Car Wash After Window Tint: 3 Best Tips To Clean It!

Having your tinted window film is an excellent way to have UV protection and simultaneously make your car look more attractive.

The variety of shades on the decorative window tint allows you to have daytime privacy with maximum protection against external heat.

However, the matter of car wash after window tint still confuses many people, especially those with no hands-on experience before.

Can I wash my car after tint? Don’t be afraid that you are the only one to ask. As more and more people apply this useful trick to the window car, this logical question may spring to their minds.

The following article will provide detailed information to successfully deal with the problem, which will help you have a perfect window tinting and cleaning process. Let’s get started!

Can You Get A Car Wash After Window Tint?

car wash after window tint

Can I wash my car right after window tint? The answer is YES when you consider this issue. You can wash your car after getting your window tinted if you seal the inside of the window carefully.

It’s because applying a beautiful window tint only changes the internal side of the window, not the exterior surface. 

Don’t let the window have soapy water on the interior surface, or you risk damaging all your effort by having tinted window films.

It would be helpful to wait a couple of days after installation of window tints before washing your car.

However, if you are in a rush and need to wash the car immediately, there are some useful tips for avoiding water spots on the tints.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Window Tint

Be Careful

Although you surely know the answer to the question: Can you wash your car after window tint?, it would be wise of you to give your car the proper care to ensure its quality.

Skipping the car wash for a few days is highly recommended. Water is the enemy of the window tint, so never let clean water splash on your hard work.

You should be aware that when you tint the window, it means that the window is scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof.

That’s why it is essential to be gentle with the window and avoid moving heavy and sharp objects through it.

Be Patient

It is usual for you to be excited to see the result of the window tint, leading to the action of rolling down the window. But keep in mind that under no circumstances should you roll down the window for checking.

It will only damage the paint protection film layers on the entire window, causing it to have bubble forms and scratches.

Being patient with signs of hazes or bubbles on the window is also important in the window tinting and washing process. They are likely to be caused by moisture.

That’s why they will soon evaporate when you park the car outside for a few days when it is sunny or inside the house when it is rainy.

Clean The Window Carefully

The first thing you need to consider before washing the window is to choose a suitable wash solution.

It is advisable to avoid common types of ammonia-based glass cleaners since they will degrade the window films of the tint.

Warm water is enough for tinted car windows if you want to save money buying a cleaning product. When there are yellow spots on the car and windows, a homemade water solution like vinegar mixed with water will do you good.

Should there be stubborn 3M tape on your car or windows, it’s best to grasp how to remove it properly instead of scraping the car forcefully.

Now that you have the glass cleaner, microfiber cloths or soft towels will help you finish the work. It will be easier for you to wipe all the dirt, which avoids leaving scratches on the window’s surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Can I Wash The Inside Of The Window?

Can you get a car wash after getting tint? Yes, but when should you treat the inside? It would be best to wait for about one week before starting to wash the interior surface of the window.

Patiently waiting will offer the window film installation process a thorough drying time, making it long-lasting without discoloration over time of the special film.

After the suggested period above, you can apply ammonia-free window cleaner on a soft cloth to clean the inside part.

The combination of the special water solution will spotlessly clean the window without leaving any scratch on it.

2. Should I Wait Before Rolling Down My Windows After I Get A New Tint?

It is a good idea to wait 3 to 5 days after the installation process of window tints to roll down the window.

It will ensure that the tint completely sticks to the window glass, preventing unwanted stains on the surface.

The waiting time can vary based on where you park your car and climate conditions. If you leave it outside on sunny days, the outdoor temperature will shorten the drying process to three days.

However, in a damp environment like rainy weather or a garage will take you at least five days for the window tint to dry.

3. Can I Steam Clean The Inside Of The Window After Getting A Tint?

Regarding this common question, it is recommended not to steam cleaning immediately after having premium window film installation. Applying the steam cleaning process will require you to use a high temperature to heat water to convert it from liquid to steam.

The pressure of hot water can directly affect the quality of the window tint, causing it to have bubbles or tear apart.

Instead of the steam cleaning method, you can choose to clean the inside of the window carefully with a microfiber towel and soapy water.

This basic care after installation is a safe bet for you to clean your tinted window film without badly affecting them.


Tips For Taking Care Of Your Window Tint

After reading this article, I hope you have confidence in having car wash after window tint yourself.

Following the extra care tips is highly recommended to get the best result in the entire process of window tinting.

If you still have difficulty doing the job at home, you can bring your car to the professional car wash for professional window tint service.

However, you surely can wash your car even after a window tint as long as you have learned some useful tips.

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