Car Windows Fogging Up Inside When Parked And How To Handle It

Drivers often encounter car windows fogging up inside when parked after driving in the rain or passing through areas of cold weather and excess moisture …

There are quite a few ways of dealing with the driver’s experience, including using a towel to wipe.

However, when producing cars, all these situations were anticipated by assistive devices, which, without paying attention, would have many drivers ignore these features.

This article will give you some exciting information about why window fogs up and teach you tips for dealing quickly and effectively. Enjoy it!

Car Windows Fogging Up Inside When Parked: Why?

Car windows fogging up inside when parked
What Are The Reason My Car Windows Fog Up When Parked

Many people question that “Why do my car windows keep fogging up?”

The correct answer to this question is that whenever the windows keep fogging up in car, it is caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass.

The side with the higher temperature will condense water in the air. If the outside glass is foggy, you leave the car’s temperature too low.

When the inside window glass is fogging, you’re letting the temperature inside the car be higher than outside.

Window fogging is most common in cars on a winter morning.

Because the air temperature and humidity inside your car are higher than outside, all the heat from the breath of passengers in the vehicle will condense inside the cold window or windshield wipers.

In contrast, the condition of the foggy car windows outside the car window appears in the summer.

That’s because the temperature and moisture content outside the car are now higher than inside, where the cold, dry air conditioner is running.

Water vapor forms outside the glass when warm summer air condenses on the rear windows.

Is Car Windows Keep Fogging Up Dangerously?

What is The Dangerously Can Happen If Car Windows Fog Up

Windshields and car windows steaming up are not only inconvenient but also very dangerous.

The accumulation of tiny water droplets can obstruct the driver’s vision, causing discomfort and distraction in traffic. A traffic accident is the most severe consequence of windows fogging up in car.

How To Fix Car Windows Steaming Up Immediately?

Wiping the windshield with a clean cloth can quickly remove condensation on the glass, but it does not help prevent steam formation and can leave streaks on it.

The best way to solve the question “How to stop car from fogging up inside?” for many drivers immediately is to use ventilation.

Ensure the wind blows straight towards the front/rear windshield and window fogging glass, and turn the fan to full power.

The first thing to try is to reduce the temperature in the car because, at this point, the humid air will only make the situation worse.

The cold wind from the fan helps to cold glass; then, you can slowly increase the temperature to reduce the difference from the outside environment.

If your car has air conditioning, turn it on; It will help dry the air inside the vehicle quickly.

Please note that you need to check the air conditioner filter to see if the filter mesh is clogged or if strange objects enter the ventilation duct and reject them to avoid damage to the air conditioner.

Do not turn on the air intake mode, especially when the outside temperature is too cold. This mode will warm the car faster but still keep moisture inside.

Let’s suck in the cool, fresh air from the outside and push the old, moist air out.

Open the fogged-up window if you don’t have air conditioning in the car; opening the windows will help clean the glass surface faster.

Cold and dry air from the outside will help reduce the humidity inside the car.

How To Prevent Or Mitigate Car Windows Steaming Up?

What Are The Ways Prevent Or Mitigate Car Windows Steaming Up

1. Using A Glass Drying System

Most cars today are equipped with a glass drying function.

Therefore, when detecting signs that the car glass is blurred due to condensation, users should activate the glass drying function through the button usually integrated into the center console.

When activated, the indicator light on the control button will let the driver know that the glass drying function is active.

When this function is turned on, the windows should be closed because as long as one of the doors is open, the glass drying system will not work effectively, and it will be difficult to remove the steam on the glass or damp items.

This is considered the fastest and most straightforward way to fix blurred car glass when driving in the rain.

However, with some older models of cars not equipped with a glass drying function, users can also remove condensation on the windshield by adjusting the air conditioning system.

2. Using The Car’s Air Conditioning System

The first thing to note is that hot air conditioning should not be used to treat water vapor on the glass because the difference in temperature inside the car and the environment causes defog on the windshield.

Please use cold air conditioning and reasonable ventilation mode.

Select the wind mode to blow on the windshield fog (the button to control the airflow mode is right on the car’s air conditioning system), and use the appropriate air supply and temperature because if it is too cold, it is easy to damage the windshield.

3. Balance The Temperature Inside And Outside The Car

Opening the glass about 10-15cm is a simple and fuel-free way to help balance the temperature inside/outside the car and avoid water stagnation.

However, this method should only be applied in cases where the weather is less rainy with a low moisture level and not too cold to avoid affecting the health and interior of the car.

Turning on the blower and turning on the air recirculation button for the car are also options to balance the temperature. But, the weakness of this approach is that the efficiency is not high.

4. Use Shaving Cream, Anti-Steam Additives

In addition to using the air conditioning system, the glass drying function is equipped on the car…

some drivers also apply the method of using dry towels, shaving cream, or anti-steam additives to wipe each area on the car’s cold surface, the glass on both sides of the car.

This method is quite sophisticated, but it is also effective to help the car glass not be condensed by water vapor.

Please note that in addition to the above methods, when detecting that the car’s glass is foggy, the driver should not use plain paper to clean the inside.

Because this is both inconvenient and creates streaks on the glass that reduce visibility.


Foggy windows inside car cause a lot of discomfort and danger to drivers when participating in traffic. That is why you should not ignore them or think of them as a simple matter.

Use the common tips we provide to deal with car windows fogging up inside when parked. Wish you have a relaxing time with our article!

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