Flashing Red Car With Key Icon Nissan: Troubleshoot The Hassle

Flashing red car with key icon Nissan is indeed a pain in the neck that would keep bothering you for long once you let it be there still.

Learn more about what this indicator signifies and how to overhaul such a struggle with our instruction right below. Scroll down for further information!

What Does Flashing Red Car With Key Icon Nissan Mean?

Flashing Red Car With Key Icon Nissan

Flashing red car with key icon Nissan Altima usually means that there exists a security error code.

When the ignition is turned on using a key that is not preprogrammed for the car, the vehicle control modules must then activate this alarm light.

The case also happens as there is something wrong with the security system’s protocol of your vehicle.

In the Nissan Anti-Theft System and the Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System, this flashing key icon is often of benefit to warn the driver about some secured relevances.

The list includes the doors having been opened, locked, or that the key has been removed.

Normally, you won’t have to worry much since the Nissan Serena’s blinking red security light just plays its role as a standard communication feature.

Plus, it will also not deplete the battery because this key light uses very little current.

Nevertheless, if the situation persists and none of those simple remedies you applied can fix it, then perhaps there are some potential damages hidden behind.

The good news is possibly not much will fail as you fiddle with such a nuisance by yourself.

However, any more serious red-light-related problems shall be mended in better maintenance at an authorized repair facility or Nissan dealer.

Why Is There A Flashing Red Car With Key Icon Nissan?

What is the feasible culprit behind the seriousness of this flashing red car security indicator light? The answer ranges from electrical interference, faulty key, dead key fob battery, faulty control module, and faulty key antennae.

Electrical interference: As for electrical interference’s explanation, Nissan keys operate on radio frequencies (RF), much like other wireless daily used gadgets.

It is therefore understandable that the signals being received by the BCM may be hampered if whichever wireless device is broadcasting at the same time as your key.

Faulty key and dead key fob battery: Similar to when the key fob doesn’t unlock your car, we can all agree that there won’t be much to say about these two occurrences.

Either finding your right key or replacing the battery is sufficient to get rid of the trouble.

Faulty control module: Things turn a lot more complicated when it comes to the faulty control module. In this case, not just your warning light but probably other automobile parts are affected by that.

The faulty key antennae: This one is another potential suspect that can make up the scene.

As you can see in the accompanying diagram (of the owner’s manual or handbook), it is affixed to the floor console’s underside.

Yet, it is still advisable to take yours to mechanics to diagnose and cure the symptom.

Can You Drive With The Red Key Warning Light On? (Can You Drive In Fail-Safe Mode?)

No, when the flashing red car light is on, the car will usually not be able to start.

At that point, it will need to be hauled to a garage that can program and maintain the security system on your Nissan vehicle.

If you’ve pumped into the dead end and have no other way rather than to get the car fired up, a fail-safe mode is a workable approach you can put into use.

As such, the ECU will restrict the vehicle’s ability to drive normally once this limp or failsafe mode is engaged.

In rare cases, the ECU will allow you to limp home or to a mechanic while limiting the car’s performance or speed to prevent further harm.

How To Fix Flashing Red Car With Key Icon Nissan?

For some transparent messages that a red car with key flashing Nissan conveys, such as a missing key or the door is locked/ unlocked, you may not have to do a thing.

It is because the flashing red light will then automatically fade away by itself after completing its duty of illuminating to notify you or until the key is in the recognitional zone.

However, things get perplexing as the cause varies more than so.

If it is the key fob’s battery that has run out, all you have to do is replace it with a new one.

As for other scenes in which electrical interference, the faulty control module, faulty key antennas occur, or the issue simply doesn’t go away, you’ll need to tow the car to a shop that can fix the security system.

Another choice is to have the car key fob reprogrammed.

Can You Start A Nissan With A Dead Key Fob?

Yes, you can.

In case the actual vehicle battery has run out (when the engine light is on), there won’t be a chance for you to start your automobile.

What if you’ve caught a fortune, and it is only the Nissan key fob battery that has to be replaced?

Then perhaps starting your car without a chip key or even with a dead key fob battery would not be a big deal.

Here go the top-notch tips for you to follow:

  • For your Nissan truck, vehicle, or SUV that has a port: Place the key fob in the port. After that, push the START/STOP button while tapping the brake pedal or clutch.
  • For those that do not have a port: Simply stomp on the clutch or brake while pressing the key fob against the START/STOP button, and there you go to turn on your automobile!


Can You Start A Nissan With A Dead Key Fob?

In-depth details regarding flashing red car with key icon Nissan have been outlined as above.

It must push up your confidence a lot now that you know the issue may be nothing like a harsh shot to shoot.

Be aware, anyway! Bear in mind to take your Nissan vehicle to the nearest garage as soon as you sense any sign of severe damage.

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