What Triggers Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox? A Guide

For car collectors, Chevy Equinox is easily one of the best choices. Known for its sleek and unique design, it still retains popularity even after decades.

You can expect to find some aftermarket models at the most shocking price tags!

Nevertheless, the fact that these cars are not new means you need to brace yourselves for some upcoming technical problems (just like their counterparts Chevy Trax).

One such issue is the message “Engine power reduced” Chevy Equinox, which often pops up for seemingly no reason.

Many vehicle owners have to wrack their brains trying to find a solution to that dilemma!

Here is where Bryan’s Garage enters the scene, lending you your needed help. This insightful article will break down all the relevant issues to give you better insight and terrific solutions.

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What Triggers Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox?

What Triggers Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox

Based on major customer reports, the most common problems stem from the throttle bodies, O2 sensors, position sensors, ECU, TAC systems, clutch, and connectors.

Indeed, it’s hard to narrow down the problems to one or two car compartments – since their sources can come from anywhere.

1. Mechanical Throttle Bodies

Faulty throttle body issues are among the most popular reasons behind the blinking lights of Chevy Equinox engine power reduced.

As your ECU does not receive appropriate voltage replies from the car’s throttle body, it is uncertain how to accelerate the Equinox from gas pedal inputs.

As a result, the system has no choice but to send the “reduced power mode” message to keep your car from an uncontrolled operation.

2. The O2 Sensors

The oxygen sensors in your Equinox are designed to calculate the oxygen amount within the exhaust, ensuring that a proper fuel/air mixture is recognized.

These devices going bad usually do not trigger “Reduced Power” limp mode immediately; however, if the code scanner is plugged in and sends back sensor-related codes (ex: P0160), troubles are clearly at play.

Bring the car to qualified professionals at once!

3. The Throttle Position Sensors (TPS)

Another possible cause lies in the throttle sensors. No instant response from these sensors renders the ECU helpless, as it cannot determine the gas level you have given the vehicle.

TPS also plays a crucial role in verifying the shifting time for the transmission, so their malfunctions will have detrimental consequences on your car’s smooth engine performance.

4. The ECU (Engine Control Unit)


Of course, we should not sidestep ECU, whose failure to operate correctly often makes the engine power mode drop significantly.

The device takes charge of receiving data from all the aforementioned sensors, combining them with other compartments to handle the engine management sensors well.

Poor ECUs also light up the battery charging systems in most Chevy, an issue you can learn more about by clicking here.

5. The TAC System

Though a bit rarer, TAC (Throttle Actuator Controls) might also trigger warnings for Equinox engine power reduced.

The reason we say such cases are “rare” is that many models do not have a TAC system; instead, they have a traditional throttle body and linkage. TAC is only introduced sometime later than that.

This system has several PCM monitors and two APP (Accelerator Pedal Positions) sensors to determine whether you need to speed up or not.

Then, the car’s precise throttle response will get evaluated and calculated from TP (Throttle Position).

As the entire compartment is responsible for so many important tasks, it’s not difficult to understand why their functional failures can be the death of your old Chevy.

6. Clutch

Not many think of clutch failure when it comes to Chevy Equinox reduced engine power light, but it’s also a likely possibility.

When the clutch starts suffering from engine issues, your system will generate noises and squeaks. In worse cases, pulsation problems also rear their ugly heads!

Fortunately, faulty clutches are often not serious. Having the car transmission serviced will solve the problem fairly quickly.

7. The Connectors

Average drivers often skip defective cables or harnesses, which is a grave mistake. They are the root cause of the reduced power problems in many cases!

So one of the first things you should do whenever the issue occurs is to double-check the harnesses, clamps, and cables. Ensure their connections are proper and keep a close eye on unusual signals.

If any faulty cable catches your attention, fix it instantly. Should your current budget allow it, we suggest you replace these cables for good.

8. Bad Airflow Mass Sensors

Bad Airflow Mass Sensors

An ill-maintained air mass sensor cannot help the car detect proper airflow. We are not surprised if the car computer keeps generating incorrect calculations of injection fuel quantities.

As a result, the car is triggered into its “reduced power” mode, saving you from worse damage.

How to Fix The Problem When Engine Power is Reduced Chevy Equinox

How to fix engine power reduced Chevy Equinox? Here are three promising alternatives:

1. Check The DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code)

Buy a scan tool or code reader and use it to check the DTCs. Such moves can give you the proper instructions to assist in more in-depth diagnostics.

If it’s still unclear, let us repeat that getting your hands on those codes alone cannot 100% complete the diagnosis. They can only show you directions for a more inclusive analysis afterward.

2. Find The TSBs (The Technical Service Bulletin)

Most vehicle manufacturers issue TSBs (Technical Service Bulletin), which can be of great help to most drivers with these technical problems.

More specifically, TSBs lend you a helping hand by documenting reparation processes for all common car issues – which often does the trick wonderfully.

Some Chevy customers report fixing the reduced power problems this way, meaning you can do the same with yours.

3. Consult Factory Repair Info

It doesn’t hurt to consult some factory repair info before fixing the car yourself.

As you should have known, the causes behind these problems depend on the vehicle’s exact model year; hence, with no proper research, you might make things worse! 

Some elaborated instructions are also covered in these repair manuals, which we strongly suggest you take a look at. They can help drivers find resolutions much quicker than expected.


This article has detailed clear guidelines on the Engine power reduced Chevy Equinox issues.

While it’s possible to drive the car for a few hundreds more miles with these lights turned on, ignoring the issue for too long is still not an advisable move.

As soon as you can make the time, bring the car to any closeby auto repair shop to have it fixed – or do so by yourself!

Do you still have any emergency questions, inquiries, or confusion regarding reduced engine power Chevy Equinox

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