The Fart Can Muffler – Everything You Need To Know

The fart can muffler is an important piece of equipment in your automobile, but many don’t have the faintest ideas about its structure and functions.

So, this article will clear out all of your confusion about this motor part. Let’s get started!

What Is A Ricer Fart Can Muffler?

What Is A Ricer Fart Can Muffler?

Ricer fart can muffler, or you can call it ricer fart can exhaust, is the term describing a bad-quality muffler that produces an annoying vehicle sound.

More specifically, many people are interested in modifying their cars by adding some features to their wheels, suspension parts or tires, or even full bolt-on.

An exhaust system is another device that many would like to make changes to.

Several wealthy drivers can buy a name-brand sounding exhaust, which generates distinct sounds via premium alloys.

However, some on a lower budget place a straight pipe instead, equipped with a cheap muffler.

Although this practice is illegal, numerous drivers are willing to perform with a view to decorating their cars. And these low-cost mufflers are called ricer fart cans.

They not only produce disturbing noises but also wreak havoc on the automobile’s performance, and these mufflers will fall off soon. But many still follow this trend, unfortunately.

Fart cans could be installed on every model, irrespective of street-drive or sports cars.

Common is the Honda vehicle type, explaining why the brand often gets an undeserved reputation for its design.

Why Do My Car Fart?

fart can muffler

Below are common factors behind the purgatory sounds deriving from your car. Keep scrolling down for further details:

From The Exhaust System

  1. The exhaust system inside your automobile may be susceptible to corrosion. This is a natural phenomenon, often caused by the interaction between engine parts and water droplets in the air.

Due to the rust, the exhausts cannot work properly, and their performance is hindered to a great extent.

Some holes would appear on the surface, and it is possible that the farting noise emanates from this issue.

However, if your exhaust system gets damaged by strange objects, such as rocks, holes will likely be formed on the surface.

  1. The problem can stem from the straight pipe system, where most filters and mufflers are removed.
    Accordingly, exhaust gasses would emit more quickly. Due to the lack of mufflers, a farting sound is apt to be generated.

From The Fuel Tank

The fart noise is rendered when the air is trying to occupy the space inside the vacuum belonging to the fuel system. To dive more deeply, the primary culprit behind this matter lies in the engine manifold.

It is a network of pipes connected to each other with the purpose of transmitting the air-fuel mixture into internal combustion engines to produce power for your car.

If you are in the dark about the reasons why an intake manifold is responsible for the fart noise and how this sound can be made, take a quick look at our following experiment:

  • Step 1: Prepare a syringe and take its needle out carefully.
  • Step 2: Use force to push the syringe’s mouth by using the tip of your finger. Subsequently, you pull the plunger back.
  • Step 3: When you undertake this process properly, a vacuum will be created, and you may feel your skin being pulled further down the mouth.

The same is applied to a manifold when there is a shortage of explosive charge. When you press the brake pedal, a vacuum builds up inside the manifold, regardless of whether the pistons keep rotating.

From The Fuel Filler

The purge valve remains open when your car parks idle or the engine turns off. The vacuum will run through the valve’s opening and fuel lines to the fuel filler.

Because a gas filler is commonly spring-loaded, it would resist the air and obstruct its flow.

When it reaches the tank, the throttling noise might appear as a result. Many regard it as the fart sound, which is quite unsettling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Fart Can And A Straight Pipe Exhaust?

As we have mentioned earlier, a fart can does not denote any merits to your automobile. But a straight pipe exhaust is of tremendous benefit, as shown by these notable advantages.

Increased Performance

This system will boost your vehicle’s horsepower and torque considerably.

It does so by decreasing the back pressure induced by motor parts, consequently facilitating emissions flow and reducing the engine burden.


With the addition of straight pipe exhaust, your car would stand out among other types and models. You can consider applying a chrome finish or twin loop muffler to boost its appealing look.

The True Sound

Thanks to the absence of sound repression components, such as canon mufflers, catalytic converters, resonators, etc., you could stand a good chance of hearing pure and raw sound from inside your car.

Less Heavy

Mufflers or catalytic devices are quite heavy, and if you participate in a racing competition, this unfavorable condition will hinder your possibility of victory.

A straight pipe weighs less than the original exhaust parts.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

With the removal of sound-eliminating components, less pressure will burden the vehicle engine.

Better combustion and reduced fuel consumption will likely follow, as your car does not need to use power to run these above devices.

Why Do People Select The Fart Cannon Instead Of A Straight Pipe Or Muffler Delete?

In some areas, a straight pipe and muffler delete are prohibited. So a fart cannon might be a feasible alternative.

In addition, many simply prefer the deep sound produced by the fart cannon; therefore, they just choose it.

How Much Does A Straight Pipe Exhaust Cost?

The answer varies greatly, depending on its make and model. Generally speaking, a normal one costs between 200 and 600 dollars.

You should pay from 100 to 200 dollars more for the installation process. If you could execute this procedure at home, you would save lots of money.

The Bottom Line

We hope you will gain more helpful knowledge about the fart can muffler and comprehend the rationales behind the farting exhaust noise of your automobile.

Keep in mind that this is not allowed in some places.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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