Can You Drop A 4×4 Truck? How Can You Do That?

Having a truck is popular in America, and a lowered 4×4 is appealing to many drives due to its sporty and wild vintage look.

That’s why many people prefer to lower it for the sake of style. However, can you drop a 4×4 truck?

Besides appearance, there are actually more benefits of lowering a truck. Mechanics also use different methods to get the job done.

Follow our article until the end to learn more about this interesting topic.

How Does A 4×4 Work?

can you drop a 4x4 truck
A 4×4 Work

4×4 drive, four by four, or four-wheeler are terms for a technique allowing four wheels of the vehicle to receive power from the engine simultaneously.

It is different from the two-wheel drive system in which power is sent only to two wheels (front pair or back pair). You can find out if your vehicle is 4WD by VIN.

4×4 drive includes two types: full-time and part-time. A full-time system means all four wheels are always engaged, regardless of terrain: plain road, off-road, or dry pavement.

Meanwhile, the part-time one can be on or off according to your needs.

You can easily find a modern 4×4 drive with a full-time system, whereas the part-time one is mostly available in old models.

Four-wheel drive has several benefits, such as performing better on off-road terrain, distributing weight equally, enhancing the towing capacity with the engine operating more smoothly, etc.

Can You Drop A 4×4 Truck?

Yes, you can lower a 4×4 truck but with a thorough evaluation of its pros and cons. It may negatively affect the drivetrain, off-road capability, handling, towing capacity, etc.

If you insist on the process, ensure it’s done by a professional to avoid unwanted issues such as alignment.

Why Should You Drop A 4×4 Truck?

The main reason attracting drivers to modify their vehicles is to pursue the aesthetic look. The aggressive appearance is also extremely important for those who use their cars for the show.

In addition, a properly lowered vehicle obtains improved performance. You can see the handling and braking work wonderfully.

However, keep in mind that this great scenario can only happen when all sides of the truck are dropped evenly.

On the contrary, an uneven lowering job tends to reduce the car’s performance.

In some cases, it can damage your vehicle, and you need to spend much more than expected to get the desired result.

However, many drivers still choose to modify it due to some reasons. In the section below, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of lowering to help you make better decisions.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lowering?


A lowered 4wd Silverado brings a lot of benefits.

Besides the graceful look and improved traction, it provides a better driving experience since the low suspension enhances your connection with the vehicle.

Being closer to the ground lets you evaluate how your truck performs on various terrains.

When you drive a lowered 4wd Silverado, you’re less likely to face the risk of rollover as the center of gravity is shifted, reducing the lean of the vehicle while going around sharp turns or hairpin bends.

Dropping a truck develops responsiveness, stability, and capability to hold on speed, allowing the drivers to accelerate and stop quickly.

Lowered vehicles are more aerodynamic with increased fuel efficiency.


Though a lowered 4×4 Silverado has some appealing advantages, you should consider its disadvantages before deciding.

How much to lower a truck can be a big drawback since all the steps, such as buying materials and lowering kits, installation, alignment, and maintenance, may cost a thousand dollars.

Plus, if the process is not done properly, you may need to deal with uneven or worn-out tires due to alignment issues. It can end up in more money spent.

A 4×4 lowered vehicle is unsuitable for those who often travel overland or off-road, as it decreases clearance on tough roads.

You may also feel more road noise since there’s no softer suspension to reduce the effects of potholes and bumps.

Some simple maintenance tasks, such as changing tires or oil, also may become more complicated. The limited clearance under the vehicle makes it impossible to use the standard jack.

In addition, suspension changes can affect your warranty.

Though you can do some simple tasks yourself, such as painting truck suspension, you should choose a dealership that specializes and knows how to slam a truck to ensure your full warranty will not be voided.

What Are The Methods To Drop A 4×4 Truck?

different drops for trucks
Way To The Methods To Drop A 4×4 Truck

Lowering Springs

In the past, people used to heat up or cut the spring to lower the vehicle. Yet, this way negatively affected the ride quality and performance.

Nowadays, there are different drops for trucks, including lowering springs methods done in a proper approach, reducing the influences of swapping the detail.

You can look for the shortened springs to replace the stock ones in various aftermarket companies.

The method is said to improve your vehicle with a confident posture and better control.

Suspension Lift Kits

These kits are usually used for raising ground clearance. Yet, it also helps to lower the car. Vehicle owners just need to lift suspension components to shorten the road clearance.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are another answer when you don’t know how to lower a semi-truck. It’s one of the common approaches to get the job done.

In this method, the truck’s body is brought up, leading to a decrease in the ride height.


Coil-over conversion is the system providing a substantial drop and a way on how to make a lowered truck ride smoother.

Back in the day, people considered the method only for rare vehicles and a cause of terrible rides.

Yet, companies such as A1 have cleared the doubt by making coilovers with adjustable dampers. Drivers can soften it for street drive and tighten it up for superior performance.

If you’re a DIY builder, you can easily find full suspension kits to install it yourself.

The systems are suitable for old models as they require more modifications, but they can also benefit late-model trucks. You just need to have some advanced fabrication for installation.

You can freely adjust the coilovers, and these details will function based on the balance of the car body on the springs attached to the coil-over shocks.

Shocks And Struts

Shocks and struts are two vital components in the truck’s suspension, contributing greatly to the vehicle’s rides. Lowering them also cuts down the ground clearance.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are an ideal method to drop your vehicle as it causes no significant changes.

Professional mechanics need to move the wheels to the car’s outer body, thus reducing ground clearance and making it easy to brush on.

With this method, you should ensure spacers are in harmony with the vehicle’s suspension before rolling the wheels.


lowered 4wd silverado
Question Of A 4×4 truck

How Much Is It To Drop A Truck?

The answer to the question of how much it is to lower a truck depends on its make and model and the extent of the work.

Yet, the average price will be from $500 to more than $3000, including labor costs. So, prepare your budget so you’ll not be surprised later on.

Does Dropping A Truck Influence Its Resale Value?

Yes, it influences the resale value because the factory warranty is typically invalid. Moreover, some regions have strict laws on modified vehicles, so it’s harder to pass safety inspections there.

These reasons make potential buyers hesitate to make the purchase. Thus, think twice before you decide to lower the pickup truck.

How Does Lowering A Truck Influence The Gas Mileage And Towing Capacity?

The gas mileage changes depend on the model and make and how much lower your vehicle is.

However, it generally decreases by 2-5% due to the extra aero dynamism reducing the air hitting the wheel and helping move the car faster with less energy.

Meanwhile, the towing capacity is reported to be deducted by 5%.

The Bottom Lines

Can you drop a 4×4 truck? Yes, you can do it, but consider its pros and cons carefully. It may be an ideal choice in some cases, but it can bring you some unwanted drawbacks.

If just because of the good look, you can try different methods such as changing to smaller wheels, etc. Yet, if you have a solid reason for doing so, go for it and make sure it’s done properly.

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