Car Sounding Like An Airplane: The Key Causes & How To Fix It

We have shared with you about the reasons why a car sounds like a lawn mower. But what if your baby now makes a deafening noise like a jet?

Are you worried about your car sounding like an airplane? You are trying to hunt for some practical knowledge about what happens with your car.

These strange noises not only make you feel irritated on the road but also somehow impact your safety negatively. Hence, don’t skip our post today to unclog your curiosity.

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Why Does My Car Sound Like An Airplane?

Car Sounding Like An Airplane

The sound might derive from a leak in the exhaust system or failures on wheel bearings, transmission, tires, brake, steering column, cooling fan, or even the aftermarket parts.

We will dive deeper into these 8 key causes to elucidate the common question of why “my car sounds like an airplane when I accelerate” on many car forums recently.

Leaking from Car exhaust system

If you still hear some car sounds like airplane when starting, even when you own a brand-new wheel bearing, its exhaust system is the component you should notice.

When the incident occurs, it is often a symptom of a leak from the car exhaust system.

Depending on how much the sound of this exhaust is, we can clarify the corresponding reason.

Nevertheless, this case happens mostly due to a poor exhaust tube system, a leaky gasket, or a cracked exhaust leading to a flex pipe leak.

To pinpoint exactly the root of the roaring noise, it’s essential to determine the position of the sound first. Initially, park the vehicle on an even ground with less traffic, and yank on the handbrake.

Next, inspect underneath the automobile to find where the sound is coming from.

If you catch some sound stemming from the forepart of this car, this may be attributed to a leak from an exhaust in which its gasket is worn off, the exhaust duct is cracked, and the bolt is heavily loose.

Should you catch some sounds coming from the center of your car undercarriage, it’s often triggered by a leaky link between the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipe or a punctured pipe.

A more serious situation is a defective catalytic converter. Keep in mind that the sound is extremely jarring and loud at this moment.

Defective Wheel Bearings

It is not wise if you skip checking when your car sounds like airplane to inspect its wheel bearing for the first part. This step will allow you to know whether its seal is broken or the wheel bearing passes its prime. 

Automotive wheel bearings play the role of locating rotating equipment, increasing load capacity, and reducing friction.

When the oil in the wheel bearing is subverted, the bearing’s balls are broken or dry, which will create some unpleasant sounds like moving through the air.

This sound will strengthen the friction during the driving process if it isn’t fixed timely.

In addition, when the situation lasts long enough, it can wreak havoc on components such as the engine and the wheel hub.

Thus, once you find the noise that your car sounds like airplane when driving, you need to promptly check the wheel bearing to minimize the harm to the vehicle. 

Otherwise, your wheel axle will fall victim to damage heavily if the condition prolongs a long time.

The feature of the wheel seal deters dirt or water from bearings. Also, they protect the specific oil which is used to operate the bearing. Once the seal is broken or bad, the bearing will deteriorate quickly.

When the part loses the proper level of lubrication, the drive’s metal crashes against the wheel axle’s metal. This noise is compared to a roar of sound, and your car sounds like airplane when accelerating.

Transmission System Problem

Another cause is an automobile transmission not operating properly. We can consider two cases happening: 

For cars with an automatic transmission, the loud noise coming from a broken transmission is like a rattling, humming sound.

Nevertheless, in case the vehicle jerks/ vibrates when speeding up, or your gear shift lever quite vibrates, it is rather hard to shift. And you need to let your vehicle get a check promptly.

These symptoms might be associated with the differential, the exhaust system, or the engine. Locating exactly where the sound is arising from is pretty key to determining a method to cope with.

In contrast, for vehicles with manual transmissions, the gearbox will make a squeaking or roaring sound when you shift gears. This indicates that the transmission might be wrong.

With hundreds of elements in a manual system, a warning housing or a single gear might make an annoyingly loud sound.

There will be another possible situation regarding the transmission. In particular, when your vehicle is neutral or in the park, it still creates some unpleasant sounds.

This signal represents that you need to change your transmission fluid. In this circumstance, the sound is mostly triggered by worn gears or bearings in its gearbox, which calls for a replacement.

Vehicle Tire Problems (Loose Tires)

The next reason that could make your car sound like an airplane is a certain error on your tires.

Bumpy wear belongs to one of the major roots of the unpleasant loud sound because of the uneven link between the tire and the surface.

The consequence might also originate from the uneven tread depth. An airplane-like tire noise might stem from alignment issues. When you run the engine, its air chamber will make roars or hums.

Suppose your vehicle experiences poor alignment; it isn’t hard for you to suffer a more uneven run when driving it.

The situation will make the car tire run unevenly and create extra noise from the air chamber louder.

Issues With The Brake System

The brake is one of the components you should put more consideration on when catching some sounds from your vehicle, like a jet-like one. The most prevalent culprit behind this trouble is a worn-down rotor or pad. 

That is because the back-metal exterior will moderately wear down if these brake pads have been utilized for such a long time.

The mechanism pushes these metals to link each other as well as generate some growling sound. Furthermore, the rotor might be in contact with its brake calipers and then scrape its metal surface.

The brake calipers and the back metal exterior will suffer the self-abrasion generating damage and trails. Thus, you should not ignore changing the new brake pads as soon as possible.

Problems With Steering Column

When you find that the car’s seal on its steering column has some signs of damage, this indicates that it will be the root of some loud airplane sound sooner or later.

Take the car to a reliable repair shop to check more exactly, and you can consider re-sealing this column, which might eliminate the unfamiliar sound and let you back to the way safely.

Faulty Cooling Fan

The radiator or cooling fan is in charge of preventing a vehicle from overheating. If it has any question of operation, then it could generate some sound while it’s spinning.

When one of its blades is bent, the bent one could repeatedly strike against something else (in the motor) and create a horrible racket. 

Broken Aftermarket Parts 

Some shared: “my car sounds like an airplane derives from aftermarket part problems.” An aftermarket component is an automobile part that has been attached to the vehicle yet isn’t manufactured by the original company.

Though many components might be utilized on various automobiles, some models and makes need more precise details. Aftermarket parts can function in the short run and might not completely fit with your vehicle.

How To Fix When My Car Sounding Like An Airplane

car sounds like airplane when accelerating

Inspect Car Tires

Unusual tire wear, like the tube, might result from some problems of alignment or suspension. Your car tire will create more sound if its tread pattern is not uniform.

Replacing the tire is necessary, and changing or fixing the suspension will deter the trouble from recurring.

This step should always be the priority when finding a method to eliminate the unpleasant sound permanently.

We suggest you rotate the tire every 5,000-8,000 miles. This is a wonderful way to keep your tire from excessive wear.

Check The Brake System

Occasionally, the brake pads have some faults. Other elements that might cause brake sound include debris and dirt on the rotors, brake pads, and defective brake shoe-return springs.

The driver will feel hard to diagnose exactly the source of the big brake noise.

If rotors have a bumpy surface or warp, you can ask a mechanic to reposition them during checking at the service center to restore the part back to its optimal situation.

Nevertheless, once the case keeps getting worse, you need to have a new one.

Similarly, poor drum brakes require resurfacing and replacement depending on how much the damage is.

Check The Exhaust System

Take a look at your exhaust duct (each inch) from the exhaust to the summit of its muffler.

Generally, even the muffler having only a mini crack can cause your vehicle to make some noise (like moving in the air) because the component might rust away with age.

Nevertheless, thin and small cracks are difficult to check visually, so it is ideal to ask a professional mechanic to inspect them correctly.

Yet, If you have enough experience and the correct tools at home, you can fix it by yourself. Otherwise, asking for a mechanic is a wise option to get a timely method.

Inspect Wheel Bearings

Based on the root of the broken vehicle bearing, you will need various proper treatment. Particularly, drivers should put consideration on selecting inadequate bearings.

Overloading it can generate a huge amount of heat, causing it to wear down quickly.

Thus, to keep your bearings from the potential issue, car owners have to pick the correct bearing for the load of the vehicle.

The step not only prolongs the longevity of the part but also helps reduce the annoying sound.

If the wheel hubs and bearings are broken, it’s crucial to manage and set them up correctly to limit the unpleasant noise and make the bearings function smoothly.

Moreover, the owners have to frequently apply the correct lubricant on the wheel bearings.

In The Nutshell

No matter where the noise is derived from, a car sounding like an airplane is a concern that needs special consideration.

The noise is prone to make your movement with the automobile become hard, leaving a real hassle on the trip.

More importantly, the sound from your vehicle might expose you to danger on this road.

Therefore, you should save this content for a rainy day and don’t ignore sharing it with somebody who has the same problem with their car.

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