Chevy Cruze Radio Not Working – Reasons And Solutions

The problem of Chevy Cruze radio not working can become annoying as you can’t use it properly. The reasons are various, yet the radio issue is fixable.

My article below will explain possible causes and how to fix and reset the system, so you can activate it again and enjoy its functions while driving. Let’s get started!

Chevy Cruze Radio Not Working – What Are The Reasons?

chevy cruze radio not working

Your Chevy Cruze radio can’t work properly, mostly due to a blown fuse. You can inspect this electrical component visually or utilize a test light to check if the fuse is damaged.

If you think it’s quite a difficult task, seek help from the repair shop for proper diagnosis and repair.

Two scenarios may happen to your radio unit: it’s fully dead, or it’s on, but no sound.

The Radio Does Not Work At All

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is one of the most common reasons for a damaged radio. It can cause the car stereo not to turn on with ignition or the vehicle’s radio to fail to work at all.

When the situation happens, you should check if the fuse can function or is blown.

Here is a short guide on how you can do it:

  • Locate where the fuse box is. Usually, you’ll find it’s to the left side of the driver’s seat.
  • Once you’ve found its location, you need to identify the radio fuse. It should be described in the schematic printed on the car’s door.
  • Test the fuse. The first method is visual inspection. If the connecting filament between the two prongs is broken, there’s no way to transfer power, and you need to replace the fuse.

The second way is to use a test light to check if the fuse operates normally. You can do it without pulling the fuse.

  • First, you should have a good ground source and ground circuit. It’s usually inside the door jam.
  • Rotate the car key to the accessory position, and connect the test light tip to the two prongs.
  • If you see one light on one prong, your fuse needs to be replaced. If both lights are on, your fuse is ok.

Wiring Issues

The problem of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017 Chevy Cruze radios not working can result from faulty wiring.

Anything wrong with the wiring harness will stop the electricity coming to the radio system and cause a blown fuse.

Besides, poor head unit wiring is one of the reasons for Chevy radio to stay on after the car is off.

To avoid the issue, you should ensure your ground connection is solid, and the system receives an accurate voltage level by using a multimeter.

The Radio Itself

If you’ve determined the ground connection is good and there’s currently moving inside the system, but the radio has no sign of life, it means you need to fix or replace it.

The Radio Display Is On, But No Sound

Damaged Antenna

This situation happens when there’s static while the tuner is on, and the CD player operates normally. It means your radio car antenna has stopped working.

The part is quite durable but also can degrade time after time. It can get worse faster when you often use the drive-through car wash services.

If you think your 2016 and 2017 Chevy Cruze radio does not work due to this reason, check the detail’s working condition (if the antenna is still bolted on or comes off or if you should have antenna replacements or not).

Anti-Theft Mode

Sometimes, the Anti-Theft Mode is on, and you may see the radio screen requires an “input radio code” to turn on the stereo.

It mostly happens when you install the aftermarket radios. You can find the code or password on a card or sticker inside the glove box or the back of your owner’s manual.

For some makes and models, it’s also possible to look up the code online. Bring your car to a repair shop if you can’t do that. They can help you with the code and other issues if needed.

CD Player Or Aux Button Has Been Touched

When somebody coincidentally touches your Cruze’s CD player or aux button, your radio may get stuck. Try to connect the system with other portable devices.

If everything runs normally, then the issue lies on the radio itself, which requires repair or replacement.

Once the component is broken, I highly advise you not to try to fix it yourself.

The labor cost of fixing is not much, and you don’t even need to stretch your budget too much to have a new unit, as hundreds of types in the market can be suitable for your car.

How To Fix The Issue?

2014 chevy cruze radio not working

Here are some ways you can deal with the problem. You can try one or all of the methods to see which works for your situation.

However, bringing your car to the local shop is the fastest way to get professional and proper repair. 

  • You should identify if the issue comes from an internal or external environment. Once you have static on your radio, you can try eliminating it by relocating your car’s radio, turning off all electronic devices while listening, switching to MONO FM, or listening online.
  • Ensure you have a proper working ground connection to the radio.
  • Check the status of your antenna. If there’s static, the antenna wire is moved from its place. If other wirings are moved, check whether the static is still there.
  • Try to press and hold the volume power knob for a few seconds. You will see the unit turn off and back on again, so your issue is fixed.
  • You may need to install the sound filtering equipment or replace the head unit.

How To Reset Chevy Cruze Radio?

Sometimes you may see your Chevy Cruze screen frozen and want to reset the system. Follow the following steps to perform resetting:

  • First, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • After that, there will be an audible beep sound. It means the system is being reset.
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds again, and you’ve done. The system should be backed up and run after this.

If you can’t do it successfully or your Chevy Cruze screen is black, bring your vehicle to the certified mechanic; they will help you to address the issue at a reasonable price.


2012 chevy cruze radio not working

Does The Radio Stop Working After A Crash?

In general, a car accident does not really affect the function of the car radio.

If your radio stops working after the crash, the part or its wiring may experience issues, such as no power or ground connection, a blown fuse, and short wiring.

Check the fuse first for any damage. If it’s fine, corroded or loose wirings in the car’s electrical system may be the reason.

So make sure you check out those components or have a professional to point out the issue for you.

Why Isn’t My Chevy Cruze’s Speaker Working?

Your Cruze’s speaking is not working when you hear the static from there, indicating the detail is blown or damaged speaker wire.

If your door speaker has a problem, the electric short is likely to happen when the harness enters the vehicle’s door.

The Bottom Lines

The matter of Chevy Cruze radio not working may result from many sources. Blown fuse and other electrical issues are the most common reasons.

However, the reasons may also lie in the radio, damaged antenna, anti-theft mode, or somebody who has touched the CD player button.

Follow my instructions above to fix or reset the system. If you still can’t do it, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your vehicle to an auto mechanic and having the issue fixed.

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