C6 Corvette Steering Wheel Upgrade – Make Your Car Unique

C6 Corvette owners, you are probably looking for a C6 Corvette steering wheel upgrade, right? Then you’ve landed in the right place.

The steering wheel is an indispensable car component, supporting us to control the vehicle’s direction by swiveling the motions of the car’s front wheels. So a touch-up would enhance this efficiency even more.

The upgrade version can offer a driver a better driving experience and performance to ensure safety. Let’s keep reading to find out more about this upgraded option!

About The C6 Corvette And Its Steering Wheel

C6 Corvette Steering Wheel Upgrade

General Motors Chevrolet developed the Chevrolet Corvette (model: C6), the sixth iteration of the Corvette (a product line of sports cars), for the 2005 – 2013 model years.

Since the 1962 versions, the Corvette line has been the first to have exposed headlights. The Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1, and 427 Convertible are production variations.

The C6 base model advent replaced the C5 version. Even though their dimensions are identical, the fascias and the wheelbase have undergone substantial alterations that let them stand out.

In 2008, this new model had a significant update with a change in the engine (from LS2 to LS3).

When equipped with the dual-mode exhaust system, the 6.2-liter LS3 produced a torque of 428 lb-ft and 436 horsepower.

Keyless entry, OnStar, and XM Satellite Radio were also included in the standard Corvettes starting in 2008. If you had the automatic, you could also choose a 2.73 final drive ratio.

The steering wheel of the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette is 14 1/2″ in diameter and 4 1/4″ in circumference.

The 2006 Corvette’s cleaner three-spoke steering wheel also replaced the 2005 model’s unsightly four-spoke steering wheel. It significantly improves its aesthetic.

What Is Included In The C6 Corvette Steering Wheel Upgrade?

The C6 Corvette custom steering wheel will offer more options than the original one.

These choices include various colors, styles, transmission types, and racing stripes. It allows you to choose and set it up according to your preferences.


The manufacturer didn’t give drivers many colors when it comes to the simple wheel in the original version.

That’s why one of the most-like aspects of the Corvette C6 custom steering wheel customization is the various colors.

It lets users pick their favorite color for each part of the custom wheel, including:

  • Main body
  • Outside accent
  • Inside accent
  • Threads

As a result, drivers can have a fashionable and tone-suit-tone steering wheel (or even tri-color options) because it offers drivers many trendy variants, such as atomic orange, black, silver, etc.

This optional upgrade is also ideal for those who believe in spirituality, feng shui, etc.


When it comes to style, the upgraded version offers you 2 different styles:

  • Perforated
  • Smooth

If you have a sports car and love the unique, a perforated leather steering wheel is recommended.

Yet, should you want a luxury interior, a smooth one will be attractive. These two different styles will bring your car a new look and can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Transmission Type

Are you afraid you cannot find a suitable wheel due to the car’s transmission type? Fortunately, the upgrade also has two options:

  • Automatic (with paddle shifters)
  • Manual (without paddle shifters)

Racing Stripe

In this case, the racing stripe ensures the car’s front wheels are always directed forward to make changing tires during pit stops easier.

The C6 Corvette normally doesn’t have this stripe on the steering wheel.

Yet, you can modify it to have one or two stripes on the steering wheel. It lets buyers choose their favorite color to make your car colorful and lively.

One stripe is about $50, and two stripes will cost you about $100.

Corvette Year

Corvette cars at different years will have different steering wheels (design, structure, etc). Thus, choosing the right car version is essential for an all-new wheel.

The options include:

  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011

Benefits Of Corvette C6 Steering Wheel Upgrade

Every driver always wants to customize their cars according to their preferences. The steering wheel is one of the easiest interiors to modify.

This direct replacement can improve the overall aesthetics, bring better ergonomics, and a better driving experience.


The original steering wheel of the C6 Corvette is designed simply to satisfy almost all drivers’ needs. Thus, you might feel it is too general and common.

Moreover, when a car owner changes the car’s appearance (outside color, floor mats, seat covers, etc.), the steering wheel might not be a good match anymore.

You can customize its color, design, and materials to make its blend in your car interior. That’s why we can say a new upgrade can improve the overall aesthetics of the car.

Better Gripping and Driving Experience

The initial step in each automobile trip is frequently taking hold of the steering wheel. You will have a more secure and pleasant grip with a customized one, making your trips safer and more fun.

This way, you can have a better driving experience and reduce the risks of undesired accidents related to slippery steering wheels.

How To Change A C6 Corvette Steering Wheel?

The C6 Corvette racing steering wheel is not a special model, so the steps to change a current steering wheel are also the same as those of others.


  • Socket Set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spanner set
  • Steering wheel puller

Step-by-step Installation Guides:

Check the airbag

First, check if the car has an airbag on the steering wheel. If yes, you should disconnect it!

Straighten the wheels

Ensure that you park the car with its wheels facing directly forward. This way, you can reinstall the steering wheel easier.

Disconnect battery

Now take the battery’s negative terminal off. This will stop the horn from frightening you if you strive to unhook it.

The steering wheel’s horn cover may then be removed. You can do that with a screwdriver (flat-head).

Try not to touch the terminal of the battery because it might be loose. Otherwise, you should tighten the battery terminal after this step.

Loosen nut

Then, unplug the horn, any cruise control, or car audio controls located on the steering wheel. A single big nut in the center of the steering wheel secures it in place.

As a result, spin the steering wheel to activate the steering lock while keeping the keys from the ignition and holding that wheel in place.

Leave nut on the wheel thread

When the nut is unfastened, mark the space between the spline and steering wheel. This way, you can precisely position the wheel once again later.

Then, put on the new nut and spin it for only a few revolutions. That will guarantee the steering wheel won’t fly off under the puller’s stress.

Thread on steering wheel puller

Choose the two bolts from the puller kit of the steering wheel. Make sure they are appropriate for your wheel by looking for the threaded holes in the center.

These should be inserted into the steering wheel by being threaded through the puller’s grooves.

Tighten puller

You should place the puller’s center nut in the shaft’s middle and tighten them. This will allow you to lift the steering wheel away by gradually removing it from its spline.

Refit the wheel

Carefully slip the wheel onto the spline dead straight when reinstalling the wheel or installing a new one.

You won’t have a warped wheel when driving because you got the wheels pointed forward in step one.

Just tighten the center nut to secure the wheel to the spline, then put everything back together using the same disassembly method.


About The C6 Corvette And Its Steering Wheel

If you wonder whether to have a C6 Corvette steering wheel upgrade or not, you will have your decision after this article.

It will allow drivers to customize the steering wheels following their preferences and styles.

You can change the steering wheel at home or bring it to an automobile shop for professional installation.

When doing this, do not forget to ensure safety with these steps and wear protective gear.

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