Why Is The Entune App Suite Not Working? Causes and Solutions

For years, Toyota drivers have considered Entune – a convenient program that lends access to table reservations, music, and more – their trustable companion on the road.

Unfortunately, in recent months, the Entune app suite not working has given lots of people quite a headache.

Why does such a disaster occur in the first place, and is there any great solution to get rid of it once and for all?

The article from Bryan’s Garage will cover every related aspect of this burning issue. Keep scrolling for more pointers and analysis about why your Entune not working

What Are Entune App-Suite and Entune System?

Entune App Suite Not Working

Entune System is a Toyota interface aimed to help drivers seize better control of the car while connecting with other people via Wi-Fi.

Its premium plan offers the Entune App-Suite that allows you to download every mobile application for music streaming, weather checking, and more – just like a standard smartphone.

Entune System

It’s one of Toyota’s latest infotainment interfaces (a combination of information and entertainment), offering lots of upgrades compared to the previous Toyota systems. They include: 

  • Remote Connect: Handle your precious Toyota without the need to get behind its wheel! 

The remote connect lets you unlock and lock doors from afar, kick-start the engine, and inspect its diagnostics (ex: malfunctioning charging system or pre-collision system errors).

You can even find where it’s parked among thousands of similar vehicles in the parking lot.

  • Wi-Fi: Thanks to the accessible 4G LTE Verizon-powered connection, you can always stay connected anytime and anywhere you wish.
  • Navigation: The system incorporates dynamic navigation capability, getting you from location A to location B and highlighting notable points along the road.

Entune App-Suite

The Entune system has three different grades – Audio, Audio Plus, and Premium Audio.

The latter comes with The Entune App-Suite; with such an innovative application under your fingers, you can get your hands on one-touch, limitless apps such as Facebook, Yelp, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

Once the download process finishes, you can stream songs, check weather forecasts and traffic, book tables at a packed restaurant, see Facebook statuses, and more!

In essence, we could say that the App-Suite functions similarly to Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

After you connect your phone with Entune, the App-Suite will navigate to an onboard digital screen, from which you can install anything you want via the App Store and Google Play.

Aside from a solid Bluetooth connection, nothing else is needed! 

Why Is The Entune App Suite Not Working?

Why is my Toyota Entune not working? In most cases, the culprit is either the WLAN or the excessive application size.

The most used solution is to reset the app, be it a soft or hard method. Checking for them might be helpful.

The Connect Is Not Loading 

Let’s say you need to update or download the App-Suite – and wonder why it takes you forever to start it.

Seems like you have tried everything, and it still refuses to load! Even restart attempts do not yield any promising results, either.

Your best bet is to check for the WLAN. No full reception means it’s the primary cause of Entune app error download Toyota app.

The Connect Loads But Very Slowly

In some instances, the suite still loads – just at a very sluggish pace. The root cause is probably the file size, which might be a tad too overwhelming for the system.

So whenever you decide to update the app, check your app store for the file’s installation storage and assess whether the download might take longer than expected.

The Update Fails to Start

Failed updates probably stem from the same reason as that we mentioned above. Check the WLAN or app size to ensure they do not get in the download or update process.

If that still does not solve the problem, maybe it’s time to consider some other solutions.

The next section of the article will sum up all possible approaches to Entune app suite download problems.

What Are Some Common Solutions to The Entune App Not Working?

What Are Entune App-Suite and Entune System?

How can we fix Toyota Entune not working? A one-size-fits-all solution is to reset the app via three methods: soft, hard, and software reset.

After that, set up some essential features like audio, phone, navigation, etc., to seal the deal.

Soft Reset

Soft-reset is the quickest and easiest method for download error some Entune app suite 2021.

Though we cannot guarantee that it always works, these simple counter attacks are worth trying before you turn to the more complicated ones.

Follow the steps listed below: 

Step 1. Put the key in its ignition lock before setting “On”. Another method is to press “Engine” twice, but remember not to turn it on.

Step 2. Wait a few minutes until the screen powers on. Then hold the knob “PWRA-VOL” for about 12 seconds. Your Entune will reset and operate as it should.

For some other models, here is an alternative guide: 

Step 1. Without switching on the engine, power on your electrical systems. Wait a few seconds for them to achieve full-on power-up.

Step 2. Pick up your phone, then go to “Settings” and “Bluetooth devices”. Remove the Toyota option.

Step 3. Turn to the touch screen and go to the “Bluetooth connections” section. Navigate to “Known Devices” and remove your smartphone.

Step 4. Hold the knob “PWR-VOL” for 10-12 seconds. The app should have been reset by now!

Hard Reset

You can try hard resets instead if soft resets do not yield much good. A drawback is that all your saved data will get wiped out.

But in return, it will restore Entune to its default state – one of the best methods to ensure glitch-free operations in the long run.

Step 1. Without turning on the car’s engine, press “Engine” twice.

Step 2. Hold the “App” button on your multimedia system, and switch the light off several times without releasing your fingers. You will see a menu for Diagnosis Check.

Step 3. Press the “INIT” option on that touchscreen, which will pull out a message: “Your personal data is being initialized. Is that OK?”. Respond to that question with a “Yes”.

Step 4. Turn the engine on, checking whether phones, Bluetooth connections, and radio stations have successfully been removed.

Software Reset

Another terrific alternative for hard resets is to kickstart only the software commands. Your data still gets wiped, so do not forget to back up important documents and files before you proceed.

Step 1. Without cranking up the engine, power on your vehicle. Next, disconnect every Bluetooth device from your Entunes.

Step 2. Hold the button “PWR-VOL” for around 12 seconds, like the reset types mentioned above. Once you have completed the restart, choose “Setup” on the touchscreen and hit “General”.

Step 3. Navigate and press the button “Deleting Personal Data”.

Step 4. The only thing left to do is to restart your car. Confirm everything is working smoothly.

Further Set Up After The Reset

Once you have successfully reset the system via one of the methods introduced above, it’s time to configure its core functions: 


To broaden the system’s memorization capability, go to the menu “Audio Source” and choose FM.

There are numerous empty spaces for you to fill with the station’s name – either your current one or that of the Station List. Entunes will break them down into different genres and locations.

The sound settings are classified into Mid/Treble/Bass, Balance/Fader, and Automatic Levelizer, which modifies sound levels depending on noise quantity in your cabin.

Even better, there are five different audio sources for you to pick from: Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM, and AM.

Simply connect your phone to the one you prefer and stream any song without interruptions!


Now you need to gain back your phone features access. Trace along with these guidelines to reconnect them: 

Step 1. Navigate to your main menu and hit the button “Phone”. Once done, turn on your Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 2. On your Entune touchscreen, press the option “Connect phone”.

Step 3. Allow the connections to transpire and enter passwords if needed. The devices will pair together.

Now, you are welcome to use its touchscreen to make calls, search for contacts, or enter mobile phone numbers.

In addition, the “Text Messages” feature grants you access to all stored messages on your mobile phone, lets you listen to them via text-to-speech conversion, and write quick replies using one of their premade, editable messages.

Meanwhile, its “Safety” precautions keep you from revising these texts while driving (and encountering accidents as a result).

App Suite

Download the app from Play Store or Apple Store to receive all the full benefits of these systems.

Login (or register) first via your existing account – before connecting it with all the mobile apps you need for driving.

Since they are safely stored in Entunes memory, you can enjoy different apps like Yelp, Facebook, Weather, Stocks, Sports, iHeartRadio, and many more – as we have already discussed.

To turn it into a Wi-fi Hotspot, you will need to pay an extra fee.

Navigation, Display and Info Settings

Toyota delivers navigation services via two methods. The first one is GPS Scout Link – similar to Google Map – which receives the location stated on the smartphone and displays it on your multimedia screen.

Another one is Toyota Dynamic Navigations, which offers continuous refreshes, updates, and precise map readings.

In another vein, turn on the info section to access all critical data about the car’s speed, fuel economy, and history, which paves the way for a more insightful analysis.

For display lighting, you can adjust the brightness and contrast on the screen or switch them off entirely.

Are There Any Other Solutions to the Toyota Entune App Not Working?

Though less common, these methods also prove efficient in many cases.

Experts suggest you check the internet connection and server status, troubleshoot the Bluetooth, perform factory restarts, and run the app while the engine is operating.

1. Check Your Internet Connection and Server Status

An unstable Internet connection is a possible reason – and one that’s more common than you think!

Try to navigate to an Internet website to see how stable the connection is, and inspect whether you have turned off the WiFi settings by accident.

90% of similar cases are solved just with this simple solution!

And what if strong Internet connections still fail to get rid of the dilemma? Maybe the Android or iOS servers are exuding false signals due to maintenance issues.

Such errors are quite difficult to fix by yourself, so it would be best to turn to professional support under these circumstances.

2. Troubleshoot the Bluetooth or Restart The Devices

Inspect the Bluetooth settings by navigating to Menu > Setup > Bluetooth > Detailed Settings, and confirm that the Entunes Bluetooth connectivity is still on. Do the same for your smartphone as well.

App Stores often encounter technical problems after iOS or Android updates, which hampers the login data connection.

So if Bluetooth troubleshooting doesn’t work, we strongly suggest you restart the device to reload all functions and settings. When needed, you can re-establish the App Store connections as well.

3. Run The App While The Engine Is Still On

System updates automatically make GPS Scout Link incompatible with the smartphone. That’s another widespread issue that Entune’s latest versions fail to address.

The straightforward way to fix that problem is to open the app and let it run while the car is still on. It ensures you can still use GPS Scout Link without the need to wipe off all existing data.


1. Are Entune App and Toyota App The Same?

Yes, they are indeed the same. Back then, the app was named “Entune” and was accessible for most Toyota vehicles.

However, starting from 1st December 2020, the brand replaced it with an updated version called “Toyota” for newer models.

Hence, you must delete your old Entune application to download the “Toyota” one from App Store or Google Play Store.

Some readers ask us: what if we still want to keep the old version? Feel free to do so, but keep in mind that you will miss out on tons of innovative and recent updates that can streamline your driving experience. 

2. How Can I Confirm Which Entune System My Car Currently Has?

We are glad that you asked this question; knowing precisely which Entune system your car possesses is a critical step in determining its technical errors! 

As stated above, there are three different grades: Audio (classic), Audio Plus, and Premium Audio. Though most of their special features are similar, certain capabilities and designs set them apart.

First of all, check whether yours has “HD Radio” and “SiriusXM” underneath the touchscreen. No? Then it means you currently have “Audio” (classic).

Next, find the “MAP” power button – a typical feature of Premium Audio. While Entune Audio Plus has many things in common with Premium Audio, it never has any “MAP” option.

3. Is Entune Compatible with USB Port?

Fortunately, the answer is Yes! Store your favorite tracks on the USB and play them via Entune’s USB Mode. These concise guidelines will sum it up for you:

Step 1. Connect the audio player via your USB connection.

Step 2. On the “Home” menu, choose “Entertainment”. The screen will turn back to your last used audio source (FM radio is the default). You can see a menu labeled “Entertainment” at the bottom.

Step 3. Choose “Audio Source” and “USB”. A list of soundtracks will pop up! Experiment with different subsections for the best enjoyment, such as “Shuffle” to shuffle songs, “Repeat” to play them again, etc.


Our guidelines have discussed in depth both the causes and solutions to the Entune app suite not working.

Most cases do not leave too severe consequences, but you should still tread cautiously to avoid losing all vital data during the troubleshooting process.

Is there anything that still confuses you? Bryan’s Garage welcomes all your questions.

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