Toyota Drive Start Control Malfunction – Causes And Solutions

Drive Start Control malfunction is a problem that any Toyota driver can experience.

One day, your Toyota DSC stops working, and you have to try to control the speed and avoid wrong accelerator pedaling. What causes DSC problems? Let’s follow us to find the answer.

What Does Drive Start Control Malfunction Mean?

Drive Start Control Malfunction

Drive Start Control malfunction is a new automatic technology invented by Toyota. It is designed to prevent unexpected acceleration.

This system helps to ensure the driver’s and the traffic participants’ safety when a speed problem arises and avoids restarting the engine while on the journey.

The main task of this special feature is to monitor the gear changes while driving and notice if they are accidentally pressing the gas, causing the car to go too fast.

If it detects that the driving speed is too high, the Control Malfunction Warning light on the dashboard will flash.

The system will automatically reduce the engine power and acceleration to ensure safety.

In addition, it helps to detect obstacles that block the road ahead and obstructs the driver’s view. Then, the system automatically reduces engine power and brakes in such cases.

What Are Causes Of Drive Start Control Malfunction Tundra?

The most common causes of Driver Starter Control are driver errors, problematic fuses, and rusted connectors.

These errors do not always appear when the system is newly installed but emerge when it has been operating for a while.

Driving Mistakes

Driving problems are the leading cause of malfunction in Drive Start Control. It can be derived from subjective or objective factors.

In other words, it is affected by the driver or other external factors such as obstructions, drivers’ mood, etc.

If the driver simultaneously holds the accelerator and shifts the gear, your Drive Start Control malfunction Toyota CHR will occur.

The reason is that this has violated the working mechanism of the gears, which are changed in a direction that conflicts with the car gear.

The car’s operation mechanism, complying with the single gear, was broken and caused a problem.

The second reason is because of the obstacles on the road. Sometimes riders will encounter potholes or small rocks.

The system will not detect it because its disadvantage is that it can only spot obstacles with a large surface area, such as cars, walls, trees, etc.

Thus, when you accidentally slip into potholes, you panic on gear but forget that you still hold the accelerator, inducing the system to fail.

Problematic Fuse

Fuse failure is one of the major culprits that cause Drive Start Control malfunction. It not only makes the electrical system shut off but also severely affects the Drive Start Control.

A common cause of a blown or burned fuse is a loose and blown fuse wire.

The fuse makes it unbearable and burns when subjected to an overload current. It causes all systems to stop working automatically.

Though it is rarely the main reason for a Drive Start Control issue, some switches are directly tied to battery or core motor system elements.

The control system may fail if the defect is located inside these capacitors.

Rusted Connector

The connector is connected to the motor, mainly in charge of performing the braking function.

It mostly operates in emergencies when you press the brake pedal, and the throttle may or may not be pushed.

Overtime, debris will accumulate on the connector and leave rust. The cable terminates in particular sensors directly connected to the car’s engine and synchronizes the pedal pressure based on the gear.

Due to this rusty level, it is harder for the Drive Start Control to carry out the function smoothly. As a result, the system may potentially fail.

How To Fix Driver Control Malfunction?

Check The Plugs And Cables

Check The Plugs And Cables

When the driver control malfunction appears, you first need to check the spark plugs and cables and re-tighten them if needed.

They may have come loose during driving or after a long operation.

Traveling over bumpy and rough roads will cause the plugs to loose, leading to system failure. Also, see whether the oil deposits on the spark plug to fix it timely.

Once you find the cable is broken or open, you should go to the car repair shop.

The mechanics will solve it for you because the cable network below this engine compartment is quite complicated. If you are unfamiliar with cars, it is best to ask the auto mechanic to fix them.

Clean The Connector

Clean The Connector

As mentioned above, the connector is rusted or covered with dirt after a long time when the car has not been cleaned, which will trigger the Drive Start Control to fail.

So it would be best to have this connector cleaned carefully.

One thing to note is that after cleaning, you should leave it in the air for a while and then put it back in the right place.

The reason is that it may contain residual moisture after cleaning the connector that can cause connection problems.

After cleaning, the connector will communicate signals to the engine unit more quickly via sensors.

Consequently, the system can distinguish between forward and backward ratios even when you mistakenly leave the pedal pushed.

As a result, the possible malfunction of the Drive Start Control system is greatly reduced.

Use Clearance Sonar System

Use Clearance Sonar System

The clearance sonar system is also a sensor technology launched by Toyota to support the Drive Start Control.

This safety feature allows the vehicle to brake automatically when it detects an impending collision on the road. At this time, Toyota’s safety DSC will begin to take control of the vehicle.

This technology can solve the problem of accidental acceleration. It helps to reduce the number of traffic accidents and collisions caused by a brake error.

Although currently, this sensor technology can only detect obstacles at close range, Toyota strives to improve it so that it can identify obstacles at a greater distance to contribute to traffic safety in the future.


How To Fix 2016 Lexus RX 350 Drive Start Control Malfunction?

To fix this problem, you should first check the battery because this is the source of power for any system on the vehicle. If you find a dead battery, replace it immediately.

Should the battery be fine, check the starter system and the cables and plugs if they come loose during vehicle operation. Once you find these errors, re-tighten the plugs.

When you do not find any of the above errors, then you should leave it to the mechanics to check and solve.

Like the Drive Start Control malfunction 2018 Toyota Camry, this 2016 Lexus RX features a rather complex system and a new Toyota technology.

Perhaps, the driver does not have much information about this sensor.

Besides, you should also have a safe and careful driving habit. It is best to move at the right speed to avoid hitting obstacles on the road.

DSC cannot detect small and out-of-sight stuff, so practice a careful driving habit.

What Are The Consequences Of A Drive Start Control Malfunction?

When this part is faulty, it will not sense the surrounding obstacles, causing problems for careless drivers.

In addition, when the driver mistakenly steps on the brake pedal for the accelerator, a damaged DSC system will not be able to control this.

Serious incidents such as hitting pedestrians or crashing into electricity poles and trees can happen.

Especially for drivers who drive long distances or drive at night, not having this assisting system will be a challenge for them.


Overall, driver mistakes, problematic fuses, and rusted connectors cause Drive Start Control malfunction.

You can fix it yourself by checking the cable, cleaning the connector, or having the mechanics fix it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Hope you have received useful information.

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