F150 Flareside Vs Styleside? Which Suits You More?

Regarding Ford’s pickup trucks, F150 Flareside vs Styleside are two notable names thanks to their modern design and great functions.

Yet, what are their differences? Which modern F-series trucks should you buy, depending on your interest, price, and demands? 

This article will offer a concise answer to all of these wonders. Keep scrolling down for further information!

What Are The F150 Flareside And Styleside Trucks?


If you are unclear about these two models, here are some simple descriptions.

F150 Flareside Trucks

The Flareside tag initially came from Ford F-series, and other vehicle brands have widely used it until now.

The Flareside body style option is regarded as the traditional design, and modern popular trucks have upgraded new features and utilities from this old style.

An F150 Flareside pickup truck has a narrow cargo bed design that creates a perfect condition for pronounced fender flares. There are some outward bulges often located over a ray of rear wheels.

F150 Styleside Trucks

Another adopted Ford term is the styleside. This truck style is so updated that even Chevrolet admirers consider it a modern look on fleetside.

Its conception first appeared in the late 1950s when the format of a pickup truck grew in popularity.

This design is famous for its flat exterior with smooth lines ranging from the tailgate to the grille, and the wheel wells are stuck within a truck’s box.

F150 Flareside Vs Styleside: What Are The Differences?

The F150 Styleside vs Flareside battle shows some distinctions.

While Flareside looks more sporty and rugged yet old-school with a fender outside a longer bed, Styleside brings a more modern breath with a fender inside a shorter bed.


F-series trucks that follow a flareside style look more rugged and sporty, which evokes a nostalgic sense of the past, especially in the 1950s and 1960s.

Because of this look, the F150 Flareside truck is more suitable for men than women for driving.

As mentioned earlier, the Ford F-150 Styleside truck’s appearance seems more modern. People nowadays might be more familiar with this Ford style than the Flareside model.


The price is a pivotal factor affecting the buying behaviors of many customers. In general, a Flare Side bed is more expensive than the standard Styleside truck thanks to its fabulous design.

Compared to other Ford models, the two truck models’ prices are not very high, even under the affordable range of Ford’s pickup series.

With a more reasonable price and wider cargo bed designs, the F150 Styleside is a well-favored option, preferred by many people.

Fender Position

A fender is equipment that helps frame a wheel well, ensuring rotating tires don’t throw mud, rocks, liquids, sand, or other road debris into the air.

Due to constant exposure to the road’s surface, it can be easily worn out.

In the Styleside design, a fender is located inside the bed, as the bed itself is quite large to make enough room.

By contrast, the Flareside fender is placed outside the truck bed with some ribbed steps. These are often positioned between a rear axle and a cab.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of a Flareside truck is renowned for its camel hump-like rear fenders, which forms a robust structure for the truck outside. But, the storage space is pretty narrow.

An F150 Styleside truck is famous for its sleek and smooth structure, as its fenders are of smaller size. One significant downside is that its cargo room is limited.

Truck Bed Space

The truck bed space inside a Flareside has straight walls that you can carry long and unpacked items easily. The bed’s length will cater to this transportation need.

A Styleside truck bed is not as long as that in a Flareside model, yet its width is greater with an arched area.

So when driving an F150 Styleside vehicle, you should stack big items instead of loading long objects.

If the truck bed is rusted, you can easily clean it for storage.

The Pros And Cons


Following are some benefits and drawbacks of each pickup truck’s style.

The Flareside Beds


  • The solid fenders follow a modern, attractive design with built-in steps, sophisticated exterior design, and great rigidity.
  • A Flareside bed is suitable for carrying and delivering long items thanks to the rectangular space.
  • The interior room is protected well with the assistance of a fender that prevents the damage of strange objects on the road. Besides, it is also easy to clean.


  • Although the truck bed is pretty long, it is not large enough to load big stuff, so its width is quite restricted.

The Styleside Beds


  • With the extra large space and a large arched section, a Styleside bed is the best option to transport big loads.
  • Its loading capacity is greater than that of a Flareside truck.


  • The bed’s outer look is simple.
  • A Styleside truck does not suit sports enthusiasts and people whose personalities are outgoing.

Which Is The Better One?

Both styles of these F-series trucks are of great quality, each with strengths and weaknesses. All you need to do is choose a car based on your interest, budget, and demands.

For instance, if you plan to purchase a classic truck capable of carrying all your household stuff, a Ford Styleside truck is the top choice.

Or, if you are going to find a truck that looks rugged but still fabulous to express your cool personality, an F150 Flareside might be what you are looking for.

If you usually transport stuff, both excel at hauling heavy things, way better than other models like 2014 Toyota Highlander.

Given lower prices, a Styleside gains supremacy in the comparison, and you also save much money on maintenance and repair costs because a modern vehicle may require fewer services, along with fixes.

Some Competitor Models Of F150 Styleside And Flareside


Ford Styleside and Flareside pickup truck manufacturers have some competitor models from other brands of cars. Below are a few fundamental details.

Considering Flareside, a Chevy brand manufactured and released its vehicle line, the Stepsides, to the public long ago. GMC has a “Fender side” vehicle, while Doge is famous for the “Utiline” one.

These terms all describe a classic truck whose wheel well is located outside the bed, making a rectangular box responsible for holding the cargo.

Besides the Ford Styleside, there are other models, including “Fleetside” by Chevy, “Townside” by Jeep, and “Swept Line” by the Dodge brand.

They all refer to a pickup truck with flat bedsides and tires being accommodated inside the bed. Yet, each brand model slightly differs from each other in terms of design and automotive features.

The Bottom Line

This article has helped you differentiate F150 Flareside vs Styleside via five main factors, namely appearance, price, fender location, exterior design, and truck bed space.

Hopefully, you will have a suitable truck that fits your budget and needs.

See you in my next posts!

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