Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problem – All You Need To Know

Do you feel annoyed with your Chevy Silverado door lock problem? No worry because some other people would have the same experience.

This instruction will give you the necessary information and how to handle the situation.

The Chevy Silverado pickup truck is a reliable and stable vehicle produced by the American Chevrolet.

Since its introduction in 1998, this truck has been praised for its versatility and durability.

It can operate as both a personal vehicle and a multi-purpose truck capable of transporting large freight.

Despite its efficiency and durability, the Silverado is not invincible to door lock issues. Let’s get to know more about this problem.

What Are Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problems?

chevy silverado door lock problem
Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problems

Short answer: The Chevy Silverado is the successor compared to other long-running Chevrolet models.

However, nothing is perfect, and Chevy Silverado door locks going crazy really frustrates its drivers. Since it is linked to passenger safety on the road, it is quite a serious problem.


Door lock issues with the Silverado rarely develop instantly; they usually appear when the vehicle has traveled more than 16,000 miles and more or about 5,000 hours.

Unable to lock or unlock the car is one of the common door lock problems.

Many drivers report that the doors open automatically while traveling. Meanwhile, others experience that the doors unlock unintentionally after the vehicle is parked with no demand.

Besides, a few complain that their car doors are stuck in the closed position. They tried unlocking them using key fobs and the power lock button, but none worked.

Also, drivers say the doors seem droopy and do not fit in properly.


Issues with power locks are not just inconvenient. The problem of truck unlocking poses hazards to drivers as they commute on the road.

Furthermore, they leave the car vulnerable to theft by permitting simple entrance.

Consequently, some Silverado drivers have been overly careful, regularly double-checking to ensure vehicle doors are closed.


Silverado users experiencing passenger door lock issues for the first time should check whether the key fob is functioning properly.

It is because the issue might be its controls. You can attempt to use the car keys to lock or open the doors manually.

Internal latch problems could be the ones that prevent the automatic door lock features from working correctly. Thus, manual opening or locking is a useful option in this circumstance.


To avoid theft, it is advised to manually secure doors as a provisional remedy. Nonetheless, it is suggested that the car be sent to a Chevy repair shop as promptly as possible.

They will get the problem permanently solved.

Chevy Silverado auto door lock issues are often affordable and simple to solve.

Frequently, the problem is with the remote control rather than the car itself, and it may be fixed by replacing it with a new control module.

It would help if you took the truck to a licensed Chevy store to repair any difficulties.

Several third-party mechanics will tell you that deactivating automatic lock functions is prohibited and will deny doing the job at first.

Then, they will inform you that it is your only choice and charge you an exorbitant fee.

Despite charging a greater initial fee, a Chevy dealer will be able to resolve the problem promptly, efficiently, and lawfully.

The Problems With Other Chevy Models?

gmc sierra door lock problems
Problems of Other Model

It is time to look at the specific problems of each model. It will offer you more information about the different issues with Chevy doors.

2014 Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problem 

My 2014 Silverado’s front door lock is broken. The issue is periodic and weather-related. It frequently does not function in the mornings.

However, it works well in the evenings. Before replacing the actuator, I would like to ensure that it isn’t simply a blown fuse.

I’m having trouble determining which fuse box and number my right doors are linked to. The car manual displays the left doors but nothing regarding the right doors.

2015 Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problem

My 2015 Chevy Silverado door lock had a problem with locking and unlocking. I think it is because of the immobilizer.

You will encounter multiple issues when the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado’s immobilizer fails. The first thing you’ll observe is that the locks aren’t working properly. 

Mine was the same, so I guess it was due to the immobilizer. My car doors would lock and unlock whenever they wanted.

The key would not turn on the ignition; if it did, the ignition would not start.

If my car does start, there will be a lack of engine power, and I will have restricted acceleration. I was asked to pay around $200 for the components and $100 for labor.

However, I was unsure, so I took my car to a Chevy service for a thorough inspection.

2016 Silverado Door Lock Problems

Three lock actuators on my 2016 Chevrolet Silverado were either unusable or producing noise. It was quite a typical problem as I used to change bad door lock actuators.

They functioned fine, but I’ve observed that the inside lights do not switch on or off when the driver’s door is opened or closed.

I thought it was in the latch. I replaced the latch assembly, and everything seemed to be in order.

However, I am still not sure of the source of the problem. I will inform the Chevy service next time I visit them.

2020 Chevy Silverado Door Lock Problem

I had issues with the rear passenger door occasionally. It remained locked despite pushing the unlock button.

The problem could be the key fob, the unlock button in the cab, or the button on the door handles.

It can occur at any time. However, it typically happened after the vehicle had sat for approximately an hour. I confirmed my settings, and it was configured to open all doors.

In the most recent accident, I could not open the door from the inside. I phoned the dealer and explained my situation. They said I must bring my car to them for a thorough inspection.

GMC Sierra Door Lock Problems

Two front doors of my GMC Sierra were faulty. I think it was because The electric lock or unlock functions failed.

I had to press the keyfobs many times to open or close the door. I am concerned that the door would open accidentally when traveling, posing a risk to passengers.

I will take it to a technician soon.

How To Check Auto Door Unlock Chevy?

When the power door locks are not functioning, it might be because of faulty wiring, switch, or actuator. We’ve put together a guide to assist you in determining the source.

The following diagnostic methods are quite straightforward; if you have doubts about the findings, you should take them to a repair shop.

Step 1 – Inspect the wiring

Remove the switch panel from the door handle. Disconnect the door lock connections and examine for any irregularities.

Check from lead wire until the door lock actuator. Any damaged wire should be replaced.

Step 2 – Check the lock switch

Attempting to utilize other locks in the automobile is one of the simplest ways to troubleshoot the switch. Try with any other door switch when the driver’s lock switch fails.

Step 3 – Change the actuator

The only method to examine an actuator is to ensure it gets electricity. It has to be changed when it does not function properly with power. Actuators cost between $100 and $135.

How Do I Know My Chevy Get Recalled?

2020 chevy silverado door lock problem
Chevy Get Recalled

If you wonder whether your Chevy is recalled for door failure, check with their Chevrolet website. This page contains information on recalls made or issued following August 20, 1999.

GM tries tirelessly to get recall and inform data to affected consumers. That information will be available in the GM Account. Besides, They provide a free VIN search that displays active recalls.

For example, if you want to check whether there is a 2016 Silverado door lock actuator recall, you just input your car’s VIN. It will show you all the information.


The Chevy Silverado door lock problem should be addressed as soon as possible. Because it is linked to passenger safety, you should take your car to service.

You can check the problem. However, if you are unsure, a technician will help you, and they can find the underlying reason.

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