Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer? – How To Clean Them Properly

It’s quite common that when people clean their cars, they might overlook cleaning the floor mats.

No matter how meticulously you clean the inside of the vehicle, the carpets will always collect dust, dropped food crumbs, and even drinks.

Thus, it is crucial to clean them regularly to get rid of stains and unpleasant odors. But can you put car mats in the washer

You will find the answer in this post. We will also provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to clean different types of mats correctly.

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Keep The Mats Clean?

Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer

Floor mats are a need for every vehicle in order to keep contaminants and dirt off the car’s actual carpet. However, with time, they accumulate a lot of dirt and stains.

The dirtiest areas of your vehicle are frequently the mats and footwells, as they come into continuous contact with your feet.

Rot and mold will eventually develop inside your car due to the accumulation of water and filth. The purpose of car mats is to safeguard your interior.

Along with aesthetic problems, the accumulation of filth and bacteria can make a foul smell and even spread infections.

You can get rid of these contaminants by routinely cleaning the mats and car’s interior.

Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer?

In actuality, a lot depends on the material of the vehicle mats as to whether you can put them in the washer machine and have them come out clean.

In most cases, you can wash fabric car mats in washing machine, spin them gently, add a little soap, and you are good to go once the cycle is finished.

On the other hand, you should never attempt to do the same with rubber mats. They will scuff and scratch everything inside the washing machine like a rubber block while never getting clean.

For this type of mat, you must wash them by hand in order to clean them properly.

How To Clean The Rubber Car Mats

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Can you wash car mats in washing machine? If they are rubber mats, then the answer is no.

Still, rubber floor mats have the huge benefit of being incredibly simple to clean. Rubber often resists stains well and does not attract dirt or stains.

Here are the detailed steps for you to follow to clean the mats correctly.

Step 1: Take your mat out of the car. This will facilitate cleaning and maintain the auto floor tidy.

Step 2: Vacuum your mat. Doing this will help you clean the surface’s grooves of debris and loose dirt.

Using a soft-bristled brush is another option for cleaning the surface. The initial dirt layer will be cleaned off in this way.

Step 3: Utilize the solution to clean the mat by combining laundry detergent or dish soap with warm water. Use a brush and gently clean the carpet floor mat.

Avoid scrubbing it too vigorously, as it can damage your mat’s surface. Then, use a sponge to scour it and a hose to rinse away the cleaning agent.

Step 4: Use a towel or any microfiber cleaning material to wipe your mat.

Let it dry completely before placing it back in your car. Keep in mind to avoid using heat when drying because it could harm the rubber.

Step 5: Sprinkle baking soda across your mat in case you still notice some smell after drying. Let it sit for a couple of hours so that the odor can be absorbed.

Use a vacuum for baking soda cleanup. Suppose there is a rotten smell when you accelerate and it doesn’t go away after cleaning; it might be a sign of different issues.

How To Clean The Fabric Car Mats

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Can you wash car floor mats in the washing machine? You can use the washing machine to clean the fabric mats.

Still, it is recommended to always double-check the product’s label to be sure the fabric material can be washed in a washing machine.

Step 1: Take your mat out of the car and vacuum it on both sides to get rid of the top layer of debris and dirt.

Step 2: Put the mat in your washing machine with the gentle setting on. A spray stain remover or regular detergent can be used as the cleaning solution.

A steam cleaner and a light carpet cleaning agent can also be used as an alternative.

Step 3: You can apply a carpet stain remover on the tough spots. Or, make a natural stain remover by combining one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda.

Put the paste on the spot and give it time to dry totally. After that, vacuum the area with the moisture-sucking attachment to eliminate the extra water and any lingering dirt particles.

Step 4: Leave your mat in the sunlight until it is dried. Use the air compressor if you have one. Apply a scent to the carpet for a long-lasting fresh smell (optional).

What To Do With Stubborn Stains

Can you wash car mats in the washer? Using the techniques mentioned above, you could perhaps get rid of stains.

However, if you have stains that have built in over time, such as grease, muck, liquids, or dirt, you might need to apply a specialist technique.

Mud Stains

Set mud and dirt can usually be removed quite easily and without the use of special tools. Put one gallon of hot clean water in a bucket.

After that, incorporate a cup of vinegar and dish soap. Vinegar’s acidic nature makes it a great cleaner for removing grease and debris.

Mix thoroughly, then dunk a sponge or towel in the mixture to soak up the stain. Scrub in a circular motion with a hard brush. Dry the spot completely with fresh paper towels or cloth.

Beverage Spills

There may be a couple of unfortunate mishaps due to unanticipated bumps, sharp curves, and unexpected stops.

Fortunately, stains like soda and coffee may be effortlessly cleaned with paper towels and cold water.

Use cold water to slightly wet the stain and paper towels to blot the spot dry. Let it air dry.

Notice that hot water should not be used because it can solidify the stain and make removal even more challenging.


In a moving vehicle, it’s possible for someone to be car sick, resulting in potential vomit stains. It needs to be cleaned up right away since it can leave a bad smell like fish and harm carpeting.

A can of club soda can help eliminate this stain. With a damp towel, clean the area after pouring it there in a circular manner.

You can easily erase the discoloration thanks to the soda bubbles’ assistance in lifting it. When you’re done, wipe the spot dry using a clean cloth.

Making a paste out of equal parts baking soda and water is another option if the smell worries you. After applying it, let it sit there for about 12 hours.

The odor-absorbing properties of baking soda are exceptional. Lightly scrub it with a brush, then take the baking soda off with a damp cloth.

How To Maintain Car Mats

Besides deep cleaning the mats at least once every month, here are some tips you can apply to keep them in good condition.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your floor mats regularly can help maintain their conditions and prolong their lifespan. Use specialized vacuum cleaners like those used in industrial and commercial settings.

These particular vacuum cleaners’ powerful motors will allow you to pick up and collect the trapped and difficult-to-see debris, dust, and dirt.

Avoid Letting Dirt Enter The Car

Limiting the amount of dirt that enters your interior is the greatest method to keep it clean. Don’t leave the windows open all the time, and only do so when absolutely essential.

Open the window on the side that is away from the wind. This will keep the car a little bit cooler while preventing heavy dust from entering the car.

Cover The Mats With Cling Film

The floor mats will stay cleaner if you wrap them in cling film. Because cling film is transparent, it will help keep the automobile looking good but will also you’re your mat’s surface slippery.

Additionally, you will discover that any moisture will evaporate from the floor mat instead of soaking in. Instead of leaving a mark on the carpet, this will only leave a trail of water and mud circles.

The Bottom Line

Can you put car mats in the washer? Learning how to clean and maintain them in good condition is quite important.

As the car floor mats keep our feet warm and prevent water and dirt from getting on the floor, they are a crucial component of our automobiles.

Can you put car mats in the washing machine? You can for the fabric ones. Still, hand washing is the most effective method for completely cleaning the car mats.

This way, you can rest assured that the mats are cleaned properly without damaging them during the process.

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