Can Stabilitrak Cause Car Not To Start – Complete Instruction

Many people will ask the same question, “can StabiliTrak cause car not to start?” when they see the display of a “Service StabiliTrak message.”

StabiliTrak is a clever feature that improves the driving experience in modern automobiles. It is the system for controlling stability.

It is unique to General Motors (GM) and is comparable to many existing systems of other manufacturers. What should we do if the StabiliTrak alert appears on your main screen?

In this article, we’ll look into this electronic control system in further detail and explain anything you need to know about the alert.

What Is StabiliTrak?

can stabilitrak cause car not to start

StabiliTrak is GM’s unique electronic stability control system (ESC). The ESC program is intended to lower engine power in places with low traction.

It will help prevent wheels from slippery surfaces and avoid severe collisions. 

Some car manufacturers, meanwhile, use a similar method under different system names.

Although there will be no StabiliTrak alert in a car that Chevy or GM does not make, a lot of the same concepts apply.

Can Stabilitrak Cause Car Not To Start? 

Since Stabilitrak can slow down your vehicle, you may wonder, “will StabiliTrak keep car from starting.” No, the StabiliTrak system should not be the blame.

It will not hinder you from igniting your automobile engine. But, the automobile may have a serious technical fault somewhere that is creating the StabiliTrak and starting issues.

Once the warning indicator light appears and the StabiliTrak car wont start, it indicates a problem with the car or its parts.

If the StabiliTrak mechanism senses that the vehicle is not obeying the driver’s orders, it might reduce motor power.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that StabiliTrak only lowers the power in case of emergency, and it cannot affect the engine from starting.

What Does Service Stabilitrak Mean And Check Engine Light?

The Service StabiliTrak warning indicates that the Chevy Stabilitrak mechanism is malfunctioning. It usually happens if a steering wheel position sensor identifies a problem and responds to the steering.

When all is working properly, the system will instantly react to oversteer or understeer.

In the case of Stabilitrak working correctly, it improves car stability and passenger safety features, particularly while traveling in wet road conditions.

Once a wheel sensor breaks, drivers will be notified of the problem.

The traction control system (TCS) is not working properly when this warning light is on. In most circumstances, it is not a dangerous scenario, but users still want this common issue fixed.

Can Stabilitrak Cause Check Engine Light? 

check stabilitrak light
Can Stabilitrak Lead To Check Engine Light

If there is a problem with the Stabilitrak, users will often see a check engine light and a trouble code.

Because each EBCM and sensor has its own error code, the problem would result in a check engine signal, and an OBD scanner can read it. These are a few things that might set off this light.

Failing Alternator

One typical cause for the StabiliTrak indicator or check engine light to illuminate is when your vehicle’s alternator has broken or is about to malfunction.

This caution indication may appear a few days before other components, most notably the battery, are damaged. It is obvious that you need to get the alternator serviced early.

Input Sensor Repair 

If there is a fault in the input sensor, Service StabiliTrak alert lights show on the car panel. It might be related to steering angle, rate of turn, or wheel speed.

Local experts should repair the faulty sensors promptly, so these issues do not worsen.

Faulty System Controller 

A defective system controller is another typical cause of the StabiliTrak light or check engine light turning on.

It is readily fixed by getting the vehicle’s system reset, and you may need a trip to a local dealership.

Failed Connection 

Lastly, a disrupted connection is also a typical cause of this alert signal. For example, a defective connection may follow when any battery wire is unintentionally disrupted.

Prior to driving again, allow the car’s computer some time to identify and adapt the changes by the StabiliTrak system.

What Problems Does The Service Stabilitrac Light Cause?

When there are issues with StabiliTrak, there are usually some following problems. These are several common ones to keep an eye out for.

Vague Or Non-Existent Acceleration

You may hit the accelerator, yet nothing occurs when the StabiliTrak system malfunctions. Examine your vehicle to determine whether it is trapped in “limp home” status.

That happens if the system senses a malfunction.

The car will accelerate reluctantly and in an unexpected manner. In case the engine operates yet the wheels do not, the StabiliTrak has most likely gone wrong and has to be repaired.

Erratic Steering 

When the StabiliTrak fails, the wheel begins to move, but you cannot twist it or apply the accelerator.

Supposing the wheel turns irregularly while you attempt to steer, there might be an issue with the vehicle control unit.

Strange Noises

If the StabiliTrak malfunctions, you will notice odd noises, notably rubbing or grinding. Once the system fails, many drivers describe whirring noises.

You may take your automobile to a repair shop and have it inspected by specialists.

What Happens If The Stabiltrak Light Is On And Car Won’t Start? 

StabiliTrak improves traction and vehicle stability. Once the StabiliTrak alert appears, and the vehicle will not start, it indicates a problem with the car or any of its elements.

A defective speed sensor or a bad electrical connection might be the culprit.

Bring the car to a skilled technician to discover the problem. They apply diagnostic instruments to scan codes recorded in the car’s computing device.

It will give critical information for determining the source of the problem.

How To Fix Check Stabilitrak Light?

Under poor driving circumstances, the StabiliTrak technology assists you in maintaining control of your vehicle.

When you don’t suffer a loss of traction but are still receiving this alert message, it is advisable to reset the system. You must test the StabiliTrak by going on the following test drive.

You should have recently maintained the car for this test. Refreshing the system might prevent the warning from appearing.

Turning on and off the ignition is required for reset. Also, you should not use Cruise Control mode.

Here is the test:

Step 1: Tap the setting switch till the “Off” text appears to shut down the StabiliTrak.

Step 2: Start traveling carefully on a smooth open road with speeds ranging from 50 to 75 mph.

Step 3: Travel for roughly five mins at this pace without hitting the gas pedal or the brakes.

Step 4: Hit and keep the brakes without loosening them.

Step 5: The StabiliTrak will allow for around 3 seconds of braking. It will apply the brakes aggressively. Following then, there will be a pulse sensation from the pedal. You will also hear a sound from a StabiliTrak part. It is no problem to worry.

Step 6: Proceed to halt this manner, strongly keeping the brakes in 5 seconds.

Step 7: After 30 seconds, put strong pressure on the accelerator pedal and gradually release. You should not keep your foot off the brake pedal during the whole procedure.

Step 8: Return to 50 mph (80 km/h). After that, push the setting tab till the “Off” text appears.

Step 9: Follow steps 1 to 3 to reactivate the StabiliTrak system.

Step 10: Before you resume driving, ensure no messages are shown.

Step 11: When any alerts display while driving your car, redo the test drive.

Step 12: The problem can disappear. However, receiving a “service StabiliTrak” notification indicates that you may require a repair.

How To Turn Off Check StabiliTrak Light On Vehicles? 

will stabilitrak keep car from starting
Ways To Turn Off Check StabiliTrak Light

Suppose you want to turn off the Stabilitrak anyway; you can follow this. It is simple. However, it differs from vehicle to vehicle.

We’ll learn how to disable StabiliTrak in Ford, Chevy, and Toyota automobiles. We have no instructions on how to disable StabiliTrak in a VW.


Turning off the Stabilistrak light is not feasible with modern Ford automobiles because StabiliTrak is compulsory on all models.

StabiliTrak can only be disabled by replacing the computer or taking it to a specialist.


StabiliTrak may be turned off in nearly all Chevrolets since 2009 by inputting a special code into the vehicle.

To begin, start the engine and hit the trip resetting button on the instrument panel. Then, hit and keep the “Info” button for two or three secs.

Input “1468” as the special code. “Stability is turned off” will be displayed. You can now switch off the truck or continue driving as normal.


StabiliTrak may be turned off in Toyotas after 2007. Follow the procedures below to stop StabiliTrak. To begin, start the truck and push and keep the trip resetting button.

Hold it down till the display says “engine check.” Release the button at this moment. Push the “Reset” button down. When you see “stability control off.” It’s all finished!


Except for Audi models, StabiliTrak is compulsory on VW cars. Moreover, Volkswagen does not permit any deactivation of StabiliTrak.

Other Cars

You can turn off Stabilitrak as per the procedure stated above. Please switch off the engine and leave it for around 15 minutes.

Turn on the ignition key but do not ignite the car. Push the gas pedal 5 times in 5 secs.

It should be off now, or you must follow the procedure again. Besides, when there is a problem with your car components, it will not work, and you should take it to a technician.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Chevy StabiliTrak light?

Not everyone can repair the StabiliTrak since the risk associated with this alert light is considerable. It is preferable to seek the services of someone knowledgeable in this field.

If the professional mechanic discovers a fault with the system, he will most likely replace it. The item is not incredibly expensive, and the technician will replace it for between $400 and $500.

On the other hand, labor fees can vary. Besides, the price will increase if any other car components are damaged.


Does Chevy Stabilitrak Light Affect Its Transmission? 

When you are wondering whether it impacts the transmission, It is not. Stabilitrak is a system for controlling stability. The system aids with the steadiness of your vehicle while driving.

Stabilitrak does not influence transmission since it solely acts on the braking system. Stabilitrak cannot assist you if you are experiencing transmission problems.

Can I Drive My Car When My Stabilitrak Light Is On? 

If StabiliTrak senses a lack of steering, it will utilize a brake system, selective braking wheel, and throttle control to maintain the vehicle. 

The notification is basically a confirmation of reversed automated correction. Though inconvenient, it is safe for you. You can continue the trip when no more messages appear.

Seeing that message will cause no harm to the automobile. But it would help if you got the system checked out soon.


Now you have the answer to the question,” Can Stabilitrak Cause Car Not To Start?” If you see this message or alert light, you should turn it off by following the procedures above.

However, you should take it to a qualified mechanic soon for a thorough inspection.

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