Why Your Car Makes Whining Noise When Starting Cold & How To Fix It

The noise emitted from the engine is always a problem that many car owners have to complain about.

This is considered a warning that your car is having troubles, especially when your car makes whining noise when starting cold.

Let’s look at this article to understand and deal with this problem!

The Reasons your Car Makes Whining Noise When Starting Cold

car makes whining noise when starting cold
Car Makes Whining Noise When Starting Cold

Short answer: When it’s cold, you hear a whining noise from your vehicle?

Certain reasons are causing this problem: loose parts, engine lubrication issues, faulty drive belts, bad motor mounts, and a misfiring engine. Details are below: 

Engine Misfiring Or Imbalance

The main source of this issue is a misfiring engine. When operating idle, an engine that is firing improperly following the firing sequence will make a pump whine or vibrate.

When the automobile is being started for the first time or when it is extremely freezing outside, the issue will get worse.

The likelihood of a vacuum line failure causing a misfire increases significantly during colder months. Moreover, the engine’s efficiency will suffer as a result.

Drive Belt System In Dysfunction

The automobile may pump whine when it is chilly to begin because of a faulty belt tensioner or pulley in the driving shaft.

The tension and pulley are crucial in ensuring that the motor belt slides into its path without resistance.

Before they can function correctly, the power steering wheel, engine oil, and power steering fluid must all warm up.

Crunching or the adjuster will make funny noises if its bearing is damaged. That will eventually result in the drive belt failing, which might leave you trapped.

Missing Engine Mounts

Bad motor mounts play a crucial role in preserving the engine’s smooth operation.

They secure the entire power of the motor to the modern vehicle’s structure.

If they aren’t in good condition or have worn out over time, they will immediately transfer all motor movements to the cold vehicle’s exterior by emitting an alarm signal.

In the winter, the problem becomes worse.

Unsecured Underbody Part

Any loose part in the automobile may cause the cool vehicle’s winking common sound issue.

It could be pressing on the body beneath the hood, on a body component, or on an absorber plate.

Although the issue is rarely serious, if ignored, it may occasionally cause harm to or the destruction of other vital auto shops.

Engine Lubrication Problems

The lubricants included in an automobile’s motor can freeze and thicken under extremely frigid conditions.

Quite a winter makes it difficult for the lubrication to give a good location, which causes the car whines when starting.

Although this is not a critical problem, it should be remembered that you shouldn’t load the electric motor when it is very cold.

How To Fix The Car Makes Whining Noise When Starting Cold

whining sound when starting car in cold
How To Repair Car Whines When Starting

Change A New Engine Mounts

The modern vehicle’s tired or damaged engine mount requires being repaired as rapidly as feasible.

In addition to engine whining noise when cold, a scratched engine belt tensioner can also lead the electric motor to leap further into the engine compartment, eventually resulting in significant damage.

It could result in the failure of any number of crucial parts, such as the gasoline line.

Belt Drive System Maintenance

Change any component associated with the main drive shaft or the tensioner’s roller as soon as possible.

This is also a crucial part of the car because a bad bearing or compressor can rip the entire serpentine belt.

The transmission belt could leave you trapped if it snaps while driving.

Alternatively, you can quickly lose your grip on the car if the hydraulic braking and guiding are connected to the same system.

Attend The Vehicle Panels And Body

If a car part is loose engine belts and the issue persists, adjust it to the recommended tension coolant levels.

One of the main reasons why an automobile makes car making whining noise when starting.

You may complete it while driving because it is a really simple task.

Even when you decide to hire a mechanic to complete this task, it won’t be paying you much, and you’ll get the resolution within a time.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Has The Right Fluids

Use lubricants and transmission fluids by cold temperature guidelines.

If you’re applying lubrication that can’t withstand optimal temperatures, it won’t just make annoying robot noises; it might also potentially ruin your motor or gearbox.

Choose the right oil quality when maintaining your car based on the adverse weather conditions for the area in which you live.

Your engine’s lifespan can be significantly shortened when you aren’t attentive.


car whining noise when cold
Question Of This Problem

Why Does My Car Make A Noise In The Morning?

The most likely explanation would be that the cold weather effects decreased over the nighttime, causing water to freeze onto the car’s surface.

When the ice melts and spreads, it rubs up against the painting and makes a squeaking sound. This may also occur if you are driving through a lot of rain.

How Much Fix Does A Car Makes A Noise When Starting Cold?

Different repair methods will depend on each minor or serious fault. Most of the time, when a part is damaged, it only needs to be replaced. 

The general cause of a car whining noise when cold can usually be determined and remedied for a reasonable price. Suppose it is the cause, the servicing costs between $100 and $200.

Because it requires a lot of labor, repairing the turbocharger attachments could be expensive; they often exceed $500.

Can Low Oil Cause Whining Noise When Starting?

If your automobile makes funny noises while it is running, you most likely have low oil owing to an accessory belt problem, or your valves need to be adjusted if they are blocked.


So if your car makes whining noise when starting cold weather, it is not a big problem.

Take at least 10 minutes a week to start the car and idle it to allow oil and other fluids to circulate in the engine belts.

In general, owning a car always has to come with care and a thorough understanding of the basic car maintenance steps that are extremely simple but extremely important to ensure that your car is always in good condition.

Just pay attention to the small and simple details; the maintenance of your car is not too expensive, but you can also avoid the costs due to damage that can cost many times more and directly affect you.

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