Dodge Dart Park Light Out: Is It Easy To Fix?

Though not as popular as other brands, Dodge Dart models still have loyal customers who love the design and characteristics of the product. But this car is not flawless.

Sometimes, you will face Dodge Dart park light out, and this is a common case.

In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find detailed instructions to solve this problem. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore this post. Scrolling down to know more!

Dodge Dart Park Light Out: Causes & How To Fix 

dodge dart park light out

When the park light is out on  your Dodge Dart, the most common culprit is the broken bulbs which need to be replaced.

Otherwise, there might be faulty wiring that hinders the power supply to the light.

The Cause

What does park light out mean

At the front of the automobile are little lights known as parking lights. They may have previously been referred to as sidelights.

These are frequently disregarded components of your car even though they are typically located in the same cluster as your main and dipped beams.

This part emblem typically consists of two tiny semicircles pointing in different directions. Three lines will probably emerge from each to represent it.

The park light out is a problem you may encounter when owning a Dodge Dart vehicle. This indicator light will show up on the dashboard and require you to act in time to turn it off.

There isn’t much cause for this signal to flicker. The most common causes are that the bulb is broken or that the wiring is damaged, leading to interrupted supply.

So in case of your park light out Dodge Dart 2015, check whether bulb and wiring are still working or not.

How To Fix

How do you solve this situation when you see the 2013 Dodge Dart park light out? It’s time to check the bulb, as mentioned above, to determine the cause of the parking light glowing out.

In the simplest case, if it does not light up when turned on, the high probability is that the bulb or wiring is damaged after a period of use. 

Dodge Dart park light replacement is needed in this case, and the new bulb will cost you a few dozen dollars.

In the worst-case scenario, if you’ve checked and the lights are fine, there may be a problem with the wire or the alarm system.

It will require experience and expertise from technicians to handle, so take your car to the service center to seek help.

Other Common Issues With Dodge Dart 

2013 dodge dart park light out

If you’re a Dodge Dart fan and plan to buy this model in the future, here are some common issues you need to consider before making your decision besides its park light out Dodge Dart problem.

Of course, each model will have pros and cons, and you need to consider whether it suits your needs and capabilities.

Transmission Problem 

Besides park light Dodge Dart, transmission issues are usually reported. The six-speed automatic transmission problem affected the 2013-2016 Dodge Dart.

Thankfully, a recall was issued in 2019 in the United States; however, the issue still exists for some reason.

I noticed my service transmission light illuminated, and there were jerky movements at constant speeds and rough shifting in my car with a faulty transmission.

The most frequent treatment is replacing the transmission, which is expensive ($3,420 on average).

You cans still seal a good deal for a replacement because there are many alternative possibilities, including a 6-speed manual.

Malfunctioning Brake Booster

The car’s decreased braking performance was another frequent problem with the braking system of the Dodge Dart model.

Bad brake boosters can cause low brake pedal pressure and limited stopping power. This problem was widespread for several Dart model years.

The 2016 model, the final year of manufacture, saw improvements, so at least you won’t have to worry about brake system problems if you choose one of them.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Apart from the parking light out ram 1500, the tire pressure system is also prone to failure.

A defective tire pressure monitoring system has been a serious problem for both Dodge Dart and Ram drivers. The tire pressure light flashed on my dash, and I had to reset it.

Finding a car that has undergone this recall is crucial because the brand changed the low-line TPMS system in impacted vehicles with a high-line system to address this problem.

The Turbocharged Engine Stalling

The decreased fuel usage and respectable performance is common in 1.4-liter turbocharged engines. Low temperatures make the engine stall, and it is also vulnerable to early failure.

It í a hassle that many vehicle owners had to deal with. And the 2013 model year item was recalled due to this problem.

After the dealership reprogrammed the engine control unit, incidents like these stopped happening.

Therefore, you have two choices: purchase a vehicle that has undergone the recall or purchase a 2.0-liter or 2.4-liter Dodge Dart.


park light out dodge dart

What If My Dodge Dart Parking Lights Are On When Car Is Off?

Six common reasons lead to this situation:

  • Malfunctioning fuse
  • The issue with the parking light switch
  • The auto on-off feature of the parking light turned off
  • Stuck turn signal relay
  • Short circuit

To solve it, you can apply one of the methods below or drive your Dodge Dart to a service center to get help from professional mechanics:

  • Reboot the system
  • Unplug the battery
  • Disconnect the fuse
  • Replace the wiring or sensor

What Should I Do When The Lights Of The Dodge Dart Don’t Work?

As mentioned above, the main problem is usually a broken light bulb. It will be quite easy and does not cost much when replacing the bulb with a new one.

After you’ve changed the bulb and restarted the car, if the condition still doesn’t improve, there may be more serious damage. A professional technician can help you in this situation.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Parking Light?

Their parking lights and bulbs range from $20.49 to over $30.49 for aftermarket and OEM parts. You’ll find various prices depending on the model and quality of the products you choose.


You’ve got all the need-to-know information to solve the Dodge Dart park light out. In most cases, you must replace the bulb with a new one. 

However, a detailed check performed by an experienced technician will ensure safety and the best performance for your vehicle. Thank you for reading!

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