Clicking Noise When Accelerating From Stop: Causes And Fixing

It’s not a pleasant feeling to hear a clicking noise when accelerating from stop, especially during a long run. Are you wondering whether this issue is indeed serious? 

If so, you’re not the only one curious about this automotive problem. This is also a reason for our presence today. Follow us now to find out the details.

What Are The Reasons For Clicking Sound When Accelerating?

clicking noise when accelerating from stop
The Causes Of Clicking Sound When Accelerating

If a click pops up whenever you rev up, the dirty or insufficient engine oil, poor transmission fluid, bad heat shield, damaged U-joints, rod knocking, faulty spark plugs, or worn-out timing belt is to blame for.

The list of culprits does not stop there, so it’s best to bring your car to a mechanic for a thorough check-up.

Dirty Or Low Engine Oil

Due to an insufficient level of oil in the engine, some of the components couldn’t be lubricated properly as their usual conditions should be.

Hence, it generates some unpleasant clicking while accelerating.

Once the engine oil doesn’t reach the right level, it is quite hard to reach the upper elements of the motor, letting them rough and dry.

Also, the oil could be contaminated, stemming from the typical wear and tear during your driving. Dirt accumulates and jams the motor filters up, triggering the single click noise when accelerating.

Poor Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is in charge of cooling the car’s engine and keeps the gaskets as well as seals from some unexpected impacts, which helps the engine in the right working order.

In addition, this type of fluid is a bit different from most other kinds of lubricants since it consists of specific additives. This particular fluid aids in rusting and corrosion inside your car’s transmission.

Once the transmission fluid is below the standard level, many parts of the engine compartment will be affected due to corrosion or rusting.

Moreover, the seals or gasket can come loose and click when accelerating.

Faulty Heat Shield

car clicking when accelerating
Bad Heat Shield

When it comes to the roots of a car making clicking noise when accelerating, we can not miss defective heat shields.

Once the part works loose, it won’t offer a proper tight cover to the muffler, which might cause the frame to rub against the exhaust.

It can produce various sounds at low speeds and idle at first. However, the noise level will be louder over time and have a remarkable effect on your driving.

Defective U-Joints

They are the key joints, or called universal joints that link the axle to the transfer case and driveshaft. These joints permit your vehicle to take a turn smoothly.

Once they have trouble, they might result in some issues, especially car clicking when accelerating.

After a long time of using it, they might wear out. If your vehicle is stuck in a severe crash, the sound generated from that should be louder than the normal.

Some other factors might be mentioned here as a source of failure: lazy maintenance habits and operating on harsh surfaces.

Rod Knocking

The engine’s rod is held and positioned by bearings. These parts wear off through constant use and allow for more free play of the rod.

Clicking in engine when accelerating is also generated from this movement.

The knocking rod considerably impacts the engine RPM. Thus, it should be handled as soon as you can to keep other severe damage at bay.

Faulty Spark Plugs

The part is crucial in minimizing explosions emitted during your vehicle’s operation. Bad spark plugs (loose or misaligned) can not meet the sparks needed for engine combustion in your car’s cylinders.

Once these plugs are misaligned or working improperly, they will become a breeding ground for a clicking noise on acceleration and more exhaust emission/ exhaust fumes to pass.

Worn Timing Belts

The belt is a rubber strip that links the camshaft pulley to the crankshaft pulley. The part plays a role in keeping the crankshaft and camshaft in sync, which enables your vehicle to operate smoothly.

Once the belt is worn and torn, it will create some annoying engine noise when moving over these pulleys.

In other words, you will catch some noise while accelerating, like a clicking or squeaking timing belt.

What Should I Do To Treat The Clicking Noise When Accelerating From Stop

car making clicking noise when accelerating
How To Do To Treat The Clicking Noise When Accelerating From Sto

Diagnose Any Faulty Accessories

Utilize a specialized stethoscope to inspect which component might have trouble.

If you don’t own this tool or don’t feel confident about your experience in this insight, ask a mechanic’s help to diagnose the exact troublesome elements.

Check The Vehicle’s Spark Plugs

As mentioned above, faulty spark plugs might remarkably give off unpleasant sounds in your vehicle. Inspect them for any loose connections or damage.

Use tightening tools to tighten them if they’re loosely fitted.

In cracked, change new ones and check whether they might have a negative impact on the cylinder head threads.

Check The Pressure And Oil Level

Test the oil volume by using a dipstick. If the level is under the right degree, top it up. If not, the problem might stem from a pressure issue.

Check the pressure by using a gauge when the car’s engine is a bit hot in idling mode. Typical pressure can run from 25 to 65 psi.

If the result you get is out of this spectrum, a pro fix is necessary for your vehicle.

Have An Inspection Of the Engine

If all earlier discussed ways don’t work on your automobile, you may have to scan your engine.

The scanning process will show the particular problems that need to be paid more attention to. 

You can be asked to carry out the scanning on your car’s onboard computer, which aims to detect the diagnostic fault codes. These onboard codes might help you find out the issue exactly.

In The Nutshell

We have accompanied you in reaching a thoughtful answer for why there is a clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

We believe that from now on, the problem will not be a tricky one for you anymore.

There is a wide range of roots resulting in clicking in engine when accelerating; no matter what reason, you should always put consideration on frequent maintenance to find out some potential issues as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your company. Hopefully, we will still see you in our future posts.

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