Boost 87 Octane To 91: Ultimate Guide For Peak Performance

Many people keep wondering about how to boost 87 octane to 91. Well, whenever you get involved with an automotive, it does really matter to take care of those octane rating numbers. 

Because if you keep stuffing higher or lower octane than the kind your car requires, it can cause some bad situations that you can no way control.

Then is there anything you can do to get rid of such hazards? A good octane booster might be the only right answer.

Let’s join us to find out the solution to what’s bothering you!

What Is Octane Booster?

Boost Octane
octane booster

Before we get to know what it is called an octane booster, it’s vital to first learn more about the meaning of some indicator numbers. 

You must have wondered multiple times what the figures 87, 89, and 91 on the gasoline pump represent whenever running into them in the filling station. Like it or not, they’re not there just for fun. 

Octane numbers, also known as the gasoline’s stability, is where you should only use the spot-on kind of fuels tailored for your car. 

Otherwise, if you use much higher or lower octane, it will lead to the fuel igniting too soon before being compressed, causing your engine to explode or some other effect in terms of performance.

Yet things do not always go right in the way we wish to. That’s why there is a chance your local gas station doesn’t have the type of petroleum you want. In such a case, look no further than a gas octane booster as a peerless band-aid for your problem.

In short, an octane booster is a chemical you can draw on to increase the octane rating of your fuel. 

Due to the sustainable technologies that contain anti-knock substances, this item characterizes a great aid in reducing the risk of detonation whether you must use an octane different from the one your vehicle requires.

What Does Octane Booster Do?

Pistons engine
working pistons in engine

Now that we have an overall look at gasoline octane booster, but seriously, what can it genuinely do? 

More than a preventive measure, its carrying-out could be far beyond your imagination somehow.

For those who are die-hard fans of mechanical engineering, using octane booster is not simply to avoid explosion while working with the improper type of gasoline for an extended period. 

Behind this idea, the huge priority of employing it is also to enhance the transport‘s power and efficiency.

However, because of the differences in chemical energy sources, not every booster is the same. So you may find it difficult to make the right pick among the ocean in the market nowadays. 

Anyway, since the octane booster is only effective in engines with a high compression ratio, such as those seen in sports vehicles, be sure to consider and do some research thoroughly before making any purchase.

Here is a thing you might not yet know: the active chemicals in various brands might result in distinctive octane ratings. Some of them do work, and others don’t. As a matter of fact, if you desire high-quality octane gasoline, you should be willing to spend a premium on it.

How To Boost 87 Octane To 91?

Mix fuel
mix octane booster

When it comes to mathematics-related to energy technology, we don’t say there is no way to find out the solution. 

Yet, you may need to prepare a pen, note, and a brainstorming motive to write down some knotty figures. Because it’s gonna be quite a tricky problem you have ever hit upon! 

How to raise octane in gasoline depends pretty much on which kind of booster you utilize and what is the volume of your tank. Also, bear in mind that there is no exact number to answer such a big question. So let’s take those assumptions below as an example. 

Suppose you have 87 octane gasoline and a 25-gallon tank. You want to increase the octane in that little tank top 91. Then what’s the best way here?

It should be a fairly straightforward ratio if your octane booster for car is 104, which the packaging promises will enhance 25 gallons to 104. All you have to do is add 1/4 of the bottle to reach a massive win of 91.25.

Just like that, you may now scale up and down with confidence, knowing that 91 octanes will be right in front of you.

Don’t forget to take your bonus: Another approach on how to raise octane level without using any form of a booster is to carry out a vastly simple addition problem. 

For instance, if you mix 1/2 91 octane with 1/2 87 one, a great result of 89 will stand there ready to get in your hands!

How Much Does Octane Booster Raise Octane Level?

octane rating
octane rating

All we could say about this matter is it’s completely up to your decision of the purchasing process. That means you can’t tell anything for sure about how much octane rating an octane booster would raise because not every kind of booster is all the same. 

Some best rated octane booster will take your engine to the level of 10 points. Some will be 8 points. They are fairly in a various range depending on the products’ price. 

Nevertheless, bear in mind that when their label says up to 6 octane points can be added, that doesn’t mean you can boost 89 octane fuel to 95. Instead, it can only go up to 89.6.

Where To Buy Octane Booster?

Mini store shop
store auto service

Basically, any airport, engine technology shop, or garage near your house can be the place to go that provides the octane booster you crave for. Commercial sites such as Amazon, fuel addiction sites, or even Walmart are also excellent choices to start with.

What’s The Best Octane Booster?

There are dozens of choices in the market that may confuse you in the first place. Luckily, we have narrowed down the range of the best fuel octane booster currently on the list below:

  • Klotz Octane Booster
  • Lucas Fuel Oil Enhanced Octane
  • 104+ octane booster fuel
  • Royal Purple Max-Boost
  • Torco Accelerator fuel additive

Still, each engine is distinctive, and there are many more factors that affect the outcome, such as internal combustion engine, vehicle technology, rotating machines, propulsion of the booster, etc. So you will need to learn more about yours to make sure which is the best octane booster for your favorite pal.


When it comes to calculating the best measure on how to Boost 87 Octane To 91, it can be a real pickle regarding not only what kind of boosters you use but also which one is comparable with your vehicle parts.  Hopefully, our post can be helpful to you somehow. Now let’s get on your way and make some beneficial purchases!

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