Why Is My Brake Pedal Squeaking? 6 Causes And How To Fix

There are multiple issues happening to the vehicle that drivers have to face. Whenever a component is out of order, it would cause a strange sound or smell as the most common sign.

For instance, if the smell of nitrogen oxides is released through vents, it means your engine may have diesel leaking. Meanwhile, the car sounding like a lawn mower may notice that your tire is underinflated.

What about the noise rooted in the decelerating system? Why is my brake pedal squeaking? Find the answer in this article. There are details about the sources and solutions available.

brake pedal squeaking
Brake pedal squeaking

Why Is My Brake Pedal Squeaking?

Loss Of Lubrication

There is a wire connected to the pedal with its box. The car will stop when it pushes the fluid through the master cylinder.

After a long use time, the linking area between the pivot point and the wire gets dry easily. Thus, the parking brake pedal squeaks when released and pressed because of this dried-out position.

Fatigued Brake Line

When your decelerating bar “shouts”, the reason may be because of the worn-out slacken line. This part can be fatigued or strained even when you have already jacked up your car.

You’d better have your brake lines replaced or serviced after running over a hundred thousand miles. They get weaker over time due to the fluid’s pressure and even rupture.

There is usually a sort of plastic skid plate sticking on the car’s underbody. However, it can be broken when the vehicle hits speed bumps or pebbles.

Have the mechanic check your slackening parts regularly and change these components if your car is old. The price of new steel slackening lines is reasonable.

Dried Out Brake Pedal Spring

There is a connection between the decelerating bar and a spring. This is a component to release the slacken bar to its original position, equipped behind the firewall, above the pedal.

The spring has a coat of lubrication as a protective layer. The temperature change and regular use remove it. That’s the explanation for the question, “why does my brake pedal squeak when I press it?”.

Dirty Drum Brakes

Thanks to being enclosed in the drum, the brakes accumulate grime over time. The friction between the drum and slacken shoes may create soot and dust clogging in the drum brakes.

The drum’s function can be compromised. Particularly, when the drum turns, the deceleration parts will squeak. In particular, the pedal is perceived as the root in some cases as it is the back brakes.

It is advised that you should take off the wheel and give a slight thud to the deceleration component to clean the drum.

Brake Cable Is Loosen

When the brand sets up disc brakes at the back, most of the vehicle’s cables are automatically adjusted. Whereas, some types of the car have drum brakes located in the rear wheels.

Thus, a loose decelerating cable results in squeaking when the downshift bar is pushed.

In this case, the decelerating bar is not the source of the squeak. It results from a loose slackening cable attached with the back brakes squeak instead.

It would help if you had the downshift cables having drums in the back adjusted per 20,000 miles. A secured slacken line provides a more convenient feel of a parking deceleration and reduces the squeaking issue.

Warped/Worn-Out Rotors Or Drum Brakes

The outer coat of slackening rotors and the drums’ inner tend to get thinner because of constant friction. To be honest, the squeak noise comes from inside the wheel.

However, people may misunderstand that this noise is rooted in the downshift bar.

The disability, in this case, is that you have to replace a new set of rotors when the decelerating drums are worn-out.

How To Resolve The Squeaky Brake Pedal?

Here are some typical tips for you to deal with the brake pedal creaking:

  • Have a check on the pivot as it is the most common cause of this issue. Spray a small amount of light penetrant oil on each hole and side of the pivot. Then, press and release the decelerating pedal strongly to remove the brake pedal noise creaking.
  • For a temporary solution, you can use the spray WD40 oil among brake cleaners during the mentioned process. However, it is recommended to apply the white lithium grease for a longer effect. Ensure that the fluid reaches the inside of the bushing hole in the pivot.
  • The last tip is to substitute the pivot bushing with the original pattern. Take your car to a mechanic to replace the components to avoid errors.
WD40 cleaners


What Are Other Common Problem Symptoms Of Cars Brake Pedals?

The sound of creaking when pressing brake pedal would not be the only sign indicating that your deceleration system needs care. There are some other symptoms to tell your slackening components are in trouble:

  • Your pedal squeaks when pressed due to getting mushy. Or else, you need to press and release much harder on the bar than usual to stop or slow down the vehicle.
  • When you are moving, the downshift pedal pulses up and down.
  • When you decelerate the vehicle, the steering wheel, slackening bar, or the whole car vibrates.
  • Your deceleration part pulls to one side with no turning the steering wheel.

When your car experiences one of those symptoms, please take it to the mechanic as your downshift system is not in proper condition.

What Are Other Sounds Made By An Unhealthy Parking Brake?

Each component in your car has distinct sounds, such as the womp womp noise of the tire when its inflation has a problem. The squeaky brake pedal is included in the squealing noise category of a bad decelerating sound.

There is another common type of deceleration noise whenever you drive to tell that it is not well-functioned: Grinding. When this sound appears, it means something in the downshift system is seriously damaged.

In some cases, the grinding sound notices you a minor rock or debris is inside the deceleration parts. Additionally, a completely worn-out brake also produces a grind.

If the downshift pads are not substituted immediately, it will severely damage the rotors.

In short, the grinding noise whenever you hear coming from the brake, get it off the road to the parking lot and call a professional.


We have provided you with comprehensive information about the causes and how to fix a squeaky brake pedal box such as using brake fluids. You’d better bring your vehicle to a repair shop to solve the issue immediately for safety purposes.

Additionally, the noise of decelerating bar squeaking is not the only symptom showing that this component is broken down. Take notice of other signs and noise to identify the brake pedal squeaking quickly.

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