BMW Power Steering Fluid Type: Helpful Information For You

There’s nothing more wonderful than having your car in mint condition all the time. By inspecting and checking your car regularly, you will understand the condition of your car better.

One of the most important features is the BMW power steering fluid type.

The advanced power steering fluid type will directly affect how your car operates and how smooth it is in turning and steering. That’s why it is wise to check the fluid once in a while to ensure your experience.

The following article will provide detailed information for your deep understanding, which will help you learn effectively. Let’s get started!

What Is BMW Power Steering Fluid Type?

BMW power steering fluid type

The BMW power steering fluid product is the hydraulic fluid, playing an irreplaceable part in the performance of the steering system.

It will ensure your BMW runs well while allowing you to steer and turn it without difficulty. Thanks to this special fluid, you can have better control and handling of your BMW.

It can lubricate the steering system’s internal parts, suppress foaming, and prevent corrosion.

That’s why the power steering gear will not likely suffer from severe problems such as rubbing noises while turning the wheels at low speeds.

However, not all fluid types of power steering are the same. Knowing the right type for your car to make the most use of it for your enjoyable ride would be best.

For the advanced power steering fluid BMW, there are some tips for choosing the most suitable one, as noted below.

What Type Of Power Steering Fluid For BMW?

Pentosin Service Power Steering Fluid

This is the best option that manufacturers recommend for your BMW grade power steering fluid. It is designed for luxurious car brands, especially suitable for BMW.

If your car has been from the line since 1990, go for the Pentosin CHF-11S. The rest of the BMW line should choose CHF7.1 as the fluid for the appropriate driving performance.

Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid

This fluid type is second-to-none when it comes to ATF BMW power steering fluid.

It would be best to check the manual instruction thoroughly to ensure that your car works well with the ATF fluid. This fluid is excellent, except that it is only suitable for the ATF type, not the CHF type.

Prestone Service Power Steering Fluid With Stop Leak

Although the Prestone power steering fluid is not specifically made for BMW, it is still worth considering using the fluid for your car.

For any BMW line before 2012, like the 2003 BMW 325i,  2008 BMW 328i, 2004 BMW x5, or 2005 BMW x5 power steering fluid type, this fluid type will serve the model well.

Ravenol J1B1001 Grade Power Steering Fluid

Ravenol fluid is an ideally decent substitute for steering fluid for your BMW. Instead of expensive power steering systems, how about trying this affordable option at a high quality for the regular oil engine?

Prestone European Original Power Steering Fluid

This is the synthetic power steering fluid type used for luxurious car brands in Europe, and BMW is one of the cars compatible with this premium quality fluid. It is said to be the most pricey option.

However, if you compare its quality with other types, you will know why it is so costly. It is common knowledge that the quality comes along with the high price.

The Difference Between ATF And CHF Fluid For BMW


ATF, also known as automatic transmission fluid, is a perfect alternative to steering fluid.

When you get BMW power steering fluid ATF, the regular oil engine will be cleaned while the engine is working. It also has more additives for power transmission and lubrication.


CHF stands for central hydraulic fluid, which will help the power steering pump drive the hydraulic system and operate the steering gears.

It is 100% synthetic power steering fluid, giving you a powerful system to have your car in a good state in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens If You Use The Wrong Fluid For BMW?

The result of using different types of fluid without checking will do you more harm than good.

Each fluid type will vary greatly in terms of chemical components and additives, suitable for certain car brands.

Getting the wrong fluids into your car will gradually affect and damage the steering system due to the loss of the hydraulic pressure in the system.

You should expect poor lubrication and overheating failure if you keep using the wrong fluid for your car.

However, should something urgent happen and you don’t get to buy the same premium quality fluid you used for your car, opt for other types as long as they share the specification.

It is advisable to ask for help from a mechanic or check the owner’s manual.

2. Can You Mix The Old And New Power Steering Fluid For BMW?

The answer is yes since it is still the same fluid type, ensuring no harm to your car system. The suggestion is to run the car for some minutes after mixing the old and new fluid.

Doing this will dilute the old fluid with the freshly new fluid you have added. It will result in the unchanged performance of your car, providing a safe and effective steering system.

However, keep in mind that you should never overfill the power steering fluid unless you risk your car’s safety.

3. When Should You Change The Original Power Steering Fluid On Your BMW?

Based on the smooth power steering operation and the amount of it in your engine, you will know the best time to change the fluid.

Generally, replacing the fluid every five years or after running for about 50,000 miles is highly recommended.

Besides the miles, you can also notice some physical signs of your engine system. Color inspection is one of the easiest signs to notice for changing your fluid.

It is advisable to turn off the engine and use a dipstick to check the color of the fluid. If the color is dark with annoying smells, it is time to change the fluid since the old one is no longer effective.

Another helpful way to know when to change the fluid is from the noise of the engine. If you hear the moaning noise coming from the car when you turn the steering wheel, you had better check the system.

The difficulty in turning the wheel means that the fluid needs to be changed for better performance.


The Difference Between ATF And CHF Fluid For BMW

After reading this article, I hope you have a broad knowledge when it comes to BMW power steering fluid typ.

By learning how to choose the premium quality fluid type for your car, you can avoid unwanted road-related incidents.

It can be a bit confusing when you first come across this technical term.

However, knowing some important terms like the smooth power steering operation for your unforgettable driving experience would be helpful.

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