Do Headers Void Warranty? (Details Explanation )

“Do headers void warranty?” I often get this question from car enthusiasts considering upgrading their cars by changing or installing headers.

As the warranty can protect you from expensive repairs due to factory defects or malfunctioning components, it is best to consider your warranty carefully before modifying your vehicle.

In this article, I will thoroughly analyze the effects of headlines on your auto warranty concerns and help you make an informed decision. So read on to find out!

Do Headers Void Warranty?

do headers void warranty

No, installing headings most likely won’t void your car’s warranty.

You should note that if the manufacturer determines that the headers you installed cause damage to the vehicle’s system, the contract will be void.

However, most dealers will only void part of the powertrain warranty for the headers. They only disable the details that you have modified.

Before installing mods on your challenger system, consult your car manufacturer’s experts or mechanics to avoid affecting the warranty.

Do Long Tube Headers Void Warranty?

I was once denied a warranty on my car in case of repair because of long tube headers.

This is one of the tricks of some dealers for those who need help understanding the entire warranty.

Therefore, you should seek a service department or service advisors to avoid unfairly denying warranty concerns by dealers.

So, do long tube headers void warranty?

Yes. Long tube headers often lead to complex modification tasks, seriously affecting engine performance.

If the dealer denies your vehicle’s factory warranty, ask them to prove it before making a final decision.

When installing a long tube header, you must adjust the motor to remove the check engine light.

It also reduces the efficiency of the oxygen sensor and causes more air to escape from the engine, leading to your check engine light being turned off.

I learned that the entire powertrain warranty would be valid even after installing long tube headers.

If you’re worried about damaging your investment, you may always spring for an extended warranty.

But, the tune needed for the Long tubes will void the warranty powertrain warranty.

Please consult your dealer before making any changes to improve your car’s engine performance to ensure it doesn’t void your warranty.

Do Aftermarket Parts Void Warranty?

does an exhaust void warranty

The factory warranty provides financial assurance to the car owner against any manufacturer defect.

In addition, the company will undertake all warranty repairs provided the owner maintains their vehicle following the necessary expectations contained in the contract.

So, does aftermarket parts void warranty?

No. However, if aftermarket parts are the main reason your car needs repair, dealers can refuse your request.

To avoid this, you must ensure that installing aftermarket headers will not cause further problems with your vehicle’s engine system.

If the cause of the engine issue is unclear, you may be charged a fee for diagnosing the vehicle.

Once the aftermarket part is unrelated to the problem, the dealer will refund the diagnostic fee to you.

You should be aware that aftermarket headers often attract special attention from dealers when you bring your vehicle in for repair.

So it’s a good idea to find a mod-friendly dealer and spend some time researching car modifications before doing aftermarket parts installation.

Does Modifying Exhaust Void Warranty?

No. However, if the entire exhaust is replaced with an aftermarket part, the warranty will no longer cover it. Even so, your remaining parts will still be covered under the original contract.

In case your aftermarket exhaust is installed incorrectly, any damage from your new exhaust will void the factory warranty.

You’d better be careful in choosing the performance exhaust, ensuring it is properly installed and fully compatible with your car to avoid damaging other parts.

What Modifications May Not Void My Warranty?

will headers void my warranty

You can make the following modifications without worrying about the warranty denial:


Coilovers and spring upgrades are relatively easy as they usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

You won’t have to worry about unbuckling the strut when the dealer’s warranty does not cover it.

CatBack Exhaust

The Cat-back exhaust is easy to install and generally has no harmful effects on other components, so you can have peace of mind about modifying it.

Car Lights

Upgrading the lights will not affect the warranty; it involves changing the lights for better performance.

Short Shifter

Short shifter modifications may not void your warranty as long as you can be sure it won’t cause transmission problems.

Exterior Modification

Modifications to appearance will have no warranty denial as they will never affect the engine’s performance.

Sway Bars

The sway bar, a part of the suspension system, usually affects the warranty, but the manufacturer’s warranty usually accompanies any change in the suspension.


The brakes are entirely independent in a car, so any modification or replacement will not affect the value of the manufacturer’s warranty.


Aftermarket wheel changes are widespread and will not affect your warranty.


Which Voids The Warranty?

Below are some cases that can void the entire vehicle warranty contract:

  • Total loss
  • Misuse of vehicle
  • Change odometer
  • Aftermarket alterations
  • Improper maintenance
  • Severe environmental damage

What Will Car Mods Void My Warranty?

5 car modifications will void the warranty, including:

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Electrical Modifications
  • Engine Remap
  • Exhaust modification
  • Audio

Will OEM Parts Void Warranty?

No, using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts should not void your warranty as long as the pieces are compatible with your device and installed correctly.

Because OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer that produced your device, they are designed to work seamlessly with consumer products.


Installing headers on your vehicle does not void your warranty.

Still, it’s essential to read your contract carefully and understand the circumstances under which your dealership may deny a warranty claim.

Consider purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy to protect yourself further and supplement your warranty coverage.

Hopefully, the above article will help you answer the question “do headers void warranty?” and provide helpful information to help you avoid the risks that affect the car warranty.

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