Check Awd System Lexus RX 350 – Causes And Effective Fixes

You are awarded a versatile adventure set with the introduction of multiple types of cars on the market. Yet, the design and safety features are always paid attention to for a safe and enjoyable trip.

In SUVs, owners of this type must have once heard about 4WD and AWD systems without acknowledging their meanings.

So what is the Check AWD system Lexus RX 350? The answer will be revealed in the following article.

What Does Check AWD System Lexus RX 350 Mean?

Check Awd System Lexus RX 350

Without a shade of double, the Check AWD System on Lexus RX350 is among the most important messages. This warning is your vehicle’s ability to notify you of any problem related to the system.

It often comes in the form of the instrument cluster’s message. Some models represent the warning as a small light reading AWD.

The feature only comes on when your system is in danger of being compromised due to the car parts’ damages.

It will require you to check the AWD system before starting and commuting on your car. Various scenarios are making the AWD light on.

The very first cause is the problem with the moisture and transfer case sensor. Loose sensor connections are also a possible reason for the AWD light’s activation.

How Does Lexus RX 350 Check AWD System Work?

Besides SUVs, various types of cars have been equipped with convenient and smart AWD systems. Regular sedans and sports cars are just a few to name.

The system is a wheel drive type in which the engine’s power is transferred to all the wheels. This way, it can maximize fraction and let the car function properly on slippery roads.

The power is split between two-wheel axles through the front, the rear, and the central. The differential system transfers power from the main engine to the right axle.

Thanks to this operation, the AWD system can improve the safety and comfort of your car. It allows you to drive in slippery conditions like ice and mud.

This automatic system is always turned on, so it will notify you of possible warnings. The improved overall handling also makes it easy to stabilize the car while driving on the road.

Plus, the AWD system can also heighten your vehicle’s sportiness.

Why Is RX350 Check AWD System Necessary For Your Vehicle?

The Check AWD Lexus RX 350 is undoubtedly necessary to warn you of potential danger and unsafe situations.

When the system delivers a warning message or the AWD light turns on, your car faces some problems.

The fault can be an internal clutch failure or a bad wheel speed slip sensor. Knowing this, you can have solutions in time and prevent further damage in other parts. The repair cost is also much lower.

When the message pops up, you will have to check for the causes as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it viable to drive when this system is still on. You can do this when your car comes with a 2WD function. Yet, this action poses a lot of dangers.

Issues Causing Check AWD System Errors And How To Fix

Wrong Fuel A92

Fuel is always worth your attention, as it empowers your vehicle to operate properly. The energy used to operate vehicles varies in different types of cars.

With Lexus RC 350, Fuel A92 may not be a perfect choice. A92 can indeed work with various cars. That’s not always the case with Lexus.

For this reason, make sure you use a compatible energy source.

Unchanged Or Missing Bridge Oil

Missing bridge oil and open gas caps also lead to errors. Inadequate or old bridge oil makes the engine fail to operate smoothly.

This way, the transfer case and gearbox will not work compatible with each other.

It is worth checking the cap, as driving without the oil cap can be risky. After a long drive, your cap may be loose or faulty.

This lets pollutants leak into the fuel tank, leading to fuel evaporation and cold running.

Transfer Case Sensor Error

As mentioned above, the AWD system transfers the engine’s power to the tires. The combination of gearbox and transfer case enables the car to accomplish this task.

Also, transfer switch settings allow drivers to travel on the road smoothly and safely. If something wrong happens to the transfer case sensor selector, the switch will be stuck to one specific position and fail to shift.

Various factors are causing this problem. Wrong tire size is one of the most common ones. Undoubtedly, the tire size affects your AWD’s function and equalization.

Too small tires result in malfunctioning differentials and viscous coupling. These factors result in the sensor’s failure to respond.

Those driving sports cars, their vehicles are likely to spin in extremely wet and muddy conditions.

Dirt and moisture will also cause trouble in the wiring, and turn on the warning. In addition, a shaft seal failure can be to blame.

Hydraulic pressure is vital for the AWD to function properly, so a small leak will cause the system’s fail to work.

To sort out this issue, make sure you choose the spot-on tire size, clean the wiring periodically, and check for the shaft seal to see whether it is tight.

Besides, it won’t hurt to check the tire pressure of the Lexus RX 350.

Sensor Inside Failure

Plus, a loose connection at the sensors triggers indirect problems. The best solution for this issue is to seek help and troubleshooting advice from the mechanic or replace the sensor.

Before this, don’t forget to check the error. Switch off the car, disconnect the battery, and operate again to see whether the error message disappears.

In Short

Issues Causing Check AWD System Errors And How To Fix

The article has offered all the necessary information about the Check AWD System Lexus RX 350.

While the warning message can be evoked from simple errors like moisture or oil cap, there are various serious causes.

It could be the wrong fuel, the faulty transfer case sensor, or the loose connection inside the sensor.

Thus, try to check from the easiest things to the complex errors to ensure your safety.

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