How To Resolve When Your Car Has Clicking Noise In Steering Column

Each sound will have its message to alert the car owner about problems. The clicking noise in steering column is a common occurrence in cars. 

So when does this happen, and how to deal with it? Read this article to find the right solution for your vehicle.

Why Clicking Noise In Steering Column?

clicking noise in steering column
What The Causes Of Clicking Noise In Steering Column

As you spin the gear stick, it doesn’t always respond as quickly as it used to. You may hear sounds emanating from them.

The car steering wheel is connected to the steering wheel clicking to control the direction of the car wheels. These are several indicators that something is amiss with the steering column.

The Power Steering Fluid Level Is Low

A power steering fluid is a type of supplementary liquid used to lubricate the pressure regulator (pump, valve) for stability control.

Power steering oil makes it easier for the driver to control the gas pedal, allowing them to use less power while still driving efficiently and effectively.

  • The steering mechanism produces a lot of noise. If you hear a noise from the steering systems, especially if the car is going slowly, check the oil level in the power steering tank right once.
  • Feel the steering wheel suddenly vibrate or jerk. If you are trying to turn the steering wheel from one direction to another and see this sign, you need to check it immediately (most noticeable when you are moving slowly)
  • Difficulty turning the steering wheel. This situation occurs when your power steering pump is short of oil, making it much harder to turn the steering wheel than usual.
  • You can hear the clicking noise behind steering wheel when turning the steering wheel. You’d better check for rear suspension oil leaks. There are two scenarios: the oil level is too low, or the pump is not working properly. With the “e e” sound, your steering wheel is probably worn out.
  • Oil stains appear under the car. Once you see a puddle under the vehicle, which means a power steering pump or oil in another system is leaking, it should be checked immediately.
  • The repayment procedure is quite sluggish. The late return of the steering column can be caused by various factors, including worn tires, the driver’s seat, and it’s not being greased on a regular basis.

Clock Spring Is Worn

Let’s inspect the torsion spring since it can be broken if the steering rattles as you turn.

The clock springs are the electrostatic force of attraction that the switch on your steering racks is activated, such as the navigation system or the horn, because no wires can twist when connected directly to the steering.

A little spring upon that watch spring’s wheel side gets in touch, including an electrical cable on the electric gearshift side. If this spring is broken or stuck, the wheel will rattle as you crank it.

Deterioration Of Flexible Couplers

Clicking noise under steering wheel can also be brought on by the breakdown of the flexible joints. As you steer, the connection aids in rotating the column.

Vibrations can be softened by it. The loudness and handling of the automobile will change when the flexible coupling is worn.

Worn Constant Velocity Joints

Another factor might be worn steady speed joints. In front-wheel drive vehicles, constant velocity joints are present.

This axle transmits the rotational motion of the transaxle from the motor onto the front tires.

Every CV axle contains both internal and exterior joints. When driving on a bumpy road, the joint allows the CV axis wheel to spin upwards and downwards.

The exterior joints allow the front tire to revolve easily. A key sign of worn CV Joints is a clicking sound in the steering wheel, a marker of wear.

Grease dripping from any joint fracture or tear indicates that the joints could have broken.


If you experience a grinding sound when rotating the steering wheel slowly, your suspension may malfunction. You ride over bumps more comfortably, thanks to your suspension.

Because of the frequent stresses placed on them, your suspension’s shock or spring will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced.

Sway bar

As you turn, your sway bar helps keep your automobile from rolling. Its primary responsibility is to maintain all rollers on the ground.

When your sway bar collides with other objects as you turn, it will clatter if it is broken. Sway bars that are damaged can cause you to lose control of your car, which is quite dangerous.

It has to be corrected as soon as you can.

How to Fix This Issues

steering column clicking
How to Fix Clicking Noise In Steering Column

Step 1. Take A Look Below The Hood

Get in your car, spin the steering wheel from right to left, and ask anyone to assist you with this initial step.

Look beneath the hood to see the steering column clicking as they rotate the wheel.

The intermediate steering shaft, which links the steering column to the rack and steering or pinion gear, is formed of metal.

Step 2. Check The U-Joints And Add Lubricant If Essential

When your car is over a pothole, the universal joints (U-joints) at each end of the wheel move. They should move smoothly when you crank the electric steering column on all sides.

You hear a creaking sound when turning the wheel just a bit? So, the metal U-joints in your steering column may be rubbing on the intermediate steering shaft.

Once the issue persists, you might try lubricating the ball joints to see if it helps.

Step 3. Replace Steering Column If It Is Broken

The steering shaft may split and break off while driving if it has significant corrosion or damaged joints. Before this occurs, your steering shaft or U-joints need to be changed.

What Should You Do If The Clicking Noise In Steering Column Won’t Go Away

It might be time to have a qualified technician take a look if the noise persists despite efforts to correct it.

The good thing is that most of these noises coming from the steering are typical and can be quickly addressed by having the power suspension component of your automobile checked out or repaired.

Always watch your car’s symptoms and warning signs to prevent future, more serious issues.

Speak to a qualified technician to get assistance diagnosing a problem with your car or want to understand how to keep it operating smoothly.

They can assist you with automobile upkeep and problem-solving so you can continue to drive securely.

How To Prevent Your Car Has Clicking Noise In Steering Column

clicking in steering wheel
Ways Prevent Clicking Noise In Steering Column

Regular Checkups

The condition of the CV joint should periodically be checked. Examine the joint for any leaks or malfunctions that can make it susceptible to the environment and dirt.

If a leak is discovered during routine maintenance inspections, you may make frequent modifications before your car starts to click.

Change the CV Joint Grease

To avoid damage, it is crucial to update the lubricant in CV joints as often as necessary. The grease should typically be replaced when it has become polluted by outside substances.

The fresh grease keeps the CV joints in good condition and lessens clicking in the steering wheel while driving.


Can I Drive A Car With Clicking Noise In Steering Column?

No. When your vehicle has a clicking steering wheel, you shouldn’t drive anymore. The situation will be much more serious if the annoying clicking sound goes on for a long time.

This means that in the near term, you will face high financial costs.

For this wear continuing, the entire steering mechanism may be damaged. You will spend a lot of money on repairs, and there may even be an emergency on the road.

Does Clicking Noise In Steering Column Affect Other Components?

Absolutely. Clicking noise appears will also cause other parts to be affected. It can directly affect bad CV joint wear.

This is a special type of joint in the intermediate shaft designed to allow the front wheel to turn correctly.

How Much Time To Fix The Clicking Noise In Steering Column?

Depending on the severity of the steering wheel clicking noise, it will take a certain amount of time.

We recommend that everyone take it to an automotive service to have it checked by a professional mechanic.

The best way to fix this steering noise is to have the power steering system checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.

The replacement can sometimes resolve the creaking, rattling, and stiffer feel when you turn at slow speeds. The same goes for checking the liquid level and adding more if needed.


Clicking noise in steering column is really a big problem for any car. We have analyzed in detail the causes of this noise.

Once you find them on your vehicle, check the electric steering column as soon as possible to detect the exact cause and deal with it in time.

If it is impossible to repair it yourself, you can seek the help of technical experts.

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