How Do Check Engine VSC Trac Off On Your Car Work? – Best Way To Fix Them

There are systems designed to keep you awake while driving, keep you focused, and on the road without problems. Prominent among those systems is the check engine VSC trac off.

These are buttons that Toyota owners are sure to recognize, although they’re still a feature in most other cars under a different name.

In this article, we’ve put together a handy summary of the definitions of the three types of check engine light VSC trac off Toyota and how they work, and a simple way to repair them when there are signs of damage.

What Are Check Engine Light, VSC, Trac Off? 

check engine vsc trac off
Engine Light VSC Trac Off

Check Engine

When the automobile engine or related systems fail, the check engine light illuminates. Check engine lights are typically situated behind the steering wheel in the instrument cluster.

Because the yellow light and the check engine car icon are pretty similar to the goldfish, the check engine error is also known by many as the “goldfish error.”


VSC stands for “Vehicle Stability Control” and is a term used exclusively by Toyota.

VSC is like any other stability control. VSC on Toyota cars is also called by other car manufacturers with many different names such as ESP, ESC, VSA, VDC,…

To check whether the vehicle is equipped with a VSC electronic balance system, we only turn the start switch in the ON position and see the light below it, indicating that there is a VSC.

Trac Off

A traction control system abbreviated as TRC (Traction Control system) is an active safety feature equipped on the vehicle.

It helps to keep the car stable when accelerating and taking off on slippery roads.

How Do Check engine, VSC, Trac Off Work?

Check Engine

This system will receive information about the system through sensors.

When these sensors work and receive information, the ECM processor (Electronic Control Module – located in the ECU) will assess the vehicle’s fault condition and turn on the check engine light for the driver.


The VSC system will collect signals from the body’s longitudinal and transverse acceleration sensors, wheel speed sensors, etc., to determine the actual motion state.

The computer compares this result with the steering angle from which to give brake control commands or reduce vehicle engine power; the car is quickly returned to the state desired by the driver.

The electronic balance system is closely combined with the anti-lock braking system (ABS), allowing VSC to brake each wheel independently.

With such a working principle, VSC helps detect the risk of wheel slip before it becomes a real threat.

Trac Off

The TRC system automatically works when it detects slippage in the active wheels, thereby applying braking force to the functional wheels and reducing engine power to help the vehicle no longer slip, assisting the car in following the desired trajectory.

In cases where the vehicle gets stuck, it is recommended that you turn off the TRC traction control system so that it does not interfere with the active wheel braking and reduce engine power.

From there, the car can go through the mud more easily. After crossing the mud, the TRC function must be re-enabled to support safe driving.

How Important Are Check Engine, VSC, Trac Off?

toyota check engine vsc trac off
Check Engine, VSC, Trac Off And Why It Matters

Check engine is critical because this light predicts the causes of errors and failures in your Toyota car. There are severe causes, but there are also reasons that are not so serious and easy to handle.

Therefore, the level of danger will vary depending on the cause of the “goldfish error” and the actual fault condition.

Whether the VSC is necessary depends on if you want to turn it off on its own or if it lights up on its own. In case you’ve done that, be prepared for more slips, yawns, and throws.

If not, prepare for the same and drive to your local dealer or auto parts store to diagnose why it’s showing up.

With vehicles without the Trac off the system, the rear or front end corresponding to rear and front wheel drive will shake, causing the car to roll.

Significantly when accelerating and steering simultaneously, the more unstable it is. The TRC system makes many drivers feel secure on slippery roads.

Cause Of VSC Trac Off Check Engine Light Work 

Some of the most common causes that make the check engine VSC trac off Toyota light up will be thoroughly analyzed below:

Check Engine

If your car suddenly shows symptoms such as flickering lights or lights that can’t be turned off, these are signs that your car is having problems.

1. Fuel Injector Clogged 

After a period of operation, the coal particles from the combustion chamber, plus the residue remaining in the fuel, will clog the injectors.

This leads to fuel consumption and significantly affects the engine’s working process.

2. Fuel Tank Not Closed

Forgetting to cover the fuel tank cap or losing the fuel cap is also the cause of the check engine light coming on.

3. Oxygen Sensor Is Broken 

When the Oxygen sensor is damaged, the information sent to the ECU will be inaccurate, causing more fuel consumption, so the check engine light will indicate.

4. The Ignition Coil May Be Damaged

It causes cylinder failure. This causes the car to vibrate, the engine is weak, the acceleration is poor, and it consumes a lot of fuel.

5. Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Is Clogged 

This phenomenon leads to fuel consumption, reduced engine power, and check engine light.

6. MAF Sensor Clogged

The MAF sensor clogged due to dirt from the unfiltered air from the engine air filter entering the sensor, causing the check engine light to appear.

7. Thermostat Valve Is Broken

It makes the engine overheat, damaging the components in the engine. So checking the engine light will report it has a problem.

8. Catalytic Converter Is Broken

This situation leads to poor vehicle performance, high fuel consumption, engine not starting, or check engine light coming on.

VSC: Signal The Pitch, Or Slip Action Is Out Of Control

If your car detects that its pitch or slip action is out of control, it lights up to let you know it’s trying to correct the situation and regain control for the driver.

Likewise, if the driver presses and holds the VSC button, it turns off the system, and the driver is now in complete control of the vehicle, including enabling enhanced slip and pitch.

In some cases, such as a car getting stuck in a swamp or on a track, you have to turn it off because the VSC system interferes with the brakes and reduces engine power due to the detection of slippage in the wheels.

When the VSC system works, the VSC indicator light will flash on the taplo meter.

That is normal, but if the VSC light is on during the driving process (no flashing signs), it will signal to you that the VSC system is having a problem, and you need to bring the car to the Toyota dealer to have it checked.

Trac Off

1. Accidentally Turned Off The Trac Off Button

Because you accidentally turned off the system, trac off will light up to warn. You can press the traction system on or off.

When it is off, the control panel will indicate the status, so you know it needs to be reactivated.

2. Poor Road Traction

When you are driving on a slippery surface due to snow, ice, or heavy rain and the vehicle is skidding, the VSC trac off light will only stay on temporarily until the road clears.

3. Broken Wheel Sensor

If there is any problem with the wheel sensor, the vehicle system will receive data that appears to be inaccurate.

For safety reasons, the trac off light system will stay on so that the owner does not have a problem.

4. Steering Rack System Has Problems

You may lose traction control when there is a problem with the steering rack or any of the sensors, such as the steering angle sensor. So Trac off will light.

5. ABS Malfunction

Traction and wheel speed sensors are also part of the ABS system. So once this system fails, Trac off will be displayed immediately.

How Do You Fix For VSC Trac Off Check Engine? 

trac off vsc check engine
Repair Of VSC Trac Off Check Engine

Here is some more detailed information on how to fix the Toyota check engine VSC trac off warning lights:

Check Engine

Light Flickers

As mentioned above, the flickering check engine light might be triggered by exhaust gas from the spark plugs or the ignition coil.

Some cars after being checked, found that the fuel pump was weak, so the pressure injected was not enough; the car was jerky, and the engine RPM was unstable.

You must promptly clean the bobbin, spark plugs and replace the car’s fuel pump.

However, some errors are related to the accelerator pedal sensor and weak oil pump.

There is a phenomenon of mice biting the sensor wire, causing the engine system not to receive warning signals.

Therefore, you should avoid clearing the check engine light randomly by disconnecting the power supply; this might be harmful if you are unfamiliar with battery removal.

The light may flicker in some circumstances, but the fault is only temporarily addressed.

The best option is to bring the automobile to a shop equipped with a diagnostic machine and a fault scanner to discover the right issue and repair it as soon as possible.

The Light Stays On And Doesn’t Turn Off

In case the car is moving, and the check engine light continuously does not turn off, this is a sign that the engine may be overheating, the oxygen sensor system malfunctioned, or the gasoline vapor control system leaked.

If you continue to drive the car, there is a possibility that the car will seriously affect the vehicle’s operating system, even causing the car to catch fire.

So, the most reasonable action is to find a safe place to stop the vehicle and call for rescue to take the vehicle to a garage to repair and turn off this light.


Find And Restart VSC Button

Depending on the Toyota model, you may have a VSC button on your gear lever or steering wheel, which has the same light symbol on your instruments. After you’ve found it, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Check that you have stopped. If possible, park your car in the parking lot.
  • Step 2: Hold down the VSC button for a short time.
  • Step 3: The TRAC OFF and VSC OFF lights will be illuminated. Both systems are now turned off. Hit the VSC button one more, and two lights will turn off, and the system is now reactivated.

Find A Repairman

In case the VSC OFF indicator stays on, it could be a fault with your vehicle’s computer or a problem with your vehicle.

Take your vehicle to a Toyota repair location, where a professional technician will run the code and determine the problem.

When the VSC OFF light is illuminated, it is safe for your car. We also recommend that you drive cautiously, especially in severe weather.

Trac Off

Turn It On

If you accidentally turn off the traction control system, the troubleshooting is simple. You press the traction control button and turn it back on.

Restart The Car

A simple restart can fix a lot of problems. Just like you would with the computer running, you can turn off the car and start the engine again.

If the Trac off light hasn’t turned off, move on to the next step.

Find A Repairman

If you need to improve at repairs, finding a professional repairman to fix the problem is best.

Although this method may seem more expensive than doing it yourself at home, it can completely resolve the problem causing the trac off VSC check engine to light without taking much of your time.


Trac off VSC check engine light are three important lights, and a good car should have these three lights.

VSC trac off check engine light on means warning car owners of problems that endanger their vehicle and their traffic

Therefore, wherever you go for car maintenance, you should ask a mechanic to carefully check engine VSC trac off and repair them before they are thoroughly damaged.

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