Check Charging System Toyota Camry – Causes And Solutions

Several drivers have been through the confusion caused by the check charging system Toyota Camry message.

Well, gone are those difficult days since you now have our in-depth guide to back you up with helpful knowledge.

Wait for no more but dig right into and rack up further insights on the issue!

What Is The Charging System?

Check Charging System Toyota Camry - Causes And Solutions

In short, the charging system empowers the starter motor and other electrical attributes, including the audio system, lighting, window defrosters, air conditioner, and other car parts.

Looking deeper into its essential components, the list will be the alternator, battery, and voltage regulator.

These three chief constituents are important not only to the system but to the car operation also. As such, your vehicle may start slowly or not get on at all if any of them deteriorates.

So, what is the mission of each three parts, anyway? 

The alternator goes first to produce the electricity that capacitates the battery, which stores the energy used to start the engine.

After that, the voltage regulator regulates the quantity of electricity produced to avoid battery damage and overcharging.

Aside from that, the accessory belt is another detail requiring close attention.

A worn or loose accessory belt might cause insufficient battery charging if you don’t take care of it thoroughly since the alternator on most engines is operated by this belt.

What Does A Check Charging System Mean On A Toyota Camry?

When the check charging system Camry light illuminates, what does this indicate? Many may ask.

As a phenomenon like that happens, it frequently demonstrates that the only power your car receives is from its batteries.

Suppose the issue persists and other parts of the charging mechanism keep failing to function.

In that case, the battery won’t be capable of recharging and will eventually run out, resulting in a flat battery or, occasionally, intermittent flashing check engine light.

But what are the primary causes for the 2017 Toyota Camry check charging system light suddenly turning on? There will be four reasons to explain the malfunction.

Reason #1: The first to come is because some Toyota owners unintentionally keep their car key on despite the engine staying in off mode.

As a consequence, such a distracting action will leave the battery depleted.

Reason #2: A wiring problem might also be what your electrical charging system is encountering.

Because it is made up of numerous cables and wires, it is not at all tricky to see that some of them may fail to work properly at certain points.

That way, the alternator and the battery’s performance could easily get affected even when just one of these cables is not carrying on a decent job.

Reason #3: Chances are that your malfunctioning alternator is the root of such an issue.

As we already mentioned, the alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy.

Thanks to it, the combustion engine can power the battery via the alternator. That is why once this component is failing, your whole system will be so, too.

Reason #4: A sensor not operating properly is another possible reason for this happening.

The battery and the alternator are both surrounded by a number of sensors.

Without the sensors, Siri will activate the charging system malfunction light, and the engine’s computer won’t be able to determine whether all of the parts are at their capacity or not.

How To Check Charging System Toyota Camry 2017?

Here comes one of the most crucial points at issue: How do you know which is the reason that causes your Toyota Camry check charging system to fail down?

The only answer is to check it all on your own!

Don’t feel pressured on it anyway! Remember that as long as you follow the instructions below neatly, there won’t be any problem that could come into sigh.

If you don’t wish to get your hands in, surely there will be a garage nearby that is available to give you ultimate support!

  • Step 1: Start by shutting off the engine.
  • Step 2: After that, engage the parking brake and shift into neutral. A wedge should be placed underneath the tire to stop it from rolling.
  • Step 3: Since a cool engine will be simpler to operate than a hot one, keep in mind to give the engine some time to cool down.
  • Step 4: Make sure to keep an eye on the dashboard’s voltage gauge. When the car is off, it should register 12 volts, and when it is on, it should read at least 14. The alternator is malfunctioning if the voltages are not between 12 and 14.
  • Step 5: Open the car’s hood now. Look around the engine area for any signs of catastrophe. Don’t forget to examine any visible fuses as well. There is also a high likelihood that your Camry check charging system may be directly impacted by a blown fuse.
  • Step 6: Check whether the alternator connectors are loose. If so, get your job done by tightening them well.
  • Step 7: Look for any indications of coolant or fluid leaks in the engine.
  • Step 8: After you’ve examined every component, restart the automobile by turning it off and on to make the check charging system Toyota smoother.

How Do You Troubleshoot Starting And Charging System Problems?

How Do You Troubleshoot Starting And Charging System Problems?

The Battery Is Totally Discharged

As for this scenario, starting the engine to recharge is the only way to fix your 2016 Toyota Camry check charging system.

Wiring Issues

In case the trouble regarding the 2016 Toyota Camry check charging system warning you are experiencing is due to wiring issues, you must first locate the battery, disconnect and reset it to ease the error.

If you need any help, check out the engine ground wire location here.

A Faulty Sensor

In the event that a sensor has failed, you must track it down and try replacing it.

It might be quite challenging since the whole system is under cover of numerous sensors. That is why to determine which sensor is broken; you must test them all.

A Faulty Alternator

The mechanic might vary their way of fixing the alternator based on the damage. However, you would need to replace the alternator if it is completely destroyed.


Now that you know what it denotes when a check charging system Toyota Camry light appears.

As we have gone through the symptoms, causes, and solutions of the issue thoroughly, it is then time to get on the way and say goodbye to that trouble.

Hopefully, this article can be of great help to you.

See you then!

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