Both Heated Seats Stopped Working – What You Need to Know

Heated seats have become popular in luxury automobiles, providing a relaxing and comfortable driving experience during cold weather.

However, if both of the seats have stopped functioning, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

In this post, we will discuss the causes of why both heated seats stopped working and solutions for heated seat repair.

What Are Heated Seats?

both heated seats stopped working
Heated Seats

Heated seats are a feature in many modern vehicles that allow drivers and passengers to adjust the temperature sensor of the seat to their liking.

This feature is particularly useful during cold weather conditions, as it can help to keep drivers and passengers warm and comfortable.

Many cars offer different heat settings, and some may also include features like automatic shut-off timers to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

How Do Heated Seats Work in Cars? 

Heated seats operate in cars by utilizing heating elements embedded within the seat cushion or seatback.

These heating elements are connected to wires that are connected to a heating element module.

When activated, the heating element module sends a low-voltage current through a couple of wires, warming the heating elements.

The heat is transferred from these elements to the right places, providing a comfortable, correct temperature and cozy environment for the driver or passenger.

The car’s electrical system typically powers the heating elements. They can be adjusted to a different heat level using a control panel located on the dashboard or the side of the seat.

Causes Of Both Heated Seats Stopped Working

heated seats not working
Why Is Both Heated Seats Stopped Working

Why are my heated seats not working? There are several reasons to answer this quick question.

These include issues with the engine temperature controller being stuck, coolant leaks into the engine, a faulty hot control valve switch, problems with the open-line vacuum heating system, damage to the heating core, or errors with the air-mix door actuator. 

The Engine Temperature Controller Is Stuck

The heated seats may not perform well if the engine temperature controller is stuck. The first step in fixing this issue is to check the engine temperature controller and replace it if necessary.

Coolant Leaks Into The Engine

If coolant leaks into the engine, it can cause the heated seats to stop working. Thus, you must locate and repair the leak before fixing the heated seats.

Hot Control Valve Switch

The hot control valve switch controls the flow of hot coolant to the heater core, which heats the seats. If the switch is faulty, it can cause the heated seats to stop operating.

Open-line Vacuum Heating System

Why is my heated seat not working? The vacuum heating system in your car helps control the hot coolant flow to the heater core.

When there is a leak in the vacuum line, the heated seats may stop functioning. Check the vacuum lines for leaks and replace them if necessary.

The Heating Core Is Damaged

When the heating core is damaged, it can cause both heated seats not working. The heating core generates heat and transfers it to the seat, which warms up the cushion and backrest.

The heating core can be damaged due to wear and tear, physical damage, or clogging.

Air-mix Door Actuator Error

Why wont my heated seats work? The air-mix door actuator controls airflow to the heater core, which heats the chairs.

The heated seats can not function properly if there is an error with the actuator. So, check the actuator and replace it if necessary.

Faulty Switch or Blown Fuse

Furthermore, one common cause is an issue with the electrical system, such as a blown fuse or a faulty switch.

Another cause could be a malfunctioning heating element caused by a damaged wire or a faulty heated seat relay.

How to Repair Heated Car Seats That Are Not Working?

both heated seats not working
Fix Heated Seats That Are Not Working

If your car’s heated seat doesn’t work, you can do a few things to try and repair them. Here are some common causes of seat heating malfunctions and how to fix them:

Check The Fuse

The first thing you should check is the fuse. A separate fuse usually powers the heated seats, so make sure it hasn’t blown out

You can refer to the owner’s manual for the spot of the fuse box and the heated seat fuse.

Check The Wiring

If the fuse is intact, check the wiring for any damage or loose connections. You can examine the wiring underneath the seat, but be careful not to damage any electrical connections.

Check The Switch

The switch that controls the heated seats may be faulty. You can test it by checking for continuity with a multimeter.

Check The Heating Element

The heating element may be faulty if the switch and wiring are fine. You can test it by checking for continuity with a multimeter or visually inspecting it for any visible damage.

Take It To A Professional

In case you’re uncomfortable working with electrical components or can’t find the issue, it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic or electrician for repair.


Can You Add Aftermarket Heated Seats?

Yes, adding aftermarket seat heaters to your car is possible if it doesn’t come with them already.

Various aftermarket companies offer heated seats that can be installed in almost any vehicle.

These aftermarket seats come with heating pads installed underneath the seat covers and can be controlled by a heated seat switch mounted on the dashboard or the side of the driver seat.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Heated Car Seats?

The cost of installing heated car seats has a wide range due to several factors, such as the type of seats, the make and model of the car, and the installation method.

On average, the cost of installing aftermarket heated seats can range from $200 to $800 per seat, including the chair and installation process.

However, the cost can be higher for luxury or high-end cars that require custom installation or modifications.

Additionally, installation costs can vary depending on whether a professional or a car owner installs the chairs.

Getting a quote from a reputable installer before purchasing and installing aftermarket heated seats is recommended to ensure a proper and safe installation process.

Are Heated Seats Bad for You?

Heated seats are generally safe to use and do not pose any serious health risks. However, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause skin irritation, dehydration, or even burns in rare cases.

It is necessary to use heated chairs in moderation and avoid prolonged use at high temperatures

Also, it is best to wear suitable clothing for the heated seats’ temperature and take regular breaks to prevent overexposure to heat.

Furthermore, some people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as chronic pain or skin sensitivity, may need to consult their doctor before using heated seats.

Overall, as long as they are used responsibly, seat heating is a convenient and comfortable feature in modern cars.


Both heated seats stopped working can be a tiring job, but with the right knowledge, you can easily diagnose and repair the problem.

If you’re unsure how to fix your heated seats, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional mechanic.

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