Car Stereo Won’t Turn On With Ignition – What Are The Reasons?

When you own a car, you can face many issues with the car’s electrical parts. Problems with car stereo are always one of the most significant worries of drivers.

This is because this component is a crucial aspect of the vehicle’s entertainment system. The trips will be dull without them.

The most common trouble is car stereo won’t turn on with ignition. If it gives you a headache, this post is your solution.

Let’s scroll down to get hold of 8 main reasons and how to deal with the fault.

What Are The Main Reasons Of Car Stereo Won’t Turn On With Ignition?

Car Stereo Won’t Turn On With Ignition

There are many reasons making the car stereo won’t turn on with ignition.

Among them, some of the most common factors are damaged antenna or tuner, anti-theft protected mode, a burned-out fuse box, wiring short, etc.

Let’s keep reading to learn more about these causes.

A Blown Fuse

A Blown Fuse

The most common reason why a car stereo won t turn on but it has power, is a blown-out fuse.

A sudden power surge can damage a fuse. A faulty lighter socket or a battery change might be to blame for this.

Indeed, you can unintentionally insert the lighter into the car socket, which renders your dashboard lighting and radio inoperable. Then one or more fuses will be blown out.

To test the power of the fuses, utilize a test light or multimeter. Yet, remember to be cautious when changing the fuses.

Never swap it out for one with a greater amperage. A blown-out fuse can be an indication of other electrical issues.

Bad Wiring Issues

Bad Wiring Issues

The wirings may be the issue if you currently fitted your car audio, but it won’t switch on.

You can notice inconsistent functioning or no operation at all if one or more wires in the audio system have shorted out.

Additionally, this may result in fuses repeatedly blowing (you change a fuse, and it will blow again shortly).

Moreover, the audio unit’s pigtail connector has to be correctly attached. To make sure there is an electrical connection, you may also take it out and put it in again.

You need a check to ensure the wires have the proper voltage by using a voltage meter:

  • The yellow ones must have 12V (even when your car is off).
  • The red ones only have 12V (when the car power is on)

Damaged Antenna Or Tuner

The bad antenna or tuner is most likely to blame when the car’s CD player continues to function, but the radio does not.

A broken antenna prevents your radio from picking up radio station signals. If the tuner is broken, you’ll probably need to replace the head unit itself.

Anti-Theft Protected Mode

Returning to the battery, check the display if the vehicle audio won’t turn on when you turn the key.

Some audio devices feature an anti-theft security mode compromised by a power outage. The reasoning is that when the audio device is taken, it will be worthless.

You should notice a different display if your car audio features anti-theft protection. Either it should ask you for a code or stop working altogether.

You must input a code or carry out some troubleshooting procedures to fix this. To assist you, see the owner’s handbook from the product maker.

What Do I Need To Do When My Car Radio Wont Turn On With Ignition?

The diagnostic process is a must!

First, you need to check where the issue comes from. You can do a test of the battery voltage or broken wires to determine.

Moreover, checking the position of the antenna can help you handle it. In some cases, tightening battery terminals can also work.

Yet, if you cannot examine yourself, a mobile mechanic or taking it to an automotive repair shop is what you need.

They can visit your home or place of business to inspect the entire audio setup and ascertain the issue’s root.

The technician will next offer a thorough inspection report that includes the extent and price of the required repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does A Car Stereo Get The Power From?

Almost all car audio source unit’s power comes from a four-channel integrated amplifier (IC). Typically, the supply voltage for radio, which ranges between 12 and 13.5 volts, is used to drive these ICs directly.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car Radio?

It doesn’t have the correct answer because the cost depends on many aspects, such as the problems with the stereo, the car’s newness, and the radio type.

However, the reparation can range from about $100 to $1000.

How Do I Reset My Car Radio?

Sometimes, when the stereo won’t turn on in car, you can try to reset it.

Resetting it is simple and doesn’t require any tool. Just follow these quick steps:

  • Turn the car on (not start the vehicle’s engine)
  • Switch off the radio.
  • Press and hold the car power button for a few minutes to reset the radio.

Can Car Battery Affect Sound System?

Yes, but not much.

Without subwoofers, most standard audio systems only consume 5 to 10 amps (equivalent to 60-120 watts).

These speakers are made to produce good sound without placing an undue burden on the battery.

A 5-amp audio system would run on 48 amp hours for 9.6 hours before the battery was completely depleted.

Final Thoughts

When the car stereo won’t turn on with ignition, it can happen for several reasons: a blown-out fuse, wires, antenna, or the anti-theft feature.

As a result, before you decide to replace or repair a part, you should determine the exact reason for the issue.

Moreover, all car problems should be solved promptly to ensure driving safety. An auto repair shop can be an ideal idea if you don’t have repairing skills.

You must also maintain your vehicle regularly to check all components and replace them when needed.

Remember not to ignore any faulty signs, even some abnormal noise like womp womp tire sound, clicking sound, etc.

If you have any questions about your car, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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