What Is The Best Supercharger For LS3? – A Detailed Answer

LS3 is a standard engine (aluminum block) used in the C6 Corvette and the 5th generation of Camaro SS. It is also known as one of the best fuel economy crate engines for Chevrolet cars.

Although it is powerful, you need to have it add power regularly.

So, what is the best supercharger for LS3? If this question boggles your mind, this post includes the ultimate answer and further helpful information about this engine. Let’s get started!

3 Main Types Of Superchargers

Best Supercharger For LS3

Before finding out what is the best supercharger LS3, let’s take a look at some primary supercharger types.

Although they have the same function, they can be used for different engines because of their features and operation.

You should choose a suitable type for your car to prevent abnormal noise, such as clicking sounds, thumping noise, etc.

Roots Type

In 1900, The Roots-type supercharger was invented by Gottlieb Daimler.

Despite being relatively old, its operating principle is smart and straightforward. When 2-lobed rotors are intertwined in the 8-shaped chamber, the air will be captured at the entrance, transported to the outlet, and then released.

The air is not compressed and moved like a water pump or engine oil pump. In order to transport more air than a normally aspirated engine, this supercharger concentrates on airflow.

The outside air will fill up the low-pressure region that forms at the inlet, which is a far larger displacement than the one the engine block creates.

As a result, the Roots-type supercharger kit can produce a sizable low-pressure region at the intake, which is so high that outside air cannot fill it.

This supercharger is also excellent for some low RPM applications.

As a result, using them was quite ideal for diesel engines. The popular Shelby GT500 2020 and the Terminator Cobra SVT 2003 are recent vehicles that employ Roots-type superchargers.

Twin-Screw Superchargers

Alf Lysholm, a Swedish engineer, invented the rotary-screw supercharger.

This positive displacement blower operates pretty similarly to the Roots blower above in that it works as a pump. However, it also significantly compresses the air.

The many V-shaped chambers created by the screws meshing together are visible from above. These chambers gradually shrink as they spin, compressing the air. This procedure will be continuous.

The twin-screw supercharger systems are more effective than the Roots blowers because they transport not only more air within the engine but also denser air.

Denser air will have more mass, so more air can be forced into its combustion chamber. Moreover, denser air is colder, reducing mechanical strain on the engine and power losses.

Centrifugal Supercharger

The centrifugal supercharger’s operation principle is pretty simple. A circular housing with an outlet is the place for an impeller. The impeller works to siphon air through the fan side into that housing.

The impeller will substantially slow down when that air is released from it. However, the compressor may also collect enormous volumes of air, dramatically raising its cylinder pressure.

These centrifugal blowers are similar to turbocharger compressors, except the engine itself spins them around instead of exhaust gasses.

In detail, centrifugal superchargers need to spin at tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of RPMs to function properly.

The impeller makes use of a high ratio reduction gear to do that. Moreover, these superchargers still function best at high RPMs.

What Is The Best Supercharger For LS3?

Among many ways to fill your engine with atmosphere, the centrifugal type is considered the best supercharger for LS3.

This is because it is pretty simple and suitable for this powerful engine specs. Of course, the efficiency is also impressive.

How Much Power Does An LS3 Have?

The LS3 engine produces an astonishing output of 495 horsepower and 473 lb. ft at 5900 RPM.

That represents a boost in torque and power of about 14%. Due to its high RPM, it needs a supercharger to collect enormous volumes of air.

Best Types And Brand Supercharger For LS3

Today, many people use superchargers to add a boost to LS3. No other power booster provides you with this much performance continuously.

As mentioned before, the best supercharger for LS3 is the centrifugal supercharger system. This is because this type offers high efficiency.

When air exits the impeller and is pushed into the scroll, it is squeezed inside the head unit.

Boost pressure is produced via a venturi-like outlet through which air is propelled; hence, the quicker the air passes through the venturi and the larger the impeller speed, the higher the boost pressure.

Despite high pressure, it can produce less engine temp and less parasitic drag on the engine.

In addition, due to the supercharger’s distance from the engine, there is a significantly reduced amount of heat transmission to the engine itself.

Some famous brands produce centrifugal superchargers, such as ProCharger and Paxton. Although they are two of the best brands for the centrifugal type, we prefer using ProCharger products.

First, it is straightforward to install on the dyno engines. Moreover, these LS3 superchargers help us easily adjust the boost to the desired level.

If you cannot install it yourself, you can take it to an auto shop. They can also help you to check your car’s battery or let you know if your gasoline is bad.


How Much Boost Level Can An LS3 Handle?

Should you not want a base engine of 5.3L or 4.8L, you could always upgrade to a 6.2L truck engine block, which is what the LS3 can promise. The LS3 rotating assembly can handle 500 horsepower.

If you use ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger, it will offer 300 additional horsepower to your LS3 supercharged engine power.

Can You Supercharge A Stock LS3?

If you don’t become greedy with how much boost you want to run or how hard you want to rev the engine, superchargers work well with stock engines since they force the fuel/air mixture into the engine.

Stock block LS3 can handle 12lbs of boost or less. This is a safe and proper tune if your stock engine has more power gain.


Twin-Screw Superchargers

After this article, you can know which the best supercharger for LS3 Corvette is. Thanks to the high performance, the centrifugal blower is the most versatile candidate for your LS3 – a powerful engine.

ProCharger is one of the best manufacturers for this blower kit.

Although some models can be a bit expensive, they are worth their price, offering users a durable and well-performing item!

You can try this best LS3 supercharger and leave your feedback in the comment section below!

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