Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan – How To Fix?

Don’t know what the car with key symbol on dashboard Nissan near the steering wheel is for?

An instrument cluster or dashboard warning light may indicate a major problem depending on the situation.

This article will walk you through every information you need on this common dashboard light.

What Does The Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan Mean?

Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan

The car with key inside symbol Nissan in the instrument panel is the security indicator light. The key warning light ensures the vehicle’s security systems are functioning.

When the key is not in the ignition lock or accessory position and the key light flashes, the alarm and immobilizer system are likely operational.

Simply put, the red car symbol on dashboard Nissan will let you know that the anti-theft system is in operation or if there is a problem.

This malfunction indicator light should flash whenever the engine ignition is in the OFF, AUTO ACC, or LOCK positions.

You shouldn’t be concerned if the security light lights on the dashboard while the vehicle engine is off, and you can easily start the vehicle.

On the other hand, if the car key symbol on dashboard Nissan keeps flashing nonstop, this is a sign of something wrong with the automobile.

Why Does The Key Sign Light Keep Turning On Dashboard Nissan?

Suppose the car with key symbol on dashboard Nissan keeps flashing nonstop; this can signify the following problems.

Malfunction Immobilizer System

If the red car light on dashboard Nissan remains on even when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the Nissan Immobilizer System isn’t working properly.

In other words, the flashing red light is a sign that your automobile might not be able to identify its key.

Many transponder keys rely on a little battery to transmit the security code to the vehicle immobilizer.

Thus, if your car can’t recognize its key like when the key fob can’t unlock your car, change the key fob battery.

This way, immobilizer issues can be resolved. Still, take caution when changing the failure battery to avoid unintentionally damaging the transponder chip.

Problem With Anti-Theft System

When you try to start your automobile and the car with key symbol on dashboard Nissan rogue is blinking, but the engine won’t start, you may have an anti-theft issue.

The system might not recognize your key. Or, the wiring, keyless entry system, and anti-theft sensor module could all be at fault.

If your car has a smart key fob, it’s possible that the battery is dead or that chip malfunction prevents the anti-theft system from detecting it.

In this case, we suggest you bring your car to a repair service shop so that you can solve the problem as soon as possible.

How To Fix The Car With Key Symbol Nissan On Dashboard?

Here is 4 ways to deal with the nonstop flashing Nissan dash light car with key:

  1. Park the car and try locking and unlocking it a few times. This step typically resolves the problem with the blinking key on dash.
  2. Try starting your ignition a few times.
  3. If none of the above methods work to turn off the flash security indicator light, it is advised to try using a different car key. In case the other key starts the car, then the one you used before may not be working properly.
  4. Suppose there is any other immobilizer or anti-theft system problem; switch off your car 2-3 seconds after starting. Then, your buddy will cease to start.

It is advisable to get it to a repair facility as soon as you can in this circumstance. You can also find more information in this article on why cars won’t start after turning off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Drive With The Nissan Key Symbol On Dash Constantly On?

The answer is no. If the dashboard sign only flashes for a couple of seconds when you turn on the engine, this means the right key was used, and you can drive as normal.

On the other hand, if the car cannot recognize the key, the car with a key symbol Nissan will blink repeatedly. After that, the engine can’t be started, making you unable to drive the automobile.

How Can I Turn Off The Anti-Theft System?

You can utilize the unlock button on your remote key to turn off the car’s anti-theft system. Use the key to unlock the driver’s door, then change the ignition switch’s setting to “on”.

Suppose the above method doesn’t work; lock the parking brake, get out of the car, roll up all the windows, and then lock the driver’s door with the key.

You should start by attempting a different key if the security dashboard light is still on and you cannot start the automobile.

The red car with key symbol Nissan typically indicates that the automobile no longer accepts the key you’re using, so you might be able to solve the issue by using a different one.

Call a dependable mechanic to help you diagnose the problem and reprogram the anti-theft system if a second key does not work and the security indicator light is still on.

Can Anti-Theft Prevent The Automobile From Starting?

The quick answer is yes. This system’s objective is to protect your car from thefts, so it is understandable that the automobile won’t start while this system is on.

How does the anti-theft system work? This system will turn off the fuel so that the automobile cannot be started by hot wiring or with a clone key.

Plus, it triggers the car alarm to notify nearby residents when a theft occurs.


How To Fix The Car With Key Symbol Nissan On Dashboard

Now you have understood what the car with key symbol on dashboard Nissan is for. Hopefully, you find our answer helpful.

Pay attention to the dashboard symbols since they will inform you if something is off with your car.

This way, you can eliminate potential damage to your vehicle, maintaining it in good conditions and making you safe on the road.

If you encounter any of the above issues, do not hesitate and take your vehicle to an auto repair business.

The mechanic will use diagnostic equipment to address the problem as soon as possible.

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