How Much Does The Front Bumper Paint Cost?

Have you just purchased a new front bumper and noticed that the colors are not at all the best fit for the body?

Or perhaps you are merely wondering how much it would cost to give your bumper a colored makeover since it’s all scratched up?

In either case, you’ve landed on the right site. Whether you do it yourself or hire a specialist, we’ll take you from the top to the bottom of everything you need to know about front bumper paint cost.

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Your Bumper Would Need to be Painted (or Repainted) at What Point?

Front Bumper Paint Cost

When it comes to why you might want to paint or refinish a bumper, several various causes could be in the picture.

Let’s say you are about to change your current bumper. A paint job is then not something to exclude bluntly.

It is because brand-new bumpers are usually plain based. As a result, you must color them so that they can be a good match for your car.

Another case is you have just had your vehicle repaired.

In the circumstances like those, paint damage, such as a crack or dent will be more likely to appear and, whether minor or not, can all cause more harm. Other times, you might spot stress cracks on the car paint.

That is why it is urgent for you to repaint them. Otherwise, chances are the paint peeling and flaking would become even more severe.

Your bumper is made of plastic or metal, which can easily rust. This is also another scene where we should consider the repaint job.

Last but not least, if you want to sell your car and the bumper needs to be painted because the expense will be covered by the price you receive for it, the work might be totally worthwhile.

Front Bumper Paint Cost: How Much Is It Averagely?

How much is it to get a front bumper painted? According to the Approved Auto Repair network, the hourly labor cost for the entire bumper repaint usually ranges from $47 to $215.

Since the average bumper painting work won’t take anywhere further than a few hours, the labor average cost will properly be in the rates of $94 to $430 (materials excluded).

It also depends on the material’s quality, color, or the operation of each auto body repair shop to decide whether supplies will increase by a few hundred dollars or not.


How much does it cost to repaint a car bumper when you get the process done on your own?

Let’s check out the first feasible option coming in sight. Many may bear the thought, “It is just painting.

How couldn’t I paint it myself?” That is true, but here goes the question: Does the potential for financial savings justify your time and effort?

The answer: It tends to be more economical because you won’t be paying for anything but the materials. Still, your consumed time is worth talking about.

Below is the list of what you must grab in advance of your painting process:

  • A quart of Dupli Color car paint (which costs about $25).
  • A pint of clear coat (which takes up roughly $20).

With only $45, you are already halfway there to having your vehicle painted perfectly! Additional resources are also used to make the upshot even more ideal. The list goes with:

  • Sandpaper is suitable for wet sanding of automobiles.
  • Automobile primers to prime portions that have been sanded down to the metal or to employ when changing the color of the paint.
  • Bondo filler to repair minor dents and divots in the bumper.
  • A paint sprayer that uses an air compressor to operate.

Economy Paint Job

How much does it cost to repaint a bumper when you wish the procedure to be more money-saving?

You could expect the cost to repaint a bumper to lie between $200 and $300 on a basic paint job (material included and auto insurance coverage excluded) when searching for a bargain-counter service.

We must first give you a heads-up: The risk of low-quality paint jobs is worth taking into account.

As such, it will be more likely for the inferior paint this form adopts to fade more quickly than the other components of your automobile.

The likelihood that the final extra paint color won’t be well-suited to the rest is also at a high rate.

It is not yet mentioned the possibility of the fresh paint getting peeled or scratched more easily due to the lack of forgoing the second clear coat application to save you more money.

We can all admit that cutting corners on the paint job may sound charming at first. Nevertheless, its value in the long term is not something that deserves your pennies.

Premium Paint Job

Most of the time, you will get what you pay for. Painting the front bumper is not an exception. So, how much to repaint a bumper?

The cost to paint car bumper, in this case, will range between $500 and $600, or even $1,000 if you want numerous colors or multi-stage paints.

Needless to say, the upshot will be far better as done by a highly regarded qualified auto body shop.

But how can I find a reliable facility to rely on? You may wonder. First thing first, the testimonials on their website are never on our list of considerations.

Instead, looking at their Google company page for reviews will be a rather clever deed to do.

Not only shall these trustworthy businesses make sure you will get what you want, but they also cover adequate painting preparation, collision insurance, and additional protection for the paint under a certain guarantee.

Better yet, if you invest a little more money, your paintwork will last a lot longer and look even more stunning year after year.

Typical Steps To Repaint A Bumper

Repainting or painting a bumper requires more effort than simply applying a fresh coat of paint. You will need ten steps (or more) in total.

Some of which have to be in repeated runs to complete the task properly. Now, wait for no more but check out what they are!

  • Step 1: Take the bumper off, peel off stickers (if any), and remove the earlier paint using chemical paint removers or the like. Use sandpaper and primers that you’ve prepared to smooth out the surface.
  • Step 2: Use a degreaser and soap to clean the bumper.
  • Step 3: Wet sand the bumper’s coarse portions.
  • Step 4: Apply a microfiber cloth to the bumper and swab it with the cloth.
  • Step 5: Apply the base coat.
  • Step 6: Once done, wet sand the bumper’s coarse portions again and then wipe them using a microfiber cloth.
  • Step 7: Repeat the painting process. At least three coats are required to get an excellent outcome!
  • Step 8: Put on clear paint coats. See how many coats of clear paint here.
  • Step 9: Let the area cool down for a minimum of six hours, and then reattach the components to your entire vehicle body.

Money Saving Tips For Front Bumper Paint

If you are a huge fan of DIY processes, the below practical yet cost-effective advice belongs to no one else but people like you!

Leave The Bumper On

Little did you know, taking off the early bumper paint, though, will lead to a complete offshoot; it isn’t absolutely essential.

All you have to do is tape off the area with a paint masker, and there you go painting far more quickly with less paint used up.

Use Spray Paint

Many of us would immediately think of an air compressor and an auto paint sprayer when painting the front bumper. Yet, trust us when we say automotive spray paint is a much better choice to go for.

In a short while and with the right way, your bumper will look fantastic! What’s best? The combined price of the goods used may even be less than $50!


Your Bumper Would Need to be Painted (or Repainted) at What Point?

After going through our in-depth article regarding front bumper paint cost, you can now say for sure hiring a contractor will definitely carry out a well-done job though it comes with a quite hefty price.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean other options are unworkable.

The best way to find out which suits you the most is to consider your budget and current condition before making any choice.

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