Chevy Cruze Key Stuck In Ignition: Here’s How To Fix It

One of the most typical issues is a Chevy Cruze key stuck in ignition a couple of times. Simply comprehending these factors can help you identify a fix for the issue.

The causes and solutions for Chevy keys stuck in the ignition have been adequately covered in this article. Let’s get to the subject right away!

Chevy Cruze Key Stuck In Ignition: The Reasons

Chevy Cruze Key Stuck In Ignition

Key stuck in ignition Chevy Cruze has several causes. The cause can have to do with a particular issue with a specific make and model of a car.

According to Fixya reports, some complain they have problems with the 2013 Chevy Cruze key stuck in the ignition from time to time.

However, dead car batteries, steering wheel locks, and parking locks are the most common causes of keys sticking.

Parking Lock

Many safety features are included in cars. Before trying to remove a car key from the ignition, all automatic transmission vehicles must always be in “Park.”

For instance, if the gear is set to drive, the issue with the 2015 Chevy Cruze key stuck in the ignition would persist.

Ensure the gear shift lever is in the “Neutral” position on the Chevy Cruze manual transmission.

Occasionally, someone might try to shift the gear into the park, but the gear may need to be set over to it. Ensure the “P” is highlighted on your car’s digital screen, which shows the gear lever settings.

Any other gear lever causes the vehicle to behave like neutral and start rolling without the parking brake.

The maker tells you to put the key in “park” before leaving the driver’s seat if you leave it stuck in the lock.

Steering Wheel Lock

Many automobiles come with a locked steering wheel. If you turn off your car while still moving the steering wheel, the steering wheel lock will go on.

Cars come with wheel locks to keep the steering wheel from turning when there is no key in the ignition.

Unfortunately, it occasionally engages with the key in the ignition. This lock sometimes causes the key to becoming caught and the ignition switch to bind.

Spin the key while jiggling the steering wheel to simultaneously release both locks. Now you can remove the key or turn the ignition.

Worn Or Damaged Key

Over time, car keys can withstand much damage and are delicate to flaws. When you turn the key in the ignition, your car starts to wear a little.

It would be best to replace the key. Take the reliable key and make a copy of it.

The automobile key may also be unable to turn on or off the ignition due to dirt or debris.

Most of us use our car keys as penknife to scratch, open, and dig out objects. These actions all have the potential to leave residue on the automobile key.

If the key ever bends or develops a little crack someplace, it will be more challenging to remove it from the ignition. If you begin to notice this damage, replace the key right away.

Dead Battery

The Chevy Cruze’s ignition mechanism requires battery power to operate appropriately.

The ignition mechanism will probably lock up if the battery voltage is insufficient. Your Chevy Cruze’s key is stuck because the battery isn’t receiving enough voltage.

When cranking the ignition, a recurrent clicking sound typically denotes a dead battery voltage. It might also be the result of a starter motor that is broken.

The best action in this situation is to wait for a battery replacement or a jump start. Either tap the cylinder gently with a tack hammer.

Ignition Lock Cylinder

The ignition lock cylinder eventually breaks out, like most of an automobile’s mechanical and electrical parts.

The ignition lock cylinder on the Cruze itself can malfunction in the lock position. Your key might not be able to exit the ignition lock cylinder if it is about to fail.

Reducing the number of items on your key holder is one way to ensure your ignition cylinder lasts a long time.

They can be challenging to replace. It is advisable to let a pro handle this.

Chevy Cruze Key Stuck In The Ignition: Here’s How To Fix It

Unlock The Steering Wheel

Make Sure You Have A Voltage

A low-voltage battery dead or battery discharge is among the more obvious causes of automobile keys getting stuck in the ignition. It also harms battery life.

Low voltage may prevent the ignition lock and safety mechanism from working correctly. It would help if you had the energy to switch on the engine and crank the ignition key in your Chevy Cruze.

Then, charging the battery will release the key. In emergency cases, you can jump-start the car using another vehicle or battery terminal.

While you’re there, check the electrical charging system for your vehicle to help rule out any potential problems.

Unlock The Steering Wheel

Another frequent reason for a stuck automobile key is a locked steering wheel. Fortunately, this problem is simple to resolve.

You can unlock the steering mechanism by spinning the wheel clockwise and counterclockwise while putting firm pressure on the jammed key.

You can make a light attempt to turn the key out of the ignition while jiggling the steering wheel. It will release pressure and remove the key if the steering lock produces a bind.

Turn away from where the ignition cylinder is under pressure or in the other direction where you feel slack. The ignition lock should release your automobile key once the steering column is aligned.

Ensure The Gear Shift Is Not Out Of Line

You can determine if this is the problem by visually inspecting the shift lever quickly.

In some circumstances, even though it isn’t in park or neutral, the gear shift would appear to be. Alternatively, your shifter switch may be at fault rather than the drive selector’s location.

Put your Cruze in the “park” to ensure you don’t miss this.

If it isn’t in line, lightly shake it while keeping the gear shift in the park. In case your shifter is a little out of alignment, this technique will help it to align again.

You can handle things sparingly. The key ought to emerge if it is.

Lubricate The Key

Since we have tried all of the easier things that can make a Cruze’s key get stuck, that isn’t the key itself.

You should go ahead and try to get the key out. You’ll want to use a small amount of lubricant.

It might be problematic since the key is obstructing the lock. But keep in mind that this only works for keys that are not worn—utilizing a sprayer with a pipe.

After that, grease the lock. Please don’t force it too hard, or you’ll break it off in the cylinder.

Rid The Ignition Lock Of Any Obstruction

A buildup of dirt and debris might cause the ignition lock on your car to malfunction. If the ignition cylinder is blocked, your key will become stuck in the ignition, even if it is brand new.

Your key becomes jammed because the obstruction prevents the ignition lock’s teeth from adequately aligning.

Clearing your vehicle’s ignition lock will enable you to start the engine.

But if your ignition key gets stuck, let your local mechanic look into the said component. It may require a replacement.

Replace Your Ignition Key

Starting the engine with the spare key should help. Only if you don’t have a backup key are you likely to run into problems.

Depending on your worn key, you may need a locksmith to make a new replacement key.

Another possibility is that your car keys may be bent. The best way to confirm this is to place your car keys on a flat surface.

If it doesn’t push evenly against a hard surface, you’ll know it’s stuck in the ignition because of its shape.

Avoid using a hammer to flatten bent car keys. Going to a locksmith to make a new combination key for you is much better.

Call An Expert

You must contact your mechanic when none of the above measures prove successful. A skilled locksmith or qualified mechanic should determine the root of the problem.

Give your mechanic a chance to examine it properly.  When automobile keys become stuck, you must replace the ignition lock most of the time.


What To Do If Your Ignition Key Breaks?

You wouldn’t be able to start your car if your key broke. If you don’t proceed with caution, you could break the ignition, even though it may not be damaged.

It takes effort to get a broken key out of the ignition cylinder. Use the wedge and slide approach to find the accessory position after you’re in a suitable working position.

Place the broken key and your tool in the ignition. Then, angle your tool so that it captures the key’s grooves.

Since you can try, the best option is to hire an auto locksmith.

How Long Does It Take To Fix An Ignition?

In about 20 minutes, you can replace the ignition switch. Nevertheless, depending on the vehicle model, it can take much longer.

Newer engines with a coil over each spark plug are usually quite simple to repair, depending on whether you need to remove other components to get to it.

Asking the mechanic is the best way to check how long your service will take. They can tell you a more accurate time frame once they’ve looked at your vehicle.

Additionally, they will be able to take into account their schedule and workload, which may alter how much time your automobile will need.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Ignition?

Your parts typically cost between $125 and $275. The labor costs, on average, are roughly $60, while parts retail for anything from $75 to $210.

Replacement automobile keys, however, can be costly if your keys are stolen or lost. For instance, the simplest ignition key cylinders aren’t all as sophisticated as those in a door.

You could also select aftermarket components. These are sometimes more expensive, and aftermarket parts range from $11 to $1,000.

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch?

The first method is to check the hotwire. You have two options: bridge the starter solenoid or jump right to the starter. They all have simple steps.

We only advocate doing this occasionally, as the wire you’re leaping with can get hot. Then, it can short or melt wires, creating difficulties far worse than your broken ignition switch.

Another method is to find the battery and ignition coil. After that, join the positive terminal to the coil’s positive side using a jumper battery cable.

It is a crucial step. The dashboard will receive power as a result, which is necessary for the engine to start.


After reading about the causes of the Chevy Cruze key stuck in ignition and the solutions, we hope you won’t panic if this ever happens to you, and you can answer questions.

If your automobile key becomes stuck in the ignition, use the above-mentioned techniques to free it.

If none of the above methods work, contact Chevrolet customer service.

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