Does Straight Piping Increase MPG? Detailed Answers!

Regarding improving the car’s fuel efficiency, you’ve probably heard that straight piping can help much in this case. But is that right? Does straight piping increase MPG?  

Some reveal that the change is trivial, while others believe it is worth it to install the piping. So, we’re here to tell the truth.

Keep reading to learn more about the potential benefits and drawbacks of straight piping and whether it is actually worth the investment. Scroll down!

What Does A Straight Pipe Do?

Does Straight Piping Increase MPG

As the name implies, a straight exhaust pipe refers to the exhausting purpose.

The exhaust gasses are discharged from the exhaust manifold via this pipe after combustion occurs without using a catalytic converter, resonator, or muffler.

The addition of particle filters, mufflers, resonators, and catalytic converters by automakers, particularly those in Europe, is required.

Albeit the ability to mitigate the vehicle’s emission, these parts suppress the exhaust sound and lower the exhaust flow.

Auto lovers who indulge in the engine roaring sound may wish to replace the exhaust, letting off the catalytic converter or muffler, depending on their driving style.

Towards one is planning for a new option, a tiresome muffler water leak can make him more eager to get new straight piping at once.

Observe that some people confuse muffler deletion with a straight pipe. That isn’t correct; those are just muffler delete.

Moreover, there are many types of exhaust systems and exhaust delete with different specs. Shop around to pinpoint the best deals for you.

So, can you put a muffler on a straight pipe? No, it works independently with no need of a muffler’s assistance.

Does Straight Piping Increase MPG?

Does straight piping affect gas mileage? Yes. Straight pipes improve horsepower, MPG, and exhaust loudness.

They lower back pressure and allow your engine to breathe easily by removing the constrictive muffler and resonator.

Consequently, your engine doesn’t need more power for back pressure, followed by fuel efficiency and engine performance gain.

On the other hand, many set their engines in a high RPM range by pushing the accelerator pedal to hear the insane sound of exhaust gasses via straight pipes.

If so, it could reduce your fuel efficiency. Still, if you hear the humming noise only when accelerating, be alert!

Moreover, your vehicle performance may suffer from too-wide straight pipework. A suitable one is a must to keep the balance between the frictional losses and the exhaust gas velocity.

A restrictive or less-diameter exhaust pipe can rapidly improve the exhaust gasses’ velocity, evacuating the gasses from the engine cylinder.

Still, it also causes frictional losses to rise, hindering the exhaust gas flow. Thus, you must choose a straight pipe with the correct diameter.

So, how much HP does straight pipe add? A daily driver can gain about 10 HP with this straight pipe, as opposed to 5 HP or less using a muffler.

Does Straight Pipe Waste More Gas?

No. It doesn’t use much gas.

Instead, depending on how the system is installed, straight-pipe exhaust systems can create an increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency by lessening the car’s weight and back pressure, as stated.

We have witnessed several individuals complain about a noticeable drop in MPG. The roots can be as follows:

  • Straight piping diameter
  • No reflashing the ECU after you alter your exhaust
  • The Oxygen sensor removed
  • Violently pushing the gas pedal to enjoy an aggressive sound

What Are Straight Pipe Exhaust Benefits & Drawbacks?

Now you should know the answer to this question: Does straight pipe affect gas mileage? Head for the in-depth section of its pros and cons:


Engine’s Genuine Sound

As for the straight pipe exhaust benefits, no one can undermine this ear-catching sound.

It’s raw and unadulterated as there are no limitations like a catalytic converter, muffler, resonators, or other parts.

Still, reconsider cranking up your vehicle in the early morning unless you want to awaken all your neighbors.

Reduced Weight

Mufflers and catalytic converters add weight to a car. Interestingly, much lighter than the conventional exhaust is a straight pipe exhaust. It’s one of the stand-out benefits of straight pipe.

Increased Performance

Straight-pipe exhaust systems enhance your car’s torque and horsepower. That’s why many people choose them.

These systems lessen the engine’s back pressure, enabling the free flow of exhaust gasses and boosting the engine’s efficiency.


Straight pipes jazz up on your car’s appearance. To render the exhaust system tip emerge drop-dead, give it a chrome treatment.

Nice colors were added to your tip using numerous welding techniques. The twin-pipe system is a far-out addition for an even more elegant look.


Not Road Legal In Most Places

Before installing an exhaust system with straight pipes on your street car, you should consider it.

In most US jurisdictions, removing the catalytic converters or mufflers is illegal, albeit with a few exceptions.

So, before you have things done, check your jurisdiction laws.

You should be alright if your car starts cold in the morning, isn’t obscenely loud, or runs at 7000 rpm.

Difficult To Sell

It’s tough to sell your car with a straight piping system. Thus, you must recover your initial exhaust system (instead of straight piping) before selling the vehicle.

Often Quite Loud

The desire for their automobile to sound loud is occasionally the only factor driving motorheads to choose a straight pipe configuration.

They are unaware that this touch-tup may make a car so noisy that starting and operating it in a crowded neighborhood could attract police attention.

In favor of such systems, enthusiasts typically limit their use of their race cars to race circuits.

As a result, your pipe arrangement would be a terrific addition to your car if your city is fortunate enough to have a racetrack where you can push it to its absolute limits.

Rampant Emissions

Although straight pipes provide the finest acoustics, they could be more eco-friendly.

Catalytic converters were added to automobiles in the latter half of the 20th century to combat the impacts of toxic emissions.

It’s common to uninstall all catalytic converters while straight-piping an automobile, which could be better for an exhaust emission examination.

You may also get a ticket issued from the local authority.

Not Economical

Installation costs are high for straight pipes. New ones are often costly and challenging to get for a reasonable price.

Additionally, your car will frequently need tuning following specific guidelines to get the most out of a straight-pipe exhaust system.

How To Straight Pipe A Car?

how to straight pipe

Measure The Muffler Size 

Reckon the size of your aftermarket exhaust muffler to determine your muffler’s ability to stop backflow into the exhaust system.

From there, pick a straight pipe exhaust system to have a pre-silencer besides a new straight-line muffler with a complicated flow-through design.

Park The Auto And Lift It Up

To reach the exhaust system, raise your automobile.

To properly access the car’s underbelly, we advise against putting it on jack stands and using a car lift instead.

Plan Out The New Exhaust Layout 

After familiarizing yourself with your car’s current exhaust system, make a layout for your new system using paper and a pencil.

Include the right bends to fit around the existing pieces surrounding the exhaust system.

Dismantle Your Current Exhaust System 

Grab silicone lubricant to loosen your present exhaust system. Then, remove the clamps to separate the exhaust system from your car.

The following step is crucial: disconnect your catalytic converter but keep it partially in place.

Install A New Exhaust System 

Cut the mandrel bend sections for pipe installation, and your new pipes are ready.

Before you weld the components together, ensure everything fits underneath your automobile.

If the new items are not covered by chrome or stainless steel, paint them with heat-resistant materials after they get welded.

Install your system underside the car, then enjoy your brand-new ride!

Take note: Please confirm that installing a straight pipe is permitted in your area before conducting our step-by-step instructions on how to straight pipe.

Many states have forbidden straight-pipe exhausts entirely due to increased noise and dangerous pollutants.

Final Thoughts

Does straight piping increase MPG? Yes, of course.

Straight piping replaces the former factory-installed exhaust system with a striking look. That’s why this option has become wide-reaching and sought-after in the auto-part segments.

By the end, an idea may lighten your mind as you want to get one now. Share this post with other car owners or jot comments down for us.

Thanks for reading!

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