Chevy Impala Won’t Start Security System: Causes & Solutions For Drivers

The current innovation on the Chevy Impala that alerts the owner if somebody attempts to take or attack the vehicle is its theft deterrent system.

Although it is dependable, this anti-theft technology does not endure forever.

The three most frequent causes of a Chevy Impala won’t start security system, a broken ignition switch, and a Chevy Impala that won’t begin are battery problems.

Keep reading this article to know how to identify the issues and fix them. You will also learn how to turn off anti-theft on this car brand here.

Security System – What Is An Anti-Theft System On A Car?

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Anti-theft alarm system for cars is a type of security device manufacturers equip to protect cars when detecting signs of being broken into by thieves.

The car anti-theft system usually protects the car by emitting alarms with horns and lights, preventing the vehicle from starting, sending notifications to the car owner via smart devices, etc. 

Each anti-theft system will have different anti-theft functions depending on the structure and settings.


Currently, there are many types of car anti-theft systems. Every kind of anti-theft has a different structure and corresponding features.

But most kinds of anti-theft alarms today have the main parts including:

  • Alarm equipment includes sirens, car horns, headlights, and tail lights. These devices will help alert the surrounding vehicle that is being broken into.
  • Controller (ECU anti-theft): Receiving signals from the system of switches and sensors, if thieves detect the vehicle, it will transmit a signal to activate the car’s alarm system.
  • Sensor system: The intrusion detection sensor helps to emit wave signals into the cabin to determine the movement in the house and send a password to the anti-theft ECU.
  • The switch system includes a car door switch, bonnet switch, luggage compartment door switch, electric lock switch, and ignition lock cylinder. These switches help detect the open/closed state, then transmit the signal to the anti-theft ECU.

Cause Of Chevy Impala Won’t Start Security System

The three most frequent causes of a failing security system, a broken ignition switch, and a Chevy Impala that won’t start are battery problems.

This section contains the explanation for why your Chevrolet Impala won’t start. The list of typical causes for the Chevy Impala’s security system to prevent it from starting is as follows:

Bad Ignition Switch

The ignition switch transition controls the BCM or the vehicle’s chassis control module.

The security light may turn on if the BCM receives the incorrect signal from a malfunctioning ignition switch transition

When a portion of a broken key is left inside the ignition switch transition, it can occasionally cause damage to the controller.

The Impala security issues won’t start when the key is turned on for this reason. There are both short-term and long-term fixes for this issue.

Security System Failure

The security Telltale occasionally forgets the “key,” which causes the security light to blink and prevents the car from starting. You would need to reprogram the key if that were the problem.

Battery Issue

The Chevy Impala’s theft-deterrent mechanism may be activated once the battery dies.

This issue may also arise if there are further battery-related problems, such as low battery, self-discharge, or battery death.

Solution To Fix Chevy Impala Won’t Start Security System

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The Chevy Impala theft deterrent system notification on the dashboard can assist in identifying the issue and prompting prompt repair.

The following are fast fixes for a Chevy Impala’s broken theft prevention system:

Solution 1

You can identify the BCM fuse by opening the dashboard door and applying a temporary fix. Most likely, a 10 amp fuse will be used.

For a brief moment, remove it, then replace it. Restart the vehicle.

The car will start, and the security light will remain on. This quick remedy could require more than one attempt to be effective.

You don’t want to do it all the time, even though doing it once or twice is acceptable.

You would need to swap out the ignition switch for a long-lasting solution. The cost of replacing the ignition switch is not excessive.

Long-term relief will come from replacing the ignition cycles, particularly if performing the interim remedy sometimes annoys you.

Solution 2

Don’t fully turn the key like you would when starting a car. Just turn it over. For ten minutes, leave the key where it is. This enables the security mechanism to reacquaint itself with the Chevy key.

The security light ought to stop flashing after the ten-minute waiting period. Remove the key and attempt to start the engine once more. Your issue will be resolved if the engine starts.

Solution 3

If the battery in your vehicle has been harmed and stops or discharges on its own, you’ll need to replace it.

Before you drive the automobile, check the condition of the battery connections that you’re running.

When the dead battery happens, the theft deterrent system Chevy Impala 2016 won’t be able to start the ignition and scan the security code from the key fob.

To find out why your automobile battery isn’t charging, examine the connections and, if feasible, jumpstart it.

These methods will assist in resolving the issue and stop the anti-theft system from creating a bogus alarm.

5 Notes When Installing Security Systems Safest And Most Effective

how to reset anti theft system chevy impala

Check Every Door

You should check each door to see if its sensor is working properly. If an entry doesn’t work, you run the risk of a thief entering that door.

Chevy’s powered door locks may be the root of a theft prevention system issue. We advise looking at the wiring diagram connections and fuses.

Functions of the anti-theft engine light system will be restricted by an interrupted electrical issue caused by disconnected wires and blown fuses.

Call a qualified technician to correct the wiring issues and replace the blown fuses on the powered door locks. Without experience, repairing these problems will only worsen the situation.

Install Alarms In Inconspicuous Places

An alarm machine is an indispensable part of timely detection and warning. With clever and skilled thieves, they can know where the alarm system is and deactivate it.

In many cases, users choose the center console or right under the seat to install the alarm. This is the location where the thief can detect the easiest.

When choosing a discreet place to install the alarm, you should carefully check that there are no wires or circuit boards behind the drilling surface.

If you accidentally hit the drill, you will lose a lot of money to fix it.

Take Good Care Of The Car Key

Most modern cars today have a magnetic key to open and unlock the door. The car anti- theft system is also integrated into the magnetic key.

However, if you have dead battery issues, the magnetic key will be disabled. You’d better check the batteries regularly and replace them if damaged.

In addition, the magnetic key can also malfunction; you need to check and repair it periodically.

Install A Small Camera Monitor In The Car

You should also install a small camera screen in the car when installing an anti-theft module. This device can record and can listen to the noises in the car.

Thieves breaking into cars can make noises. Then the camera screen will emit alarm signals immediately.

You can even install a loud siren in the car when it detects strange movements. This helps deter thieves from breaking into the vehicle.


You ultimately know why the Chevy Impala won t start security system and how to fix it.

To get your automobile running, if doing the permanent remedy presents difficulties for you, reset the theft deterrent system Chevy Impala.

These tricks that I recommend above will help solve the problem and prohibit the anti-theft system.

In addition, you can also seek the help of certified mechanics to check your car’s machinery.

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