Edelbrock Electric Choke Adjustment – Full Guidance

Edelbrock electric choke adjustment is a complicated process. However, it is necessary to avoid poor car performance. It is a process of adjusting the tension on the choke coil spring.

These proper procedures will ensure the electronic choke operation. Though not easy, it is needed as the engine components regulate the fuel/air mixture.

It will be helpful in cold starts by restricting airflow into the carburetor.

When the choke is not adjusted properly, it can cause many issues. Some common ones include hard starting, rough idling, and poor performance.

Let’s learn how to adjust the choke on a carburetor in this article.

What Is Electric Choke On A Carburetor?

edelbrock electric choke adjustment

A carburetor’s electric choke is a critical component that adjusts the combination of air and fuel during cold starts. It inhibits air entry into the carburetor.

Thus, the engine part will increase the quantity of gasoline in the mixture. You will find the vehicle is much easier to ignite in cold operation.

The choke employs a heating element to heat a bimetallic spring. Then, the spring will open or shut the choke plate based on the engine temp.

The electronic choke limits airflow and provides a richer fuel mixture for a cold engine. As the engine heats up, the choke plate progressively opens to let more air into the carburetor.

The electronic choke is an integral component of the carburetor. It aids in the smooth operation of the engine during cold starts.

What Is Wiring Electric Choke Edelbrock?

Edelbrock is a well-known carburetor maker for classic automobiles and performance-oriented machines.

It provides an appealing option for anyone looking to improve their engine performance.

Optimizing a carburetor’s efficiency requires proper electronic choke adjustment. Edelbrock has two basic models to accommodate numerous engine sizes from different brands.

They designed a manual choke attached to an electric choke design. It is suitable for different cold starting requirements when more fuel is necessary.

The manual one has a dash-mounted button that opens and closes the choke plate. It means those who prefer a more hands-on approach to regulating the air/fuel mixture will need this type.

On the other hand, The electric version employs an electrically heated coil. It will open and close the choke plate automatically.

This model is for those enjoying a hands-off approach to regulating the mixture.

As a car enthusiast, you expect your vehicle to function optimally. Edelbrock electric choke adjustment plays an important part in this.

This process and wiring an electric choke on an Edelbrock carburetor will be given later.

What Are Carburetor Choke Problems?

adjust edelbrock electric choke

Carburetors were largely replaced by throttle bodies and multiport electronic fuel injection systems.

However, owners of older vehicles may still have carburetors in their cars. They may need to know different signs of improperly adjusted carburetor problems.

Sticking Choke

A sticking choke is a typical carburetor choke issue. It can result in difficult starting or poor engine performance.

The choke may stick in the closed position, causing the engine to flood with fuel or fail to start.

A corroded choke plate, a worn automatic choke spring, or a misaligned choke connection are all causes. For best engine performance, a certified mechanic can diagnose and rectify the problem.

Cold Starting Problems 

On cold mornings, a defective choke mechanism might cause difficulty igniting a vehicle. The choke linkage can become loose or break.

It will prevent the choke from closing or opening correctly. It is advisable to bring your car to a mechanic for examination.

Rough Idle

Rough idling is a frequent indicator of carburetor problems. It is made with an excessively low fuel mixture. You may encounter uneven or erratic idle speed and engine stalls.

Besides, there may be hesitation, lean or rich fuel mixture, and backfiring. You should take your car to a professional mechanic for a thorough inspection.

Poor Fuel Economy

A too-tight choke can cause the engine to run too rich. It leads to poor fuel economy, black smoke from the exhaust, and reduced engine power.

Otherwise, a too-loose choke can cause the engine to run too lean.

It causes poor performance, engine overheating, and potential engine damage.

Edelbrock Electric Choke Adjustment – Step By Step Guide

To adjust Edelbrock electric choke, locate the component as instructed below. Then, warm up the engine to operating temperature.

Next, adjust the choke coil spring tension. Here is the complete guide on how to adjust carburetor choke.

Locate The Electric Choke

Open the hood, and you will see the Edelbrock carburetor. In most cases, the carburetor is mounted on top of the engine’s intake manifold.

There is an air cleaner assembly attached to the top of the carburetor. Now uninstall the air cleaner and locate the electronic choke housing.

It is usually positioned on the carburetor’s right side and features a two-wire hookup.  The fast idle screw, which regulates the engine’s idle speed, is located on the choke housing.

You can also see factory index marks on the carb housing but don’t perform Edelbrock fast idle adjustment soon.

Warm Up The Engine

Launch the engine and let it heat up to its normal operating temperature of operation. It can take a few minutes before adjusting the fast idle screw.

After the engine is heated up, steadily move the fast idle screw in a clockwise direction.

Keep turning until the engine stops. Move the screw in the counterclockwise direction until the engine restarts. You will also find the idle speed stabilizes.

Allow the engine to warm up and reach regular operating temperatures before proceeding. Turn the fast idle screw counterclockwise to the desired idle speed.

One thing to note, depending on the specific situation, you can adjust the idle speed screws or fast idle screws. The idle speed screws are located near it, as in the picture.

If you are experiencing a high idle speed when the engine is cold, and the choke is engaged, you may need to adjust the fast idle screw.

When the engine is idling too high or too low when it is warm, and the choke is open, you may need to adjust the idle speed screw.

Adjust the Choke Coil Spring Tension

Locate the idle mixture screws on the carburetor and use a screwdriver to adjust them. Normally, they are located on the underside of the carburetor’s fuel bowl.

It is near the base of the carburetor.

Adjusting the screws clockwise restricts the quantity of air reaching the engine. It will increase the richness of the fuel mixture.

Thus, you can enjoy engine efficiency and lower emissions, particularly on cold starts.

Rotating the screws counterclockwise allows more air into the engine. It results in a leaner fuel mixture. Drivers will experience fuel efficiency and lower emissions while the engine is heated.

Check The Choke Operation

After adjusting the choke on a carburetor, it’s important to tighten the screws and test-drive the car. No additional modifications are required if the car runs correctly and starts readily.

Assuming the Edelbrock electric choke not working, waiting several hours is advisable. The choke coil and engine need time to cool completely before making any more modifications.

What Are The Tips For Edelbrock Choke Adjustment?

how to adjust electric choke on edelbrock carburetor

While adjusting the idle mixture screws, monitoring the engine’s response is critical. When the engine backfires or stutters, it may operate too lean and need extra gasoline.

To boost the engine’s gasoline quantity, move the idle mixture screws counterclockwise. In case the engine hesitates when accelerating, it may be going too rich.

It indicates that the mixture needs less gasoline. Thus, what we need to do is adjust the screws clockwise in this scenario.

What are the Symptoms of a Misadjusted Edelbrock 1406 Electric Choke Adjustment?

A misadjusted electric choke can cause various symptoms, including hard starting, rough idle, and poor fuel economy.

There is also black smoke from the exhaust, reduced power, and engine overheating. It’s important to adjust the electric choke properly to avoid these issues.

You can use a vacuum gauge or other diagnostic tools to help you determine the optimal idle mixture for your engine.

Be sure to refer to the carburetor manual details or consult a qualified mechanic if you are unsure.


Edelbrock electric choke adjustment is essential for reliable engine performance, especially during cold starts.

Misadjusted electric choke can cause carburetor choke problems.To adjust the electric choke, locate the electric choke, warm up the engine, and adjust the screws.

Proper Edelbrock 1406 choke adjustment is critical for optimal engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions.

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