How To Perform Ford Fusion Wrench Light Reset – Implementation Guide

A car with a wrench-shaped error is a situation that makes many car owners confused and afraid that their vehicle has serious problems.

Each symbol on a car has its function, and this light signal is no exception. What is it, and how does Ford Fusion wrench light reset?

Do not skip the important information below.

What Is The Ford Fusion Wrench Light Meaning? 

ford fusion wrench light reset

The Fusion is a mid-size four-door sedan introduced in 2006 by Ford Motor Company.

It has enjoyed a lot of success for nearly 20 years in the US market thanks to its fun and reliable driving experiences.

The Ford Fusion wrench light in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, etc., still causes many car owners to worry about how serious it can be.

A computer system inside the Fusion helps control the vehicle’s functions while it’s running.

It uses sensors on the car to detect problems and notify the driver with icons on the dashboard, and the Ford Fusion wrench icon is one of them.

Lights up when the onboard computer registers a fault code. Yellow wrench light is a feature available on cars.

It signals that it’s time to take the car in for service because there’s something wrong somewhere, usually with the powertrain.

This is an important warning system that helps the driver to notice something is wrong as soon as it has formed in the car. This gives us more time to find solutions.

How To Perform A Ford Fusion Wrench Light Reset? 

After running from 500 – 1000 km, Ford cars will begin to appear the wrench icon that causes discomfort for many drivers.

You can reset this icon to avoid distracting with a few operations with the brake pedal and the accelerator.

According to the qualifications of experts, you need to do the following steps:

  • Close all doors of the car. Turn on the key with ON mode but do not start the engine’s engine.
  • Fully kick the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal close to the floor.
  • Take the foot pedal and the brake pedal for 30 seconds until you see the wrench icon glowing to flash.
  • Slowly release all the brake pedals and the accelerator. After that, the wrench in the car will temporarily disappear until the next maintenance.
  • Turn the key to off mode and continue to wait for 2 minutes for the PCM storage for codes.

The way to reset may vary for each type of vehicle, and it is only a temporary solution. Taking the car to an independent mechanic is important.

What Causes Of Wrench Light On Ford Fusion?

wrench symbol on dashboard ford fusion

As mentioned above, the main cause usually lies in the powertrain. This is a system that includes a lot of details such as gearbox, clutch, differential, gearshift box, etc.

You can use the OBD-11 code reader to identify the problem directly, but it doesn’t always work.

Thus, drivers must check for various problems to determine the correct cause. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Changing Oil Problems

Changing oil is a necessary condition to ensure smooth and stable engine operation.

Mistakes will cause the engine to degrade, damage quickly, or even need to be replaced, wasting money and not ensuring safety.

Many car owners think the oil turns dark, black instead of amber because it is too old, dirty, and no longer effective, but that is not the case.

This phenomenon shows that the oil is working properly, and you should be concerned about its viscosity.

If you check that the viscosity has decreased significantly, it is time to change the engine oil. Changing car oil incorrectly and at the wrong time is costly and ineffective.

Some other mistakes that many car owners often make are:

  • Oil changes too early or too late, mileage limitations are 7,500 to 10,000 miles.
  • Pour in more oil than the engine needs, or the oil level is not enough.
  • Change the oil when the car is flooded.
  • Use poor quality products and low viscosity.
  • No oil was added to the oil filter.

Coolant Levels Issues  

Engine coolant is a specialized solution with the main ingredients being purified water and ethylene glycol.

It has a rapid heat transfer effect, helps to increase the boiling point, and lowers the freezing point of anti-corrosion agents to protect metal parts in the car.

It will maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine, keeping it from getting too cold but not too hot.

This is an important fluid that the driver must regularly check. Depleted coolant levels will lead to serious damage.

Some people make the mistake of using plain water instead of a dedicated coolant.

When exposed to high temperatures, different substances in normal water will cause deposits to close, making the engine heat dissipation less effective.

In emergencies or remote and isolated areas where a specialized coolant might not be found, you can add plain water to keep your vehicle moving.

But after that, it is necessary to bring the vehicle to the garage for maintenance to be handled by professional staff.

Solenoids Valve Issues

A solenoid valve is a type of valve operated by an electric motor, consisting of electrical conductors wound in a cylindrical shape.

The valve tube will appear as a magnetic field when an electric current flows through.

Solenoid valves have two or more ports. It is responsible for opening or closing valves, releasing, dosing, distributing or mixing liquids, and switching flow between two positions.

When the problem occurs, the electromagnet is faulty, causing the car to delay when shifting gears and the wrench symbol on Ford Fusion.

Defective Throttle Position Sensor 

This is an important part of the internal combustion engine; it measures the throttle body opening and sends a signal to the vehicle’s ECU.

This data helps the ECU calculate the engine load and adjust the fuel injection timing and the ignition advance angle accordingly.

There are many causes of the failure of this part, the most common of which are worn resistor cores, broken wires, damaged IC Hall, loose jacks, positive touch signal wires, etc.

When the throttle body position sensor malfunctions, the car often shows signs: unstable acceleration, weak acceleration, jerking, loss of power, and check engine light on.

Carburetor Problems

The carburetor plays an important role in the operation of the internal combustion engine, mixing air with fuel in the right ratio.

It then sends this mixture to the combustion chamber to perform combustion and generate energy for the vehicle.

Carburetor failure will be accompanied by signs such as the car suddenly shutting off and needing restarting for a while, the vehicle emitting smoke, being sluggish, making a loud strange noise, and the check engine light on.

Besides the above reasons, the fact that you see the Ford Fusion wrench symbol can also be caused by a fault in the differential, battery system, transmission fluid pressure sensor, catalytic converter, or transmission fluid is insufficient.

Is Wrench Symbol On The Dashboard Ford Fusion Safe To Drive? 

2012 ford fusion wrench light

No. Trying to drive with a warning light on the dashboard is never right, even with the Ford Fusion’s wrench symbol.

Although the vehicle does not come to a complete stop and you can continue to drive, it can pose risks to you and the people in the car.

It is a warning of serious problems that drivers need to address as soon as possible.

According to professional advice, delays only make problems worse and pose a greater risk, so the best thing you can do is bring your vehicle to the repair center.


The Ford Fusion wrench light reset method is only a temporary solution, and it cannot solve the root of the problem.

The dash lights are always present with dangerous incidents and risks, so the most important thing is still to seek help from qualified professionals.

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