How To Fix When Chevy Silverado Gear Shifter Not Working?

A Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working can strongly impact the total operation mechanism of any vehicle.

Drivers can tolerate mistakes from transmission issues, safety features, or even faulty transmission range sensors.

Let’s check some common reasons causing this phenomenon for the vehicles below.

Which Causes Make Chevy Silverado Gear Shifter Not Working?

When Chevy Silverado Gear Shifter Not Working

There are many reasons why the Chevy Silverado shifter not working, such as dirty transmission fluid, broken gear, malfunctioning gear shifters, battery drain, and so forth.

This article will take a detailed look at these common issues so drivers can adopt reasonable measures.

Faulty Transmission Parking Pawl

A parking pawl is considered one of the essential pins attached to the entire transmission to ensure the gear linkage shaft’s quality during operation.

This activity can be engaged stronger when the shifter is put in park, then enforcing the drive wheels stop turning immediately.

Drivers can also be stuck in a 2012 Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working or a 2011 Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working; therefore, they must prepare another pawl to replace the faulty previous pawl. 

Oil Leak Or Low Gear Oil

Oil is one important material to support the operation mechanism of the Chevy Silverado shifter.

If there is any phenomenon regarding low gear oil or an oil leak, the gears will not mesh together and even grind harshly against the other.

This leads to many audible noises and the risk of a bad transmission selector switch.

Failure In Brake Light Switch

The brake shift’s lights or emergency brake can be one main cause resulting in the situation of the Chevy Silverado shifter not catching the ignition switch from the brake system.

People can check the efficiency of brake lights by pressing the brake, then observe whether the brake lights come on or not and fix them as soon as possible.

Wrong Safety Mechanism

The safety mechanism is designed to promote a neutral safety switch and restrict accidental problems on the roads.

Solenoid cylinders belong to this mechanism, allowing the Chevy Silverado shifter to move freely to receive the newest signals from brake pedals.

Damage In The Gear System

The gearbox has several cogs interlocked with each other to modify the gear system reasonably.

Nevertheless, most of these cogs are made from metal, which easily affects time or the air, leading to a worn-down situation.

This can put the gear system at risk of not fully engaging and not operating the gear shift.

Activation Of Limp Mode

Limp mode happens when something in the standard transmission system is wrong such as overheating, limiting the processing ability of the Chevy Silverado shifter.

Another sign of this problem is that a sensor is malfunctioning, deactivating the limp mode, and the drivers can not normally control it during movement.

What To Do If  The Chevy Silverado Shifter Not Working?

2012 Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working

If the Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working occurs due to the wrong flow of transmission fluid, please check the manual to locate the transmission dipstick and specific ATF for a new replacement.

Remember to keep a clean tunnel for ATF before installing it on the system to ensure the proper lubrication of hot transmission.

People can also move the shifter from Park to Low to remove corrosion from the switch’s contacts when catching incidents on the roads. 

To limit future transmission problems, the car’s mechanic must be insisted on thoroughly flushing the transmission case, own cooler radiator, and valve body.

This can save much money and time in fixing the users’ common transmission and gear shifting issues.

Adjust a cable in the best status on your own or at an auto repair shop before running to reject the most dangerous situations.

Why Does Chevy Silverado Shifter Moves Freely During Operation?

This problem can be explained due to one broken-off small piece in the steering column or due to the wrong shift linkage of the vehicles.

When the shift linkage or clutch pedal linkage is broken, the gear selection process can be prevented permanently.

The drivers should have the shifter linkage inspected by the mobile auto repair service to take repair records immediately for this issue.

The technicians at the repair shops can give the users some advice relating to the Chevy Silverado shifter moving freely and help them to choose the best solution for their vehicles.

This can be considered one of the proper measures to restrict costly repairs and get dealerships for warranty repair from reliable brands.

People can search for some answer helpful on Internet forums to try to fix their Chevy Silverado shifter by simple methods.

The ownership experience of this brand can be one advantage to saving a certain amount of money for paying mobile mechanic service for engines in vehicles.


What Does The Chevy Silverado Gear ?

The shifter is used to choose the different gears belonging to a manual transmission from the brand, namely Chevy Silverado.

Whenever the shifter can not take part in the correct gear, the vehicles can be stuck in severe problems during the operation process.

What Reasons Causing Manual Transmission Into Gear But Won’t Move?

A bad clutch system or failing clutch master cylinder, wrong synchronizer rings, and bad gears can be three main causes making manual transmission into gear but won’t move.

People can check these signs first to fix their vehicles quicker. Please read more information about the 2009 Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working to maintain the car usage time.

Why Does The Shifter Moves But Doesn’t Change Gears?

The shifter moving but not changing gears can be attributed to three common problems: loosening shifter wire when transmitted, wrong shifter cable, and leaked transmission fluid.

People can take some references for this issue of shifter motion to adopt proper measures.


The situation of the Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working can require a lot of complex repairs and cost the drivers a large amount of money for this issue.

People should try using some simple measures to fix their cars before taking them to the repair shop to save a certain expense.

However, if the drivers have no experience in these fields, renting a professional staff can be the best solution.

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