Battery Terminal Wrench Size – What Should You Know About

Changing an automobile battery is a piece of cake, as this process does not require much specialist knowledge and experience.

But this procedure’s difficult part is selecting a suitable battery terminal wrench size.

If you are currently curious about this matter, our article may come into use, comprehensively explaining and providing thorough insights into this automotive facet.

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What Is The Battery Terminal Wrench Size? An Overview

Battery Terminal Wrench Size

What size wrench for battery terminals? A battery wrench is one of the indispensable tools whose sizes may vary slightly depending on the car model.

And ten millimeters is the standardized wrench size for battery terminals.

Over the past few years, a new product whose size can be adjusted is gaining more popularity thanks to its convenience.

In addition, the socket size for battery terminals and open-end ones are two common types in the market nowadays, as the majority have hexagonal together with wing-nut shapes.

Apart from the wrench, it would be best if you also had other devices to disengage the battery from your car or change its current wrong position.

These tools will be presented below, so let’s explore!

What Are Other Tools Needed To Replace A Car Battery?

Following is a list of essential tools you may use while removing your automobile battery. You don’t need to jump the gun and fail as a result.

Open your toolbox and thoroughly prepare all the needed stuff involved in this procedure:

Gloves And Safety Glasses

The preparation of gloves and safety glasses is the utmost priority.

Undoubtedly, a car battery contains many toxic chemicals, which have great repercussions for your general health when they penetrate into your body through the skin layer.

Furthermore, during the removal process, some fragments of car engines or battery parts are also likely to be shattered and flashed out within a few seconds.

For that reason, please wear glasses and gloves for the sake of your health, particularly your eye protection.

The Cleansing Mixture

It is vital that your car should be cleaned before you take the battery out.

To do so, you should combine baking soda and water solution to create a chemical compound with a powerful cleansing function.

Then, use the paintbrush to meticulously scrub your battery terminals and surrounding engines free of dirt and clutter.

Accordingly, you will reap the best outcome after pouring great efforts into cleansing.

Wrenches And Pliers

Now we will move on to the removal procedure.

As the battery is surrounded by some long pieces of solid metal and nuts created to hold an object position, we should use wrenches and pliers to break out of the attached bolts.

You can choose different battery terminal size wrenches and pliers, such as crescent wrenches or locking pliers.

However, it is highly recommended that you use adjustable ones so that these tools can fit and suit numerous sizes of nuts and bolts.

A Hammer

Hammer is not a necessary device. But under a few circumstances, you must rely on it to loosen stubborn bolts or cables with just some gentle taps.

The Battery Terminal Cleaner

After successfully taking out the car battery, you should also need to clean the cable, terminal post, and automobile engines one more time to avert corrosion and the buildup of chemical components, consequently blocking the connection between the battery and its cable.

How To Change A Car Battery?

How To Change A Car Battery

There are some common symptoms of a damaged battery, which indicate that the car should have its battery replaced to avert worse scenarios in the future:

  • The dashboard light does not turn on, or your automobile shows no signs of the engine starting much as you turn the key.
  • Your car slowly cranks its engines or struggles to perform this procedure, although you have already plugged in the key.
  • The headlights do not respond though the car engines have been activated.
  • The warning lights pop up, signaling some broken parts of your automobile that need repairing or replacing.

If your car has undergone one of these signs, it will likely encounter a dead battery problem. Below is an all-inclusive guide for you to solve this issue:

Step 1: Locate The Car Battery

First of all, you must open the hood to cool down the mechanism parts if you have just taken a trip.

Afterward, search for the battery, which is based underneath the hood or in the trunk, surrounded by a tray made of metal.

Step 2: Find And Deactivate The Battery Terminals

Normally, a battery always has two terminals, positive and negative ones. These two sides are also used for connection purposes with battery cables.

For that reason, the top priority is to disconnect the cables by removing them from the battery terminals.

And to execute this process, you should wear protective gear and use wrenches to loosen the nuts and bolts before lightly twisting cables to take them out.

Step 3: Remove The Broken Battery

After loosening the bolts surrounding a car battery, you subsequently lift it out of your automobile with the assistance of wrenches or pliers. Remember to keep the caustic liquid upright.

Step 4: Carefully Clean The Battery And Its Terminals

The problem of a defective battery can be blamed on corrosion or a buildup of sulfates.

Hence, this is a perfect chance that you can thoroughly clean it should these culprits mentioned earlier be responsible.

You can use the mixture of baking soda, water solution, and paintbrush to keep the terminals and tray more hygienic.

This solution also helps clean corroded battery cables. If you have trouble cleaning some inside parts, use the steel wool alternatively.

Step 5: Install A New Car Battery

This step requires you to pay close attention to both terminals so that you may avoid the mistake of placing them in the wrong positions.

Then, lower a new battery and put it under the hood or in the trunk.

It is strongly recommended that you tighten the bolts and use anti-corrosion sleeves to protect the battery before reconnecting it to the cables.

What Are The Common Habits That Ruin Your Automobile Battery?

These following habits are conducive to your car battery’s shorter lifespan that you should take close notice of:

Lacking Attention To The Car Alternator

The automobile alternator is responsible for supplying power to internal engines. Therefore, engines must rely on the battery when it gets broken as an alternative power resource.

When a battery is constantly overrunning without help from the alternator, it can be put under lots of pressure, resulting in gradual failure in the long run.

Using Tap Water For Your Engine

Some parts in your car contain water to prevent engines from overheating. However, when this water level is below the standard, you need to refill it immediately.

The reason is that engines can run a higher risk of exploding if they are not timely cooled down.

But tap water is not recommended in this situation, as metal ions may react to the electrodes, eroding the water tank.

On the contrary, distilled water is more suitable, facilitating electricity conduction.

Overcharging The Battery

Charging is of paramount importance to maintain battery life and health. Nevertheless, overcharging can render the emission of hydrogen and oxygen.

Consequent is a powerful chemical reaction between these two substances, which may cause the battery to explode.

Parking Your Car For Long Periods Of Time

When the car engines are off for a long time, the battery drains, so you may find it hard to activate your car again.

This is also one of the practical explanations for the question: Why won’t cars start right after turning off?

One helpful remedy to this matter is that you can undertake some regular engine warm-ups or disengage the clutch frequently to auto-charge the battery.

Switching On The Electronic Components While Your Automobile Is idle

When you forget to turn them off after removing the key, these electronics still operate in silence, and the battery must constantly provide power without resting.

Gradually, your battery is out of order, and its lifespan is shortened as well.

Driving Short Distances

When you drive your automobile for short distances, the battery is not sufficiently self-charged, as this process may take a couple of times to complete.

Thus, battery malfunction may follow.

Enabling The Headlights Before You Start The Car Engines

When the headlights are switched on even before the engine ignition is on, the battery is also under extra strain, which will decrease its lifespan in the long term.

Not Regularly Maintaining Your Car

Numerous people only go to automotive workshops or car maintenance centers when their cars are experiencing some major troubles that need repairing.

It is a faulty conception, as the automobile invariably requires frequent maintenance so that mechanics can detect problems soon.

And the same is also applied to the car battery, as unchecked batteries may get damaged and run under unfavorable conditions.

What Are The Common Mistakes When People Change A Car Battery

There are three mistakes that the majority of people make when handling a faulty battery. Let’s check the list as follows:

Forget To Re-calibrate The PCM’s Settings

When you take out the battery from the automobile, the powertrain control module will erase the settings of the old one.

Therefore, it is necessary that you reinstall a new battery’ function and settings into the PCM, which will relearn and manage the battery properly.

This process should be done by a qualified technician.

If you have fundamental know-how and experience in the technological field, you can also execute this task at home by utilizing a Keep Alive Memory (KAM) device.

Form A Spark Or A Short In The Battery Terminals

In many cases, when you put much force into wrenches during the bolt removal process, a spark between negative and positive terminals is likely to be created, generating explosions anytime and putting your life at risk.

A short can also be induced as a consequence, which indicates a failure in the electrical circuit when the electricity moves along the wrong route due to damaged wires or a disconnected wiring system.

Install The Car Battery In The Wrong Positions

Some people carelessly place terminals without checking their correct positions. For instance, the negative button is placed in the positive position and vice versa.

Accordingly, the battery cannot connect to cables fittingly, resulting in faulty electricity transmission.

In addition, most cars’ batteries are based in the front, while others are in the back.

So you should attentively watch and determine where the battery should be placed before knuckling down to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Car Battery?

This position greatly depends on the brand and model of your car. Some manufacturers may place the battery in the trunk or under the hood.

If you have trouble identifying its position, you can contact qualified mechanics or have your car towed to the automobile maintenance garage so that they will check for you.

Is It Dangerous To Change A Car Battery?

This process can be of extreme danger when you don’t wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, to avoid harmful chemicals in the battery.

Nonetheless, if you are qualified and experienced enough, you can conquer this challenge without a hitch while still ensuring your health.

When Should I Change My Car Battery?

The answer is not definite as some factors, namely the make and model of your car or climate, may decide the battery’s lifespan.

For example, in a hot climate, a battery may not run as long as under a cold temperature. Yet, a normal one will last for about four years if you use and maintain it carefully.

How Can I Examine The Car Battery For A Replacement?

If your battery shows signs of malfunction, you can use a voltmeter to assess its voltage. If it is under 12 volts, you may need a new one.

The hydrometer is also a wonderful alternative, and your battery needs replacing when the recorded number is below 1290.

The Bottom Line

How To Change A Car Battery?

Hopefully, you may reap some essential knowledge about the battery terminal wrench size.

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