BMW Trunk Won’t Open: 7 Ways To Fix It

There is no doubt that drivers enjoy more convenience with an automobile when it has an automatic trunk.

Nevertheless, the trunk could also endure various issues chiefly because of frequent usage of worn-out components, sensors, and poor motors.

Hence, once trouble crops up in the trunk, especially if the tailgate doesn’t open properly, it would be a hard nut for the vehicle owner.

If you own a BMW, you can consider applying one of our tips today to address when your BMW trunk won’t open.

Dive in with us now to find out the details.

BMW Trunk Won’t Open: How To Fix

BMW Trunk Won't Open

Unlink when your trunk won’t close, if your BMW tailgate doesn’t release properly, the problem might lie in one or many various parts.

Here we are trying to list the most practical ways for you to address this issue.

Change The BMW Key Fob Battery

Change The BMW Key Fob Battery

Most new BMWs recently come with a key fob which is equipped with electrical buttons.

Nevertheless, the type is powered utilizing dry cells that could run out of juice after a time of use.

Therefore, once these dry cells have some symptoms of getting discharged, there’s a chance that this key will not work properly.

This indicates that the trunk or the door cannot open when you hit the key button. Thus, changing the key fob cells/ battery is the wise solution to address this issue.

Replace Worn-Off Components

There is a truth that all components wear off over time, especially vehicle parts.

If the BMW has been traveling with you for quite a long time, the locks or relays might go rusty or damaged.

When you find their prime has gone away, considering a replacement will be a wise option.

Suppose the old gasket is getting sticky and stiff from dirt and water, which might trigger some issues with unlocking the tailgate remotely.

Yet, you have not yet got a chance to replace a new part; you can apply the below tip.

You should attempt to stress more force in unlocking your tool manually. Keep in mind that you put it just a bit to keep your vehicle from meeting any unexpected fault.

This would not be the best choice, yet it is completely a good way to fix it temporarily till you get a new one.

Reconnect Bad Wiring Loom

You should take a look at your trunk wiring loom, which is on the right side of the trunk’s rear.

Sometimes, cables are worn out, and its joint is separated, which might be a key root of the trunk not opening and even being unable to lock it.

So the step you would like to do at that time is to relink and use isolation tape to secure them.

This might be a good trick to tackle the problem quickly. You should have more attention to convertible cars, which often tend to have tailgate wiring and routed roof pumps.

BMW Valet Switch (On/Off)

If every single thing in your BMW runs properly except for the blocked tailgate, you might need to inspect whether you turned the valet switch on or not, especially when there is no key slot in your car.

You can find this switch, which is a safety trunk lock, in the car’s central armrest or the glove box.

To use it, simply glide this switch to the right side to reconnect it with the central-locking network.

Charge The Automobile Battery

Charge The Automobile Battery

When you touch the key fob button, a signal will be delivered to the car to unlock the automobile’s tailgate. Click here if your key fob can’t unlock your car or other parts.

The vehicle will use the power from its battery to get the signal and activate the vehicle system, allowing it to open the tailgate.

Yet, if the automobile battery is almost out of juice, the trunk will not actuate.

Thus, in such a situation, you have to charge the battery.

In order to carry out the step, you must jump-start your BMW car first, then let it stay in the idle option so that your automobile battery gets power.

Manually Unlock The Trunk

A lot of the latest vehicles aren’t equipped with a key slot on the back to open the tailgate. The component in such automobiles is unlocked by hitting the key fob button.

So, if the button isn’t able to open the tailgate, you might attempt to open the part from inside the car.

In order to open the tailgate in this way, you have to lower the back seat and then creep into the car’s trunk.

When you get inside the automobile, you have to tug the handle (emergency one) on your BMW. On the handle will have an emergency button; press this button to activate the trunk.

This is also an answer to the query on how to open BMW trunk manually, which has become common on an array of car forums.

Open The Trunk With Its Key Blade

If your BMW tailgate unlocks button isn’t working properly, using its key blade is the clearest method to release it.

When there is any problem happening with the BMW trunk latch, there is no way as trustworthy as a simple mechanical key.

So in case your BMW comes with a key slot at the tailgate, and its key fob comes with an extra blade inside, it isn’t a challenge anymore to get access into the trunk quickly.

In order to get the bale out of its key fob, simply compress your BMW key fob on its tab on one end and tug the key blade from the other end.

Different designs of key fobs come with different locations of its tab.

FAQs About BMW Trunk Won’t Open

Why Is Your BMW Trunk Not Opening?

If your BMW tailgate isn’t unlocked when you use the key, mostly the prevalent problem is the truck lock – the drivetrain – being defective.

In addition, in case you’ve set it up in the after-sales services, the issue might stem from some other roots.

It could be due to the drained battery, a short in wiring, or the key being locked in the trunk. Please go over our above remedies again to fix the problem after you locate the root cause.

What Does Your Trunk Opening Quite Narrow Mean?

How convenient and comfortable your car with an automatic tailgate is! But you might feel a bit queer when your tailgate opening is not wide enough.

It indicates that the engine does not open the part as broad as you need, so it is not simple to keep everything you arranged in the BMW’s trunk.

At that time, you could also begin to feel distinctly uneasy about your BMW trunk lid, which could be stuck in a certain issue.

In the current market, there is some tool that can help drivers control their BMW tailgate easily.

Simply open the tailgate manually to your desired height, then keep this tailgate button set on the BMW key fob for around 4-5 seconds.

Then, your height preference would be recorded, so the next time when you unlock the trunk, it would open wide enough that you set it in advance.

What Happens When Your BMW Trunk Opens Out Of Your Control?

Currently, the BMW key fob’s buttons are designed without recessing at all, so there is a level surface between these buttons with the body of this fob.

This pattern might bring a good aesthetic, yet it isn’t suitable for putting into our pockets since jeans tend to accidentally press those buttons when you move.

Also, many drivers have shared that their BMW tailgate opens out of their control on the roads.

How weird and dangerous when all of your stuff loaded onto the trunk falls apart on the way.

Sometimes, when they were enjoying some tea in a cafe, they had to look at your car trunk in a park. These are pretty annoying.

All joking aside, they are quite sensitive. And recently, most latest BMWs appear with the outstanding feature of starting the engine without keys.

In addition, BMW delivers leather covers that are tailored for its key fobs, and you can get one from your local agent.

The type of material is thick enough to ward off any unintentional button-presses. This investment clears your worry about unexpected surprises.

In The Nutshell

Have you still stayed with us until these last sentences?

If your answer is yes, we are completely confident to share that our content today about the BMW trunk won’t open, which consists of useful knowledge to tackle your earlier curiosity.

Not being able to unlock the trunk is a hot potato; being unable to shut it off is much worse.

Thus, keeping these tips in your noted list might help you avoid some situational ironies when your tailgate works improperly.

From now on, some such problems will no longer be a challenge for you. Also, you have some helpful tips to accompany your car wisely.

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