstanding tough environments and extreme climates.

Even old, second-hand ones can last decades longer than traditional filters; what great news for customers who prioritize long-term performance!

Imagine the insane amount of money you could have saved on filter replacements and fixes.

Plus, its synthetic media design (already mentioned above) removes all flow restrictions by trapping contaminants and dirt away.

That means K&N will encounter ZERO clogging issues and perform consistently for years to come!  

High Capacity

Of course, how can one forget the large strainer media – wider and thicker than standard filters to increase available surface areas for oil filtrating? 

The outcome of such an inclusive design is K&N’s impressive ability to hold more fuel and trap more debris. It helps extend the filter lifespan while reducing the frequencies of filter changes.

Other Strong Points

Different Styles and Sizes

No more difficulty choosing! Many styles and sizes are brought to the table, and some retailers even provide a helpful filter chart. You will always find one that meets your exact preferences.

Passing Rigorous Tests

Before its wide-scale distribution, the K & N oil filter has undergone rigorous tests (both by the brand and experts) to confirm its quality passes – even exceeds – the market standards.

Its performance and durability are challenged under numerous extreme conditions, proving the filter can offer consistent and reliable filtration over time no matter where you go.

Warranty Policies

K&N filters offer two different warranty programs – 10 years and lifetime – to cover all workmanship and material defects for its customers.

Imagine having a dedicated customer service team who handles all technical malfunctions for you for the rest of your life – isn’t that wonderful?

However, note that for both programs, the brand will not cover damage from: 

  • Transportation/Storage/ Improper use
  • Not following the filter instructions
  • Not performing preventive maintenance
  • Modifications/ Unauthorized repair/ Off-road usage
  • Normal tear and wear/External causes (abuse, accidents, competition, racing)
  • Other reasons beyond reasonable control (ex: natural disasters) 

K&N versus Mobil 1: Which One Is Better?

how long do k&n oil filters last
Which One Is Better Between K&N vs Mobil 1

Is Mobil 1 Oil filter good, and does it stand any chance against K&N? 


Let’s look at the features they have in common first. Overall, both K&N and Mobil 1 are considered quality filters with innovative and upgraded designs:

  • Both have synthetic media design
  • Both feature durable canisters to shield the filters from damage
  • Both have a capacity higher than normal products.
  • Both are easy to set up and remove via pre-drilled nuts.
  • Both work with blended, synthetic, and conventional oils 
  • Both meet the industry standards (OEM criteria for K&N, and Extended Performance criteria for Mobil 1).


With so many similarities, how to decide which one is better? Time to investigate some of their key differences:

  • K&N works better for thicker motor oils, while Mobile 1 pairs with all engine oil
  • K7N has a higher flow than Mobile 1, but Mobil 1 enjoys a more accurate filtering capacity.
  • K&N filtrations are media celsius, while Mobil 1 combines both media synthetic and fiber blend
  • Mobil’s efficiency rate: 98% – several notes higher than K&N’s 85%
  • Mobil features interval mileages between 3000 – 20,000 miles. On the other hand, the K&N interval mileage is from 7500 – 10,000 miles.


Though K&N is and always will be among the top industry filters, we must admit that Mobil 1 is the clear winner in this type of oil filter face-off.

How Long Do K&N Oil Filters Last?

k&n gold oil filter review
How Long Can K&N Oil Filters Be Used

These performance oil filters are made to survive extended periods of their interval services. No exact limits have been confirmed, but you may expect them to withstand ten thousands of miles (10,000).

Remember, the number also depends heavily on your car engine. Plus, always follow the instructions by your vehicle manufacturer on how often to replace oil/fuel filters.


Are K&N oil filters good? Yes, with tons of amazing features rarely found in any other lower-end brands!

Our K&N Gold oil filter review also mentions another worthwhile investment – Mobil 1 – and pitches the two filters against each other.

Consider their pros and cons (and your budget, of course) to decide on the better, more premium oil filters!

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