Does Lifting Your Truck Void The Warranty: Unveil The Truth

Allowing a lift kit to appear in your truck can get more clearance (around some inches) to easily overcome bumpy and rough terrains.

Still, installing this part in a car doesn’t belong to the vehicle warranty contract, so many users worry that their decision can ruin the policy. 

So does lifting your truck void the warranty? There are many disclaimers or texts, but not all of which state clearly about lifting kits in a car.

To get a thoughtful answer to the question, don’t miss our post today. The answer to the query is unveiled now.

Does Lifting Your Truck Void The Warranty?

does lifting your truck void the warranty
Lifting Truck Void The Warranty

Does lifting a truck void warranty

No. Raising your car rarely voids the warranty as long as it is finished properly. There are, however, some exceptions, and each car brand will apply a different warranty policy. So you need to check with them carefully.

Does A Lift Kit Void Warranty Ford?

No, in most cases.

Ford is one of the most common trucks in the USA. It features the ideal size for any intense situation and is a decent choice for a personal vehicle.

Drivers lift the truck to add more clearance for running on various surfaces.

When it comes to a typical warranty, Ford often comes up with a good reputation among the most experienced drivers.

It keeps your truck from faulty components and other troubles leading to the workmanship in a factory. The guarantee will handle almost all of the elements of the vehicle.

You can use your VIN to get more data about your Ford guarantee policy package anytime. Also, you may switch your package of warranty in case you think of selling the vehicle before its expiry date.

If you want to learn more about its coverage, visit its website on the common warranty issues.

Does A Lift Kit Void Warranty Chevy?

No, given that the defects don’t come from the lift kit.

The Chevy has a standard warranty in common with most of its peers. The brand also has its lifting policy that is pretty popular.

The manufacturer warranty offers the general contract that handles most components for 36k miles or 36 months.

It consists of repairs brought by defective elements (ex: some problems in Chevy Trax 2018), related labor and towing costs, or poor workmanship.

Lifting your Chevy doesn’t automatically lose your warranty. Still, if your official Chevy dealer supposes that troubles with your car stemmed from the lifting set, the guarantee won’t handle those fixing costs.

The manufacturer confirms that they will just give some denials after some careful tests.

First, their skillful mechanics proceed thoughtful checks on your truck and verify whether that trouble is covered by their policy. Then they give official information if the lift kit generated the problem.

Does A Lift Kit Void Warranty Toyota?


Lifting your vehicle doesn’t automatically invalidate the warranty. Yet, it will prevent Toyota from changing any defective components because of the lift kit.

Some users reported their Toyota went hard with them as they lifted their Toyota parts.

As a matter of fact, the producer asked customers to accept a waiver release form due to certain modifications on their truck before finishing the recall step on the car. 

The lifting warranty policy allows you to access more challenging surfaces and more areas.

This manufacturer allows you to lift your truck one inch in the back and 2 inches in the front, provided that you make this upgrade at their dealer.

The policy is available at any dealer in America now and is absolutely compatible with most other features (like Safety sense). 

All Toyota models come with a typical 3-year limited warranty. The policy covers any failure with default parts (factory-installed) on the car, like the Toyota Softex problems.

But you can always get extra warranty packages for your pet vehicle.

Apart from the basic warranty, Toyota offers additional options for guarantee coverages related to emissions, powertrain, and corrosion.

You don’t want to miss these extra policies, let’s have a look at the Toyota warranty page.

Why Lifting Your Truck Is A Problem? 

will a lift void my warranty
The Causes Of Lifting Your Truck Is A Issues

A Needless Modification

Any unnecessary modification for the truck to work professionally can invalidate the agreement. 

For instance, if you keep a lift set that adds around 7 inches to your vehicle and use larger tires to house this kit, you could push yourself into a gray area.

The producer will not handle it properly at that time, yet the 3rd party lift shop that sets it up should. 

Less Comfortable

These kits make driving less comfortable, especially on long runs, which might lead to more severe accidents.

This means more chances to threaten the warranty coverage, as apparently every producer always wants to avoid such cases.

As lifting kits might weaken the driver’s comfort and driving level, many automobile dealerships do not permit them to appear in the warranty contract.

It Might Ruin The Vehicle

Installing a lift kit with the help of a third-party service might impair the car, which is not included in the warranty policy.

Although it can help a driver satisfy his demand to add more clearance to the car, lift kit installation is not a recommended move.

Also, the part is also not acceptable in the contract. For many drivers, doing this might bring more harm than good. Those installations likely lead to an invalid the contract.

External Damages

The set of lift kits makes your car’s mechanical parts more susceptible to external harm and rust.

Corroding or scraping underneath your vehicle triggers all types of damage that need loads of care and repairs.

If you ask your truck’s producer to pay for some trouble like this, you likely are out of luck.

This is understandable because producers do not want to run more budget for something that’s not their fault.

Some Other Factors

According to experts, a lot of lift kits on the recent market raise the rate of accidents.

They state that lifted trucks put you into a condition of being prone to hydroplane, back-end someone, or roll over because it is more difficult to stop immediately.

The producers run their big budget with hundreds of millions of dollars, paying skillful laborers to engineer a chain of powertrain and suspension parts to help them operate together harmoniously.

Then, users try to add an incorrect part that harms other existing components. That doesn’t belong to the manufacturer’s ideal plan.

Thus, it isn’t hard to void the contract for consumers who ask about the warranty when they are in trouble with their lift kits.

What Should I Do When My Car’s Warranty Is Affected? 

Learn Whether The Mod Was Essential

Lifting a truck is deemed an unnecessary modification that breaks virtually most car producers’ warranties.

Some specialists share that equipping a lift kit in a car will annul your contract. Nevertheless, you can buy a second-hand lifted truck from an agency and ask for a local-warranty policy. 

Get the Threat in Writing

Some dealerships suggest getting most threats on warranty contracts typed or written and officially signed by the producer. You will find a list of all risks in detail that probably causes damage the most.

Based on that, they will offer a reasonable suggestion to meet the customer’s needs but not make things worse.

For a smooth repair process, you need to know which firm provides repairs on which component: the producer for all elements not associated with the lifting set and the lift kit company for everything linked to the incorrect kit.

Contact the Car’s Producer As Soon As Possible

If the third-party service or local dealership says no to warranty repairs and you notice it is an unjust case, don’t hesitate to contact the producer as soon as possible.

Letting the situation unattended for too long might provoke excess issues with more important parts in the car.

Firms can abandon agreements if they find there is too much trouble or wear and tear from improper usage.

What Else Will Threaten Your Car Warranty?

do lift kits void warranty
What Other Will Threaten Car Warranty

Will a lift void my warranty? No, so what else can affect your car guarantee? Harsh conditions can annul the agreement.

Every intentional truck misuse will impact the warranty, such as off-roading or over-landing.

Yet, if you bought a car with over-landing coverage, there are more solutions to address such warranty disagreements.

Lack of maintenance or improper repairs might void the warranty. Put more consideration on your truck.

If you find an essential repair, look at whether it is mentioned in the policy and take it to fix immediately.

In The Nutshell

Does lifting your truck void the warranty? Until these final thoughts, we know the query no longer challenges you to answer it.

We would like to emphasize that lifting a car will not abandon the guarantee contract if you complete it professionally.

In fact, any manufacturer doesn’t want to cover some trouble and pay repair costs for some incorrect action from customers who intentionally broke their perfect design on the car.

Now is the right time to thank you for your company in the content. See you in the coming posts.

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